New Island Base Improvements

Valheim Mega Pyramid Base
The element of weather can create some really iconic snapshots.

There is just so much to do with the new base build project as well as the gathering materials. Project Improvement continues, slowly. I decided while thinking and considering all the things to do was to just create a boat dock for the boats. Something simple for now as was busy enough with the base build as it was. There really isn’t much land for space around the new island base as it covers most of the existing island already. At the back of the base, I decided to add on a dock to house the longship. It would seem a bit tidier as well. I can now say there is a dock! Closer to the intended area of the workshop area for future cargo offloading of materials intended for the workshop.  While I was snapping a photo the weather was storming. Really do like the picturesque photo on account of the weather.

Valheim Mega Pyramid Base
Built a simple dock for the Longboats at the back. The “Plains” always in clear sight.

Have added a lot of lights all inside the base build. Amazing how much time that can take seemingly simple a thing. Might need to add some more exterior lights all around so it lights up the area a bit more. A lighthouse in a way the new base is as well considering it’s in the ocean. More stuff to do I guess. Progress is slow going with such a huge base build. Everything to do takes time and then more time changing your mind to something else.

Valheim Mega Pyramid Base
The Portal Room is done and humming.

At the old base, I had so many portals, over 20+. Many to most the outposts I frequented in some way. I hardly ever take down or rename a portal once it’s set up. I just make new ones usually. Spent quite a bit of time, moving most of the used portals from the old base to the new island base and up to the 4th Floor which is the Portal Room.

Valheim Mega Pyramid Base
The New Portal Room on the 4th Floor.

There are now 17 portals that have been moved there. Still, 4 lesser use portals remain at the old base and that’s ok as they can remain there for travel when needed to lesser areas. At the old base which was originally a large old abandoned village which I had repaired and made into a base. Four of the small houses I fixed up all housed different portals to various Outposts regions. I could easily remember which house has which portals to where. Now not so easy when I port into the Portal Room to know which ones go exactly to where though they have the same names. A bit of spatial orientation at play. However, four of them go to previous boss locations and those are easy to figure as they are on the very outside ledge of the room.

Valheim Mega Pyramid Base
This room just glows when your presence is detected close as causes all the portals to glow.

The new Portal Room just hums when you’re in the room as your always in close proximity to an active portal, which causes them to always glow and ready to go. There is only one way in and out off this floor and that’s also via a portal. It’s slowly feeling more lively around the new island base.

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