*This Page Is In Need Of An Update!*

Some of my Characters and Personalities in the current MMO Games I play.

EVE Online Character’s


  • Research Scientist & Inventor
  • Market Trader
  • Industrialist
  • Explorer
  • Corporate Accountant


  • Market Trader
  • Researcher
  • Part Time Scientist & Inventor
  • Part Time Industrialist
  • Corporate Accountant

EVE Online

DUST 514 Character:


DUST 514

The Secret World (TSW) Character

Dutty 1

Dutty 2

Dutty 3

  • Agent: Dirty “Dutty” Callahan
  • Faction: Templars
  • Cabal: KoM
  • Server: Arcadia
  • Faction Rank: 13 (Max)
  • Gear Rank: 10 (Max)
  • Specialty: Shotguns, Elementalist

The Secret World

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