Thoughts On Main Base Relocation

Strategic location for considering a New Main Base with the Private Island.

I’ve been considering a Main Base relocation from the starter island base at the edge of the Black Forest/Meadows for a while now since finding BONEMASS Swamp location. As well as much of the Plain lands since. As well with that recently good find of Silver in the Northwestern mountain. Its proximity to metal ore and the various biomes coincided with an easy ocean travel route access to the current various strategic locations. Spending some time performing base relocation could be a good downtime thing to do before heading off to explore and tackle the Plains.

Private Island, Outpost – Foxtrot

Given all the exploration I’ve done so far one of the places that stands out the most as a nice strategic location for the new base and that’s the Private Island at Outpost – Foxtrot.

Outpost – Foxtrot. Plainlands just over there across the narrow sea.

That outpost located right between three different islands. Yet fairly close to the Plains but still for the map is considered the Black Forest for the island location as the Black Forest is further away in the other direction but still visible.

Currently explored World Map.

It would be relocating or just making a new main base at location B as the main base is at location A. It’s often a long trip at sea just to move metal ore when needed. As currently metal ore cannot be transported via a portal. The blue line is the ocean route I often have to take to get back to the main base.

Distance between Main Base and Ops area.

The Northwestern island is a hub of a lot of activity with a great swamp for future needs of Iron as well the western mountain for mining Silver as needed.

Locations considered for New Main Base or Alternate.

The southeastern end of that NW island is completely covered in Plain lands. So easy access to that extensive area of Plains. Yet many Plain lands around on the adjoining islands too for which there are already other portal outposts set up already to the lands close by.

Location B at Outpost – November. Black Forest/Meadows.

An internal debate of whether to set up the new base at location A the private island or at B the recently new area Outpost – November I explored a bit, that is Meadowlands with the Black Forest strip close to the sea. But practically it’s Meadows really and just the procedural generation of the biomes.

Possible New Main Base location and Alternate Base & Ocean Routes.

While I’m still mentally debating the New Main Base location or Alternate. The Private Island at Location A seems the front runner overall. At best it will also be clear from having to worry much about raids from the biome creatures. Still, I will have easy portal access to all my current outposts. Ocean travel via sea would be easy travel in any direction. And if I need a farm on the plains I can just across the water from the private island at a tiny strip of meadows from which I can extend a farm into the Plain which also seems like a quiet area so far.

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