Going Going Gone

Yesterday afternoon was by far the longest time I’ve spent in-game for quite some time. Its been on my mind now for quite many months as to what to decide to do with the Large Research Tower I used for Blueprint Research. All of my original load of Blueprint Research was completed months ago. But I just kept the tower fully fueled month after month with no research jobs in case I returned and had a new project to make use of it. Yesterday I decided to just go ahead and take it all down regardless of what changes is coming to EVE in next few months.

The plan was to schedule to remove the tower when I had some time off from RL work to do so and yesterday I did. I had only logged in to trim down the tower and remove some the Gun Defenses and maybe remove some unused labs. But in the process of removing a few structures I figured why not go ahead and remove the whole thing while I’m at it to save time.

Took me somewhere between 4-6 hours constantly warping back and forth to and from warp point to all the various structures to slowly offline, unanchor and remove each structure. It’s a pain in the ass to slow boat to every structure around the POS shield to remove them. Would sure have been nice to have something like a remote POS Tractor Beam to pull in all the unanchored structures once offline towards the tower.

But anyway the Large Research POS Tower is now gone from space. Anything that wasn’t a POS Module I put up for sale including all the remaining stock of Fuel Blocks, Charters and Ammo. I’m finally glad that the tower is now gone and that saves from burning fuel as well having to make a batch of Fuel Block monthly.

Currently I’m not really playing any other MMO games, just nothing fancy my gaming style at the moment. But there are some other games later in the year that might fancy my interest. Still unusual not to have something interesting to play. For the most part I’m just enjoying spending more time doing RL stuff for the moment and enjoying the downtime. I’ll be back blogging about something for sure and it may not exactly be EVE Online necessarily. This blog has changed many time over the years to cater to whatever game fancy my interest or focus as my mood changes over time as a MMO gamer. So I’m sure I’ll be back. Both my game subscription (2) officially runs out on May 12th. For now I can slowly exit the universe and fully enjoy my downtime. Don’t expect much from around here.

This makes my 994th Blog Post.

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3 Full Years of EVE Online and life in New Eden

I didn’t want to try to do this tomorrow on the 6th of May officially as too much stuff would be happening in New Eden with the new DUST 514 Uprising Patch and whatever else CCP sees fit to do. But it has been now three full years of life in New Eden and blogging about it. Sometime blogging more, sometime blogging less as my mood swings as life in New Eden and the community changes my mood. Sometimes RL as well. Blogging about EVE no matter how I have chosen to play EVE Online has been a journey as much as playing the game itself.

Turning 3 years old in New Eden.

I like to remind my blog occasionally that this blog precedes playing EVE Online, it was never created just for playing EVE or my time in it. It documents my time about whatever game I focus play and that mainly just happen to be EVE Online and living in New Eden for the last 3 years. I play EVE Online with just 2 accounts and I rather just keep it at that and no more. It’s hard just keeping track of just 2 accounts anyway.

But back on the 23rd of April my first character Ametius reached 3 years of EVE Online. I thought of what I could do or maybe do for the occasion, no great idea…

My 2nd account character was right behind him as well with both accounts created within 2 weeks apart when I first started playing EVE Online. So on the 6th of May my second account character Alothos will also reach the 3 year milestone in EVE online. It’s also the same date as EVE Online yearly birthday.

So I thought I’d wait until both account characters have fully turned 3 years old in EVE Online and living in New Eden to mark the occasion officially. But I wasn’t sure how.

What to do to mark 3 years of EVE Online?

I didn’t feel like doing a 3 year look back on playing EVE Online living in New Eden. Kinda does that daily or whenever feel like doing a blog post whenever. But my time in EVE is as much connected to my time blogging about it as to me they are as connected as gaming is for me over all these years playing online games.

Playing EVE Online wouldn’t be as much fun for me if I wasn’t also blogging about it whether regularly or not as a hobby. Blogging about it wouldn’t also be as fun if it wasn’t for the readers who choose to stop by, maybe make a comment or lend some advice, maybe a thought or two or even some tough love, about whatever the post was about. Blogging is a tough hobby while actively playing any game, it consumes a lot of time in many ways. I appreciate all my readers no matter which part of New Eden space they choose to occupy. We all do our part to grease the wheel of life in New Eden in our own way. As well I appreciate the community of other fellow bloggers as well for all their support, all the readers and entertainers in the community. I’m as much as reader of other blogs as I am blogger. All of which makes EVE Online definitely a unique experience with the community.

So what to do to make the occasion here at AD for 3 years of EVE Online? I couldn’t come up with a great idea that would be fair. Not that EVE Online is fair by any means. But I figure I’d just have a simple blog contest in appreciation of my readers who most likely all mostly live in New Eden as well.

My Blog is just a humble blog, it’s just my journey in New Eden, I enjoy my quiet pocket of space here as It document my time with whatever game I play. I appreciate all of you that choose to stop by and give the blog some life with your presence, sometime more at different times than at others.

So how to do something big for 3 years of New Eden. Hmm…

Blog Contest Giveaway, 3 Billion in ISK. A Billion ISK for every Year of AD in EVE Online.

Yeap you read that right!

Simply coming up with a somewhat simple idea was tough!

Total Prize: 3 Billion ISK in total.

Prize #1: 1 Billion ISK! (1 Winner).

Prize #2: 500 Million ISK each (2 Winners).

Prize #3: 250 Million ISK each (4 Winners)

*3 Special Prizes: 335 Million ISK each for the Random Numbers participants. Yes another 1 Billion ISK for helping provide the 3 digit numbers in fairness and participation so you other readers can have a chance to win any of the 3 contest prizes. Yes lot’s of 3’s lol. (3 Years of EVE Online)

To Play and Claim the Prizes?: Must have an EVE Online Character Account to receive the Prize. Obviously!

So What to do to win the  AD 3 Year’s of EVE Online Blog Prizes Giveaway?

  • I took a Blog Stats Screenshot on May 5th, 2013 @ 0700 AM. So…

Prize #1: How Many Best ever Blog Views have this blog had in a Single Day (number)… multiplied  x 867? (Closest Number without going over, Wins!) Pretty simple.

Prize #2: How many Blog Views have this blog had since the Month of May 2013 (number)… multiplied x 391? (Closest Number without going over, Wins!) Pretty simple.

Prize #3: How many Blog Visitors have this blog has since the Month of May 2013 (number)… multiplied x 191? (Closest Number without going over, Wins!) Pretty simple.

*Submit your answer results below in comment section.


1. You can submit 3 numbers only in a comment below for a chance to win each prize.
2. Cannot leave an anonymous comment or post as such. Don’t work here anyway!
3. Limit one entry per reader comment submission.
4. Random Numbers participants are not excluded from participating!

*Winners will be announced in a new Blog Post if they win. Can email the blog with a character name after to claim their prize if choose to or leave their EVE Character name in the blog post to claim their prize if they win.

Contest ends at Midnight of 6th May, 2013 at 11:59 PM (Eastern)

That’s it! And thanks for choosing to stop by my quiet little corner in the blogosphere!

Slowly worked on it over the last week, but I’m pretty much done tinkering with and updating the site for now. Only meant to update the Theme Layout but ended up tinkering with everything else. That’s including making some new page menu’s for the link headers at top of page, organizing posts tags, images, changing and testing page layouts and all that.

Overall I think things looks much better. Even feel better about drafting stuff to post. I finally did figure out how to get the wider template for occasional postings, that involve posting as a Page vs as a Post like some the pages at the top of the page menu and submenu (I actually had to look up the difference between the two via WordPress Support).

Anyway let me know what you all think below when you drop by.