Screenshots: The Pyramid Ocean Base!

VALHEIM Mega Pyramid Base

It was so much work on this build and it’s not even fully done. Mostly though. At best all the exterior work is all done! A little landscaping planting some Pine and Fir trees, grass on the tiny patch of land to cap things off. I didn’t realize how tall Pine Trees actually grew until I planted a few and they grew next to the pyramid base. The build is really high, but the Pine Trees grow even higher. Dang! All the planted trees didn’t grow though as I planted over twice as much for a little landscaping on the island.

VALHEIM Mega Pyramid Base

I never set out to build a lighthouse, but It’s like a lighthouse in the ocean all lit up. It has way more lights than any lighthouse too.

VALHEIM Mega Pyramid Base

The new base has never looked better. It seems more lively now than ever.

VALHEIM Mega Pyramid Base
Enjoying a brief relaxing moment on the new stone deck with the patio fire.

It seems like a good idea to add on an extension to the island out front to just relax outdoors and enjoy a nice big fire by the ocean. Was aiming for a little Gazebo, but sitting back and enjoying some mead around a great fire on the ocean is just cool too so great.

VALHEIM Mega Pyramid Base
Oh Eikthyr, you never looked more lovely hanging right there!

I’ve now got Eikthyr hanging above the front entrance to the base. He died quickly from just 6 Frost Arrows.

Valheim Mega Pyramid Base
Outside the front entrance.

You can see both the Plains just across the sea and the Black Forest in the distance.

Valheim Mega Pyramid Base
This was the first version framing of the 1st Floor Throne Room while I was still figuring it out.

This photo was taken back when I had completed the framing of the build. No other rooms on the 1st floor, just one big room, and huge hallways all around the outside of it. I hadn’t figured out what I wanted to do as yet for the interior. As well the overhead floors 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th floors were still all wooden from framing the build.

Valheim Mega Pyramid Base
The redesigned Throne Room.

It’s smaller. It’s longer in length but less in width. As the entire 1st floor was sectioned to make room for a Kitchen, Workshop, Storage Room, Armor Room, and some other room I haven’t thought of as yet. It’s still a work in progress in this room. The Braziers do enough to generate light and lots of smoke as well as the Fire buff. I placed 2 hearths on both sides of the central pillar for a fireplace. Yet, I didn’t realize that the hanging Braziers can generate all that much fire on their own as well. But they look nice. Some Mead Kegs in the back corners of the room for Throne Room celebrations. The entire 2nd, 3rd,5th floors are now solid stone flooring. The 4th floor was previously done earlier as a test to see if it held. Now all the floors are completed as stone floors.

Valheim Mega Pyramid Base
Throne View.

A view of the Throne. Haven’t yet had time to hand up Trophies as yet on the hanging points. Work in progress for interior decorating.

Valheim Mega Pyramid Base
A view from the front inside the entrance. Two new small rooms on both my right and left.

In sectioning of the 1st floor and reducing the huge hallway size, some new rooms were created for other uses. But all entrances from three sides of the build all have a major hallway leading to the Throne Room.

Valheim Mega Pyramid Base
The outer perimeter of the 1st-floor hallway is now smaller but still wide enough.

The first-floor outer hallway stretch around three-quarters of the entire perimeter of the 1st floor. There is a Portal on three corners of the 1st floor and will be at three entrances though you can also walk behind it and go out the entrance to outside.

Valheim Mega Pyramid Base
The Kitchen Room is right next to the Throne Room and has a window to Throne Room.

The kitchen room still a works in progress and not yet fully done. But it has the making of a kitchen and the fireplace and prep table is there. Straight ahead is the new Storage Room that is also a work in progress. It is the bigger of the new sectioned area on the floor.

Valheim Mega Pyramid Base
The New Workshop.

Probably the most important place I guess on the floor. The new Workshop occupies an entire corner of the pyramid of the first floor on the outer perimeter of the central Throne Room. I was able to fit the Workbenches and Forge both in the room. So it’s fairly easy to reach everything with not too much moving around. It was amazing that in converting the floor overhead to stone that the new Blaster Furnance just made the fit as there is absolutely no more room left for overhead clearance. Luckily it was placed there before I redid the floors overhead and had to angle it so the smoke from it vented through the side beams of the structure. It’s now a nice working space.

Valheim Mega Pyramid Base
Heading out the hallway to the rear of the base to the Boat Docks. Workshop room coming up on the right and the spare room on left. That Portal goes to the now old base.

It’s still all much work in progress. But it’s now a livable and workable space at the base. It will always be constant work in progress regardless. With so much time spent building, I’m just itching to get back out to really explore the world.

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