Ardent Defender

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Hello and welcome to Ardent Defender. You can call me “AD” if you like in short for Ardent Defender. This is also my 2nd Blog as the first Blog by the same name I had for about 3 years on Blogspot has been retired somewhat. In RL I’m 39, a professional guy working as an Engineering Technician in the Biotechnology Industry. I just happen to also like playing online MMO games in my spare time as a hobby.

My MMORPG life started quite by accident one day driving home from work while listening to a news article piece on NPR Radio about Online Virtual Worlds in 2003. It was a new piece about Second Life (SL) the Virtual World that had recently launched. I downloaded the game that day and with that, I started down the road in online gaming.

I ended up staying and playing the game at that time for 3 years Exploring the World, Landscape Designer, modeler, and later on a Private Sim Island Owner In Second Life. Eventually, the game changed and I moved on as well.

Sometime in 2006 during the break from (SL), I picked up World of Warcraft (WoW) as something else to play for game entertainment playing occasionally. I also started blogging a while after that once I seriously started playing the game under the name Ardent Defender since I played as a full-time Paladin Tank. I played as a Tank for most of my WoW career and eventually, I became burned out overall on the game and the community and was time to move on to try other games.

And though I eventually moved on to playing other games after WoW, I enjoyed blogging under the name Ardent Defender. So I kept the name as I moved the blog from Blogspot to WordPress platform and onto playing other games. In most games, I play I create the character as well for “AD”.

I picked up STO or Star Trek Online for a few months. Not long ago I picked up playing EVE Online as a curiosity research project to investigate the game. I’ve heard about it for years but didn’t know much about it. Space, Astronomy, Cosmology, and Science are something of a passion for me in interest. So playing a Sci-Fi game like EVE Online was something of interest.

In 2012 I played The Secret World – TSW and Guild Wars 2 at launch and for a while as I focused mostly on playing EVE Online as my main MMO game. I stopped playing games in 2014 to just focus on real life. After been away for a while in 2016 I’m slowly working my way back to PC Gaming starting first with building my own PC Gaming Rig. I was an original Kickstarter Backer of Star Citizen so looking forward to playing that game in 2016 wherever it’s at in-game development, likely still in Alpha to which I have access been a game backer.

I’m an MMO gamer, but I’m more of a focused gamer on fewer games. I’m not as hardcore as I used to be and neither do I really play games casually as most people do, so I’m somewhere in between. Here on the blog, I record my adventures, my thoughts of things, perspectives, and my general musing and happenings in the games I play. Hope you enjoy your visit and stay here.

MMO History

2003 – 2006 Second Life

2006 – 2010 World of Warcraft

2010 – Star Trek Online (3 Months)

2010 – Started playing – EVE Online (Main MMO game)

2012 – The Secret World – TSW, Guild Wars 2

2014 – Quit Playing EVE Online. Hiatus from MMO/PC Gaming.

2016 – Working at getting back into PC Gaming. Playing Star Citizen



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