The State Of Things – June 2021

Haven’t blogged much in the last few weeks as had a bit of a detour and with that, I also took the time to chill which is always good too. But a few weeks back I had to do some traveling for work which is a routine thing. Around that time I had just started making the effort to load all my music CDs and Movie CD Collection onto my Media Drive on my Desktop PC. When I built my PC which was mainly built for gaming, I had installed several extra drives of SSD’s and a large HD drive for Media Storage of several TB’s. Media drive being separate from my Windows Drive which is just exclusively Windows only. I was also backing up everything, Music & Movies I had on my iTunes account onto that Media Drive as well. With all the downloading it was going to take a while at around the clock downloading on my cable internet for maybe two weeks.

I had to travel for work and so I left my PC on to chug along at all the queued downloading via my iTunes account to store it all to my Media Drive. When I returned home at the end of the week my PC was off and had no idea what had happened. Power Failure we do get from heavy winds with trees on power lines routinely so that’s a normal thing living in Pittsburgh, PA. But no idea really why the PC was off. On reboot, I got that infamous blue screen of death with a Windows error that a Windows Update had failed to properly install. And to that as well the PC was doing what seemed a continuous loop of reboots to the blue screen of death and back. It had some kind of a Windows Kernel error. Maybe Windows had updated while the PC was chugging away at the media downloads and something happened that caused a reboot or shutdown and Windows didn’t update properly. Maybe it had a power failure around that time, who knows. Regardless I had a blue screen of death issue on the PC and it would just keep looping a reboot unless I interrupted it to shut it down.

I did get it to start in safe mode, but it wouldn’t start in normal mode. Nor could I do an effective Windows Restore from a good saved date. I tried it once and I couldn’t use a further backdate as that date restore didn’t fix the issue. After a few hours of frustration and I decided to wipe out Windows!!! Wipe It and Reinstall It! That decision wasn’t too hard as my few PC Games were loaded on their separate drive as well as all other media. So just backed up my documents onto a USB and proceeded to wipe and reinstall Windows. That decision took me for a detour reinstalling Windows, reinstalling other programs, driver updates as well finishing all the media downloads that never finished which consumed almost a week. With all that happening, I just decided to chill out and not worry about gaming much. But that was all a detour. Eventually, I completed all my iTunes media download as well as manually loading a whole bunch of physical media music and movie CDs only my Media Drive as well. In the end, I backed up the music onto 100 GB USB Drive. The Movies and TV Shows took up over 1TB.

But Windows Kernel errors on an update that messed up threw a wrench into the thing and sent me on a detour. Gaming and Blogging were on a hiatus for a while.


The Plains
On The Plains. Sea Base in the distance on the Ocean.

Got back into the game and roamed The Plains for some adventure exploring with all the adventures you can have roaming about there in and out of camps.

The Plains - Valheim

Fun times! Found myself also in need of both Silver and Iron and so was back to the Snow Mountain and the Swamp for some mining for upgrading things. Not too much of a hurry to really go anywhere in Valheim as pretty much at the end of the game without having killed the last boss but sitting on the trophies. It’s little by little just improving things around the new ocean pyramid base. I’ve enjoyed my time in Valheim and still do. Everyone who plays the game is patiently waiting for the big update, myself included. But I try to spend at least an hour every few days at least to keep things going so I remember what I was doing in-game to keep things moving along in some way. Even if it’s just farming the Turnips, Carrots, and the Barley planted on The Plains.


Paladin - Heavensward
Ishgard – Heavensward

I started getting back into FF14 after the detour of playing Valheim. It’s always tough for me mentally to juggle playing multiple games. I started playing FF14 almost exactly 6 months to the date of today on December 23rd last year. So I’ve been continuously subbed to the game since. I had started the free trial and on day two of the trial was enjoying it enough that I converted it to a real game account with a subscription and full game access.

Paladin - Heavensward
Ul’dah City

When Valheim launched in early February this year It also hit my radar as a kind of game I liked and wanted to try out. I tend to like strategy and simulation-based games as well as MMORPG games. So I bought and played Valheim and have enjoyed it and look forward to the future big game update. However, it was also time to return to FF14 on my adventure with my lvl 61 Paladin. In the detour of playing lots of Valheim for a few months, I had forgotten quite a bit how to play my Paladin in FF14. As well I was MSQ locked with one singular quest to complete that was also a dungeon in Heavensward. It was hard to just jump back into the game forgetting how to play my Job Paladin and jump into a dungeon.

Paladin - Heavensward

So logged in over a few days and just practiced on the target dummy outside the city in Ul’dah and practiced my Paladin rotations until I remember what each spell/talent did and how to use them. Did some Levequests to just get back into the swing of things and fighting stuff. I was MSQ locked in having to complete The Avery Dungeon in Heavensward. I had felt I best be prepared. So I did.

Completed “The Avery” dungeon and MSQ’s and moved on, all of which was a great story. I’ve really enjoyed my time in Heavensward and Ishgard even with the break-in between playing Valheim last few months. Breaks are good in gaming.

Paladin - Heavensward
A Great Story Line this was in continuation after The Avery dungeon was completed.

Today I completed the actual MSQ for “Heavensward” at lvl 64 and that was just a mind-blowing doozy what happened there. It was the completing story quest for the Heavensward expansion.

Paladin - Heavensward
The Mission Quest – “Heavensward”.

That was one epic story that blew my mind! And though the entire arc is yet not done, there is a series of MSQ quests I’m sure to complete before my journey into Stormblood as I feel I’m close with the lvl 60 MSQ’s.

Paladin - Heavensward
Heavensward – You threatening me Bro!

No one who threatens this warrior ever lives long to tell about it! Say I’m Sorry……

Paladin - Heavensward
Heavensward – The Singularity Reactor

Your gonna be real sorry after this battle with me and my friends! No one threatens The Warrior of Light and his friends!

Paladin - Heavensward
Heavensward – Complete

You could have said you were sorry. Sucks to be you! The end of this epic dungeon, journey and story is just about at an end for Heavensward.

Looking Ahead

As I look down the road for my gaming and fun times, come August I expect to try out New World when it launches. I have been anticipating playing that new game since last year and have bought the game already as well before it launches. There may be other games to try in the latter half of 2021 but so far that’s the new game much anticipated on my horizon.

Screenshots: The Pyramid Ocean Base!

VALHEIM Mega Pyramid Base

It was so much work on this build and it’s not even fully done. Mostly though. At best all the exterior work is all done! A little landscaping planting some Pine and Fir trees, grass on the tiny patch of land to cap things off. I didn’t realize how tall Pine Trees actually grew until I planted a few and they grew next to the pyramid base. The build is really high, but the Pine Trees grow even higher. Dang! All the planted trees didn’t grow though as I planted over twice as much for a little landscaping on the island.

VALHEIM Mega Pyramid Base

I never set out to build a lighthouse, but It’s like a lighthouse in the ocean all lit up. It has way more lights than any lighthouse too.

VALHEIM Mega Pyramid Base

The new base has never looked better. It seems more lively now than ever.

VALHEIM Mega Pyramid Base
Enjoying a brief relaxing moment on the new stone deck with the patio fire.

It seems like a good idea to add on an extension to the island out front to just relax outdoors and enjoy a nice big fire by the ocean. Was aiming for a little Gazebo, but sitting back and enjoying some mead around a great fire on the ocean is just cool too so great.

VALHEIM Mega Pyramid Base
Oh Eikthyr, you never looked more lovely hanging right there!

I’ve now got Eikthyr hanging above the front entrance to the base. He died quickly from just 6 Frost Arrows.

Valheim Mega Pyramid Base
Outside the front entrance.

You can see both the Plains just across the sea and the Black Forest in the distance.

Valheim Mega Pyramid Base
This was the first version framing of the 1st Floor Throne Room while I was still figuring it out.

This photo was taken back when I had completed the framing of the build. No other rooms on the 1st floor, just one big room, and huge hallways all around the outside of it. I hadn’t figured out what I wanted to do as yet for the interior. As well the overhead floors 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th floors were still all wooden from framing the build.

Valheim Mega Pyramid Base
The redesigned Throne Room.

It’s smaller. It’s longer in length but less in width. As the entire 1st floor was sectioned to make room for a Kitchen, Workshop, Storage Room, Armor Room, and some other room I haven’t thought of as yet. It’s still a work in progress in this room. The Braziers do enough to generate light and lots of smoke as well as the Fire buff. I placed 2 hearths on both sides of the central pillar for a fireplace. Yet, I didn’t realize that the hanging Braziers can generate all that much fire on their own as well. But they look nice. Some Mead Kegs in the back corners of the room for Throne Room celebrations. The entire 2nd, 3rd,5th floors are now solid stone flooring. The 4th floor was previously done earlier as a test to see if it held. Now all the floors are completed as stone floors.

Valheim Mega Pyramid Base
Throne View.

A view of the Throne. Haven’t yet had time to hand up Trophies as yet on the hanging points. Work in progress for interior decorating.

Valheim Mega Pyramid Base
A view from the front inside the entrance. Two new small rooms on both my right and left.

In sectioning of the 1st floor and reducing the huge hallway size, some new rooms were created for other uses. But all entrances from three sides of the build all have a major hallway leading to the Throne Room.

Valheim Mega Pyramid Base
The outer perimeter of the 1st-floor hallway is now smaller but still wide enough.

The first-floor outer hallway stretch around three-quarters of the entire perimeter of the 1st floor. There is a Portal on three corners of the 1st floor and will be at three entrances though you can also walk behind it and go out the entrance to outside.

Valheim Mega Pyramid Base
The Kitchen Room is right next to the Throne Room and has a window to Throne Room.

The kitchen room still a works in progress and not yet fully done. But it has the making of a kitchen and the fireplace and prep table is there. Straight ahead is the new Storage Room that is also a work in progress. It is the bigger of the new sectioned area on the floor.

Valheim Mega Pyramid Base
The New Workshop.

Probably the most important place I guess on the floor. The new Workshop occupies an entire corner of the pyramid of the first floor on the outer perimeter of the central Throne Room. I was able to fit the Workbenches and Forge both in the room. So it’s fairly easy to reach everything with not too much moving around. It was amazing that in converting the floor overhead to stone that the new Blaster Furnance just made the fit as there is absolutely no more room left for overhead clearance. Luckily it was placed there before I redid the floors overhead and had to angle it so the smoke from it vented through the side beams of the structure. It’s now a nice working space.

Valheim Mega Pyramid Base
Heading out the hallway to the rear of the base to the Boat Docks. Workshop room coming up on the right and the spare room on left. That Portal goes to the now old base.

It’s still all much work in progress. But it’s now a livable and workable space at the base. It will always be constant work in progress regardless. With so much time spent building, I’m just itching to get back out to really explore the world.

New Island Base Improvements

Valheim Mega Pyramid Base
The element of weather can create some really iconic snapshots.

There is just so much to do with the new base build project as well as the gathering materials. Project Improvement continues, slowly. I decided while thinking and considering all the things to do was to just create a boat dock for the boats. Something simple for now as was busy enough with the base build as it was. There really isn’t much land for space around the new island base as it covers most of the existing island already. At the back of the base, I decided to add on a dock to house the longship. It would seem a bit tidier as well. I can now say there is a dock! Closer to the intended area of the workshop area for future cargo offloading of materials intended for the workshop.  While I was snapping a photo the weather was storming. Really do like the picturesque photo on account of the weather.

Valheim Mega Pyramid Base
Built a simple dock for the Longboats at the back. The “Plains” always in clear sight.

Have added a lot of lights all inside the base build. Amazing how much time that can take seemingly simple a thing. Might need to add some more exterior lights all around so it lights up the area a bit more. A lighthouse in a way the new base is as well considering it’s in the ocean. More stuff to do I guess. Progress is slow going with such a huge base build. Everything to do takes time and then more time changing your mind to something else.

Valheim Mega Pyramid Base
The Portal Room is done and humming.

At the old base, I had so many portals, over 20+. Many to most the outposts I frequented in some way. I hardly ever take down or rename a portal once it’s set up. I just make new ones usually. Spent quite a bit of time, moving most of the used portals from the old base to the new island base and up to the 4th Floor which is the Portal Room.

Valheim Mega Pyramid Base
The New Portal Room on the 4th Floor.

There are now 17 portals that have been moved there. Still, 4 lesser use portals remain at the old base and that’s ok as they can remain there for travel when needed to lesser areas. At the old base which was originally a large old abandoned village which I had repaired and made into a base. Four of the small houses I fixed up all housed different portals to various Outposts regions. I could easily remember which house has which portals to where. Now not so easy when I port into the Portal Room to know which ones go exactly to where though they have the same names. A bit of spatial orientation at play. However, four of them go to previous boss locations and those are easy to figure as they are on the very outside ledge of the room.

Valheim Mega Pyramid Base
This room just glows when your presence is detected close as causes all the portals to glow.

The new Portal Room just hums when you’re in the room as your always in close proximity to an active portal, which causes them to always glow and ready to go. There is only one way in and out off this floor and that’s also via a portal. It’s slowly feeling more lively around the new island base.

Passing the Test…Twice

Valheim - Private Island
Night Enemy Raid at the Private Island. Ehhh… Trolls?

Day 1. Private Island Construction work has started with not quite the best of plans but chopping trees and moving dirt around. RAWR!!! Enemy Raid. Trolls!! Really on Day 1?

Valheim - Private Island
Where are you Blue Bastards?

Apparently, Trolls are not gonna show up and play and come on out across the sea to the Island. That’s the Plains over there across the straits.

Valheim - Private Island
You guys are gonna show up and play or what?

Day 2. Another Raid while moving dirt around at the construction site. Skeletons!!

Valheim - Private Island Raid
Don’t seem you all are ever gonna show up out here.

So you skinny bastards can’t make it out here to the island either. I don’t know how some other Vikings claim they don’t get raided by the enemy. They seem to like showing up at my place all the time.

Them Workbenches are working just fine on the island to keep all you enemy bastards out! Good Riddance to you all.

Seems the Private Island as it is currently has passed the Enemy Raid Test twice over for them all out and off the island. I don’t quite know how the construction is gonna turn out but have planks down building something. Can’t quite use a Stonecutter at the island as no Iron yet at the island. But building without it and having fun.

Sweet Cold Tears Of DEAD Moder!

MODER Is DEAD! DEAD with Sweet Tears!

Well, MODER Is Dead and No More! Another big boss vanquished from the Viking realm of purgatory in Valheim. This leg of the journey is now over. I can rest a bit and take my time to reflect and write the tales of my journey later.

MODER’s Sweet Cold Tears.

That’s a lot of Tears! I really like the trophy head mount as it looks really great. So I may have to fight MODER again just for the actual trophy head to wall mount next time.