Need More Iron!

Valheim - Stone Roofing
Testing Overhead Stone Flooring/Roofing. It Holds!

Really, like LOTS of it to say the least. All just to form a kinda mesh network with the Wood Iron Poles for trying to replace the overhead flooring with stable stone flooring. The wood Iron pole beams connected all the way back to the ground allow any stone touching it to hold securely to a foundation piece to the ground. As well it allows another stone piece connected touching to be attached though that stone piece will be much less stable. You can place the wood Iron poles inside the stone pieces also, and it works great to hide the wood iron pole. But, that’s just more playing around to get all that hidden from sight. With the limited reserves of Iron, I was able to partially complete an upper floor that houses the Portal Room.

When I started this building project and did the boat trip from the other main base to this location I was sure I counted over 10 full stacks of Iron on hand. All of that has been used up on just reinforcing all the foundation stone pillars mostly as well as in this load flooring support. But this shows it doable to convert the floors to all stone which would be a huge task and needing lots and lots of Iron.

Valheim Mega Pyramid
With all the foundation support all the way up, the very apex of the pyramid seems stable.

One of the things I had noticed was that weather does not affect the angular 26 Deg and 45 Deg Wooden Beams, but it does affect all other wooden pieces for weathering. It does not affect anything specially made from Fine Wood. Fortunately, most of the wooden pieces in the build are all wooden beams for the entire structure’s support and not affected by the weather. However, the outer flooring on each floor is most affected by the weather as with the open-air design that part of the floor gets rained on. Some other floor tiles as well. Converting all those floors to stone will solve that problem and make it far less an issue.

Valheim Mega Pyramid
Testing a patch of roof covering.

So I tried a bit going into debug mode to fly up to test adding some roof shading to see how that would look on one side of the top of the structure. Trying to reach that high up on the outside of the pyramid structure OSHA would consider a safety hazard for falling from extremely very high. Already had two recordable site accident to speak of from falling. So was easier to do it in debug mode and to get the pieces to snap closely in place. I have to say after testing covering a patch of the roof, I really don’t like the look of it as compared to all the other angular beams. So will have to remove it.

As I put the finishing touches on the build, I’m realizing I’m needing a lot of certain things. The initial project build took a massive amount of both Wood and Stone. That resulted in chopping down lots of forest and mining rocks at the same time. Now I’m needing a lot of Fine Wood for all the decorative effects. Needing lots of Copper to add all the lamp lighting between the floors. I have a massive amount of Resin on hand for lighting so that’s no issue as always happily killing the Greydwarfs when out and about.

Valheim Mega Pyramid
Things are slowly coming to life. Looks more Viking-like.

But Iron seems right now the thing I will need quite a lot of to help convert all the other floors to stone with stability support. Just when you thought all those dark days in the Swamp was over. I do things legit, so that means actually hunting for Crypts and mining for Scrap Iron will be in the immediate future…. again. Adventuring in Valheim is fun, yet the fact that you can also build things in the game adds a whole different kind of content to just enjoy being creative with.

Finishing New Island Mega Base

Valheim Pyramid Base
New Island Pyramid Mega Base.

It’s not done, but it’s far closer to being built than it has ever been. Vikings may not have exactly lived in Pyramids, but they have a love of triangular things so I’ve read. Managed to put in 5 usable floors. It’s an open-air Pyramid. Thus all the wooden beams and side facing patterns. All the other floors other than the first floor are wooden and that means some parts get exposed to the weather and get weathered, unfortunately. I would have liked to make all the floors stone but still keep it open air. But that’s an ass-ton of stones to get as well need a crapton of iron to then reinforce all the floors to build them and it’s tricky to do as well. So wooden floor for now. I can maybe change that later and when the Valheim Devs add new tools to the game for building in the coming future updates. But will see.

It's not done, but it's far closer to being built than it has ever been.


Spent a good many hours today working on the base structure and in between constantly wiping away meadow forest for all the piles of wood needed. Some stones as well but far less than the much-needed wood. Moved a lot of Iron bars from the current main base to the Island and complete adding Iron reinforced beam support to all the stone pillars for the structural support.

Valheim Pyramid Base
Adding the 2nd and 3rd floors.

Added some more stone pillars for structure reinforcement to replace the core stone pillar supports. Then added in and completed the 2nd, 3rd floors. The 4th floor was already completed. At the end of the day added in a smaller 5th floor. Adding in the flooring though time-consuming was far less time-consuming than replicating the pattern on the side face of the structure as well as getting wooded beams to snap together in correct alignment.


Valheim Pyramid Base
Something is really off here about this wooden beam pattern.

After working at doing the wooden beam pattern for two sides of the structure I realize that the pattern was off and just not adding up evenly. It was just obvious something was off. So made the change and completed one on the other side experimenting with some changes. It worked out. But then had to go back and redo two of the face sides of the structure. At times some of the beams just wouldn’t snap properly so lots of playing around to get the wooden beams to line up properly after putting several together in a row.

Valheim Pyramid Base
Ahh looks much better. But so time-consuming to fix.

Took a lot of time but eventually got the entire structure wooden beamed on all sides. That’s with quite a many rounds of logging in the meadows for lots and lots of wood. As things looked good I added in a 5th floor. I might as well anyway as was working at the very top of the structure fixing the side face wooden beams. That top floor was a bit large and decided to split it into another floor for some later use. Playing the game and doing all the regular things can be exhausting at times. But spending hours at building something, anything in Valheim can be just as equally exhausting after several hours at it.

Valheim Pyramid Base

The structure looks like it’s coming together though. Still a lot of work to do, but I think most of the hard parts are done with getting the pyramid structure framed, floored, and built. I would have liked all the floor stone. But that’s a long trip to the Swamp to mine a whole lot of Scrap Iron to make Iron reinforced wood beam support and I’m just not quite up to that yet at this point. Still, I’d love to make as many of the upper floor’s stone at some point as the plan. The base foundation is all stone already.

Valheim Pyramid Base

Things are far from done. But I’m liking look of the way things are shaping up with the new base structure.

Valheim Pyramid Base

Still, a lot needs to be done on the island. Some landscaping, a whole new Boat Dock, or a few. A whole Portal room on the Pyramid upper floor. Much yet to be done. But I think most of the hard work is done. Well, maybe until I decide to rip out a whole upper wooden floor to make it all stone blocks for flooring with Wood Iron beam reinforcement. That keeps bugging me ongoing. But will see how that goes. Still a work in progress this build.

The Week That Was… & Work In Progress

Stone Foundation laid on the island.

A slow week in gaming and in Valheim. Was just busier this past week with real-life work business traveling down to the gulf coast for an engineering visit to a company customer plant site. The weather there was nice sunny there and surprisingly cool, but that was the most of it really with work travel.

Don’t know if Vikings ever built Pyramids.

No gaming to be had for most of the week until this weekend. Though I carry my smaller laptop when traveling for work, I never seem to get in any or much gaming with it vs when at home on my more powerful desktop and an ultra-wide monitor.

I’m thinking this up as I go, so no idea how it’s gonna turn out.

I’ve put off the Plains for a while and hung up the heavy armor for the lighter Troll leather armor while working on the building project for the new main base at the island. At least I can move around much faster without the heavy load.

Scaffolding and framing take a lot of time. That Center Pillar took a lot of time to figure out.

This project is going to take a while and has already. But that’s the fun building in Valheim, you can have fun with it figuring things out. I actually trashed the first project build of a different kind with all the time I spent on it and started over with something more solid and rigid in structure.

The Third and Final Floor. Haven’t quite built the Second Floor. But was really hard to get this one done.

I will have to see how this build progresses, but it’s going to take a while. It’s talking shape of some kind and getting the structure shape built.

Getting that large stable support for 2nd and 3rd Floor. Need More Iron for the reinforced wall support.

This high up in the air really took a lot of effort to get the stable floor and to be able to complete a stable top pyramid structure.

Project Build far from done. But that last floor and the top pyramid was a huge hurdle to overcome.

I may get three complete floors in the build which is more than I thought when I started with a vague idea of a build. If the build was to be completely made of stone or mostly even, it would be a crap ton of stones and be mining rocks for days on end.

Construction Zone. Work In Progress. Only 5000 more years to complete!

Just the large floor foundation took a crapload of stones. Getting some of the wood to snap perfectly at an angle can get really weird and tricky in a massive build as you go upward and gets to be a pain after a while. Still not clear how this will all turn out when it does. For now Slow Work In Progress.

Project: Building my Ultimate Gaming Komputer Rig

Corsair Obsidian Series 750D

It’s hard to be in PC gaming if you don’t have a gaming PC rig. I don’t current own a PC worthy of gaming in 2016. My MacBook Pro is about 8 years old now and though it works fine for just everyday stuff and surfing the internet, it’s not good for gaming in today’s world of gaming. I’ve been out of gaming for all of 2015. Been thinking about getting a new PC for quite a while now, months it seems but just couldn’t decide. Somehow after binge watching a lot of YouTube vids if I remember, I thought it might be a good idea to maybe build my own. But then I didn’t know much about building a PC let alone a gaming rig. I’ve never messed around with attempting to build a PC before either.

Over the course of the last month I’ve watched quite a bit of YouTube getting caught up on just how to go about building a PC and gaming rig watching all kinds of builds from many the YouTube personalities, some quite popular as well. I enjoyed watching a bunch of videos by Carey Holzman who now also does the DIY Garage for NeweggTV and a pleasure to watch build gaming rig and learn from. I’ve learned quite a bit in the process, but I’m still learning. Learning something new is always interesting. But I think I have the confidence that I can build my own and likely learn more in the process as well. If anything it seems like something fun to do being apart of gaming.

So after watching many builds I set aside part picking the parts for my own future gaming rig. I decided I didn’t exactly want a cheap PC. I wanted a good gaming rig that kicks ass, with good quality parts and can play anything on the market smoothly. I wanted a gaming PC where I’m not playing catchup with todays games and something that will last quite a few years without needing to upgrade much. As well something thats easily expandable into the future if I needed to upgrade. At this point I think this project will cost me more than I thought when I started out, but for my hobby I’ll be happy about it if it works out.

After picking out the parts for my Ultimate Gaming Rig on PCPartPicker this is what it looks like so far below on the link. I’m flexible in making changes if possible. Though the core parts I likely want in my build for my gaming be

Let me know what you guys think in the comments.

Gaming Hardware

I’m currently on vacation in Peru and not likely to do much with getting back into gaming until after the holidays. However I also have the issue of not really having any real current gaming hardware to play current and future games. My MacBook Pro can’t really cut it and I currently don’t have any games I really play on it anymore. The last was EVE and that was quite a while ago. 

But for Windows based games I don’t have any good options. So I’ve been considering my options in getting a new PC. I don’t consider myself a PC Novice . But looking into the future I’m liking the option of maybe building me a custom Windows Gaming PC that has some kick can easily play current and future games. I don’t exactly have an exact budget, but I’m thinking something in the range of $1800-2500 I’m willing to go.