Going Going Gone

Yesterday afternoon was by far the longest time I’ve spent in-game for quite some time. Its been on my mind now for quite many months as to what to decide to do with the Large Research Tower I used for Blueprint Research. All of my original load of Blueprint Research was completed months ago. But I just kept the tower fully fueled month after month with no research jobs in case I returned and had a new project to make use of it. Yesterday I decided to just go ahead and take it all down regardless of what changes is coming to EVE in next few months.

The plan was to schedule to remove the tower when I had some time off from RL work to do so and yesterday I did. I had only logged in to trim down the tower and remove some the Gun Defenses and maybe remove some unused labs. But in the process of removing a few structures I figured why not go ahead and remove the whole thing while I’m at it to save time.

Took me somewhere between 4-6 hours constantly warping back and forth to and from warp point to all the various structures to slowly offline, unanchor and remove each structure. It’s a pain in the ass to slow boat to every structure around the POS shield to remove them. Would sure have been nice to have something like a remote POS Tractor Beam to pull in all the unanchored structures once offline towards the tower.

But anyway the Large Research POS Tower is now gone from space. Anything that wasn’t a POS Module I put up for sale including all the remaining stock of Fuel Blocks, Charters and Ammo. I’m finally glad that the tower is now gone and that saves from burning fuel as well having to make a batch of Fuel Block monthly.

Currently I’m not really playing any other MMO games, just nothing fancy my gaming style at the moment. But there are some other games later in the year that might fancy my interest. Still unusual not to have something interesting to play. For the most part I’m just enjoying spending more time doing RL stuff for the moment and enjoying the downtime. I’ll be back blogging about something for sure and it may not exactly be EVE Online necessarily. This blog has changed many time over the years to cater to whatever game fancy my interest or focus as my mood changes over time as a MMO gamer. So I’m sure I’ll be back. Both my game subscription (2) officially runs out on May 12th. For now I can slowly exit the universe and fully enjoy my downtime. Don’t expect much from around here.

This makes my 994th Blog Post.

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Barely here… Almost gone.

Haven’t really been up to all that much when it comes to New Eden. For the moment life just have my mind on other things in real life for the most part other than life in Eden. On entering New Eden, even if I could try to do things, I really don’t have much desire to overall. Overall the main reason for entering New Eden is to continue to keep my Research POS fueled and online.

Research Tower

Occasionally just around to make enough supply of Fuel Blocks for monthly supply or picking up a few materials to make to run a batch of Fuel Blocks. Once that’s done, I just don’t feel motivated to do much or contribute to New Eden Economy. I still have things on Market Order sell, but that’s not too much a concern.

Haven’t really run any real research at the POS in months, yet I just keep it fueled month after month. I did just throw some already researched Blueprints in a few slot over a month ago so to feel it’s not entirely a waste. But really, if the research tower wasn’t active, I could just not log in at all. May be even suspend my account.

I made another months worth of fuel a few days ago. It wasn’t too hard having had a good inventory supply of Ice Fuel on hand bought long ago. Yet that keeps costing me ISK as I could have sold all that fuel material. But at this point none of that matters all that much. Have more than enough ISK to keep the tower fully fueled for years. If it wasn’t so much of a pain to take down the POS tower could have likely done it long ago.

But been giving it some more thought lately and maybe I just take some time and take down the Research POS sometime in the next month. Then it won’t matter much if I don’t log in for a long time.

Ardent Defender

February 19, 2014

I’m really alive. Just enjoying my long Space Vacation. Sometime spend my time reading blogs around the community and in various places. I’m not really up to anything much overall.

Easing Back Into Space…

Time Served Medal

With EVE Online latest expansion Rubicon I’ve been trying or putting in some effort motivating myself to get back into space a little daily… even if it’s just to spin my ship. Not that I’ve ever really done that much, especially since my hangar ships are not really set to spin either last I remember. But anyway it’s really been a long time since I really played EVE Online on login other than to do Skill Management, Updating expiring Market Trade Orders and undercut the now established competition and making fuel for the POS.

My Corp CEO awarded me a Medal for years of Corp Loyal Service as a veteran member of well over 3 years in Corp. Didn’t know I was awarded medal before, the first time. I should probably have gotten a Medal for Investing and making the Corp Billions of ISK in my Market Trade efforts managing the Corp Trade Wallet assets on my own. But anyway…

The last EVE Online expansion whatever it was called as it’s clearly not on the surface of my mind to even remember, but I had no interaction I’m aware of with anything introduced in that expansion. I also didn’t play EVE much during that expansion. I just enjoyed the time settling into the new job and being on assignment out-of-state and just not playing EVE Online. In fact I didn’t really play any online game at all to any real degree. I played some of Sim City that was released earlier this year that which was released in August for Mac users. I just like simulation games mostly. But that was as much as I did for gaming for almost last 5 months. Just spent more time working at the game of life.

I was aware of EVE Rubicon expansion, but I paid no attention to anything about it otherwise. Only put some effort into reading the Rubicon patch notes just the day before it was released this week. That’s quite a bit of effort compared to the last several months of just EVE Skill Management mostly.

Got the expansion downloaded on patch day. Like the new character log in screen, its pretty cool looking. But so far I haven’t had much interaction with much the new features directly changed or introduced in the expansion so far. Spent most the time so far just updating old Market Trade Orders, training the new Customs Skill for PI, picking up stuff in far away stations, getting material to make POS fuel to keep it fueled and running.

PI Customs New Extortion Racket

Also did spend some time checking on my Empire PI Planets and launching stuff up to Customs Office to which on some planets It amounted to what seemed to me like extortion tax rate and probably elevated my blood pressure a bit enough to figure out I promptly need the new Customs Code Expertise skill to lower taxes at least. So far on both my EVE characters I got the skill to Custom Code Expertise IV so far. Later on I checked and realized some orbiting Concord to Interbus Corp customs office were replaced with capsuleer customs offices. The taxes did vary quite a bit picking up PI stuff with some customs offices charging lowest I remember 7%. Many Customs Offices seemed to be around 11%  taxes with some much higher at about 19%. It did cross my mind to try to set one up, but I debated if that was even worth the hassle. For now I’m a bit undecided on that.

At this point I don’t really have a plan of really what to do or find interesting to do at this point in New Eden. Most of my Corp seem to be very much inactive member wise, other than the core of the CEO and a few long time directors. Overall I’d say much of my corp members are still inactive. That’s never really affected my EVE play much other than to sometime make corp chat a bit lively. I’m very much a solo player in EVE. But so far just trying to slowly ease back into space.

Ardent Defender

November 14, 2013

Just happened to watched the EVE Online: Rubicon Trailer and to be honest I couldn’t really get excited about it and or be looking forward to the expansion. At a quick glance I can’t even honestly remember what the current game expansion is called or anything feature wise that’s really in the current expansion. My mind seems so far removed from New Eden.

I just log in when I can remember to update my character skill queue and often character skill queue is inactive at best.


Not the best of days at work today. Almost everything seem to go wrong and lots of piping leaked on our startup project at the site. It was below freezing this morning.  8″ PVC pipe busted. leak got fixed, it leaked again, got fixed and then leaked again. Replaced all the gaskets and it seemed to be fixed. And somehow after that another 8″ scheduled 80 PVC piping cracked and leaked all over the place during testing. Obviously not in a good spot of course to get it repaired. And right after that the same line that got fixed earlier again and again and again blew big time and leaked lots and lots of water all over the place right when we was about to call it a day. So days things just seem to go very wrong. Life!