The Week That Was… & Work In Progress

Stone Foundation laid on the island.

A slow week in gaming and in Valheim. Was just busier this past week with real-life work business traveling down to the gulf coast for an engineering visit to a company customer plant site. The weather there was nice sunny there and surprisingly cool, but that was the most of it really with work travel.

Don’t know if Vikings ever built Pyramids.

No gaming to be had for most of the week until this weekend. Though I carry my smaller laptop when traveling for work, I never seem to get in any or much gaming with it vs when at home on my more powerful desktop and an ultra-wide monitor.

I’m thinking this up as I go, so no idea how it’s gonna turn out.

I’ve put off the Plains for a while and hung up the heavy armor for the lighter Troll leather armor while working on the building project for the new main base at the island. At least I can move around much faster without the heavy load.

Scaffolding and framing take a lot of time. That Center Pillar took a lot of time to figure out.

This project is going to take a while and has already. But that’s the fun building in Valheim, you can have fun with it figuring things out. I actually trashed the first project build of a different kind with all the time I spent on it and started over with something more solid and rigid in structure.

The Third and Final Floor. Haven’t quite built the Second Floor. But was really hard to get this one done.

I will have to see how this build progresses, but it’s going to take a while. It’s talking shape of some kind and getting the structure shape built.

Getting that large stable support for 2nd and 3rd Floor. Need More Iron for the reinforced wall support.

This high up in the air really took a lot of effort to get the stable floor and to be able to complete a stable top pyramid structure.

Project Build far from done. But that last floor and the top pyramid was a huge hurdle to overcome.

I may get three complete floors in the build which is more than I thought when I started with a vague idea of a build. If the build was to be completely made of stone or mostly even, it would be a crap ton of stones and be mining rocks for days on end.

Construction Zone. Work In Progress. Only 5000 more years to complete!

Just the large floor foundation took a crapload of stones. Getting some of the wood to snap perfectly at an angle can get really weird and tricky in a massive build as you go upward and gets to be a pain after a while. Still not clear how this will all turn out when it does. For now Slow Work In Progress.

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