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CCNA Study

I’m a bit busy with life and studying for my CISCO CCNA (200-301) Certification Exam. Already scheduled to take at the end of April 2020.

I’m using CBTNuggets.com for my online studying for the CCNA. Studying and Labing for that exam is certainly not easy. The certification is not exactly required for my job. I don’t exactly work in IT. More so OT (Operations Technology) in working with Industrial Controls Systems and their networks. The Networking knowledge does come into handy when dealing with Industrial Automation Control Systems, network design, troubleshooting and understanding. So it’s a bit personal in working towards the certification. I really hoping to get my CCNA Certification this year!

It’s Finally Mine!

Ardent Defender

That Domain Name ArdentDefender.com is now finally mine! Yes!

Even if I don’t blog as much, I still value the name of My Blog. Not a week goes by that the thought doesn’t cross my mind to write a blog post. It’s really hard to get back into the rhythm of things.

I was watching a YouTube video that led me to the video the person was about as they had a professional blog and in the process something, a thought crossed my mind. To which I typed into the browser header ardentdefender.com and it came back as nothing was there, we’ve all seen those pages when the domain does not yet exist. So I curiously quickly hopped over to GoDaddy where I already had a long time account and several other domain names and typed in the name again and it was available to purchase. Whoaaa!

Many months ago and for the last few years for quite a long time, someone else was squatting on my Domain name of the blog. Periodically on renewing my other domain names I’d just randomly check to see if it was available, it wasn’t ever. At some point over the years, someone else had a site there for some kind of IT-related security products I think it was. I only ever checked out the front page and left. Many months ago to a year I guess the domain went blank I guess and it was up for sale for over $2K I think I remember. I’d leave and pay it no more attention. Just randomly checking from time to time.

Well, today was random lucky day checking if the domain was available. What universal force compelled me to check today and right after that thought popped into my mind, I have no idea!

But I can say the domain ArdentDefender.com is now finally mine! It has sentimental value. There is nothing there right now. Not until I do some admin, point it here and later to its own site whenever that will be. I still blog, just not as often. But not a day goes by that I don’t think of my writing desk here.

Thanks for stopping by if you still visit here.

Recovery & New Surroundings.

It’s been some unknown passage of time since rescue and being in recovery from cryostasis. I’m certainly not in Kansas anymore. These UEE guys have also confiscated my ship, likely for its unknown technology. But it’s good to be alive though. In questioning, since didn’t seem to pose a security threat, I was released on my own accord.

My surroundings are all unfamiliar. But ships still fly and the backdrop of space is still a familiar surrounding. This world and it’s ways are new to me. Still somehow I eventually did manage to find a job at a nearby shipyard unloading space cargo. It get’s me by time wise. There’s plenty of work it seems, the shipyard is a busy place.

But word around the docs is, could possibly make out better running crew. Many ships frequent the shipyard, and some seem to be looking for experienced hands. I may look into that. Could be a good way to learn and get around the local system. After all this world is still all new to me.

It’s A Long Way Back & To Another Galaxy!

HeraldIt’s been a long time. A time lost journeying through that pocket in space. Lost adrift in far unknown space. So long-lost adrift he entered in Cryostasis. left journeying adrift among the great vast void of very deep outer space. To most…. seemingly lost forever among the stars.

And so it was, untold time passed lost and seemingly dead.


Transmission Log

UEE Military Herald (..) Gamma Recon Long Range Relay Data Packet Transfer: Message UEE Super Encrypted …

  • De-encrypted..
    – Unknown cataloged ship of origin technology found adrift in uncharted gamma sector UEE deep space.
    – One lone survivor.
    – Crew member found in some form of Cryostasis. Cryo Suspension Technology unknown.
    – Ship exact location Data Secure Key-Encrypted (..) in data transfer packet.
    – UEE Military Special Ops Cryo Medical rescue requested.
    – End Herald (..) Data Transfer.
    – Data packet received UEE Sector (…)


 It’s obviously not New Eden anymore!

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