Passing the Test…Twice

Valheim - Private Island
Night Enemy Raid at the Private Island. Ehhh… Trolls?

Day 1. Private Island Construction work has started with not quite the best of plans but chopping trees and moving dirt around. RAWR!!! Enemy Raid. Trolls!! Really on Day 1?

Valheim - Private Island
Where are you Blue Bastards?

Apparently, Trolls are not gonna show up and play and come on out across the sea to the Island. That’s the Plains over there across the straits.

Valheim - Private Island
You guys are gonna show up and play or what?

Day 2. Another Raid while moving dirt around at the construction site. Skeletons!!

Valheim - Private Island Raid
Don’t seem you all are ever gonna show up out here.

So you skinny bastards can’t make it out here to the island either. I don’t know how some other Vikings claim they don’t get raided by the enemy. They seem to like showing up at my place all the time.

Them Workbenches are working just fine on the island to keep all you enemy bastards out! Good Riddance to you all.

Seems the Private Island as it is currently has passed the Enemy Raid Test twice over for them all out and off the island. I don’t quite know how the construction is gonna turn out but have planks down building something. Can’t quite use a Stonecutter at the island as no Iron yet at the island. But building without it and having fun.

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