Need More Iron!

Valheim - Stone Roofing
Testing Overhead Stone Flooring/Roofing. It Holds!

Really, like LOTS of it to say the least. All just to form a kinda mesh network with the Wood Iron Poles for trying to replace the overhead flooring with stable stone flooring. The wood Iron pole beams connected all the way back to the ground allow any stone touching it to hold securely to a foundation piece to the ground. As well it allows another stone piece connected touching to be attached though that stone piece will be much less stable. You can place the wood Iron poles inside the stone pieces also, and it works great to hide the wood iron pole. But, that’s just more playing around to get all that hidden from sight. With the limited reserves of Iron, I was able to partially complete an upper floor that houses the Portal Room.

When I started this building project and did the boat trip from the other main base to this location I was sure I counted over 10 full stacks of Iron on hand. All of that has been used up on just reinforcing all the foundation stone pillars mostly as well as in this load flooring support. But this shows it doable to convert the floors to all stone which would be a huge task and needing lots and lots of Iron.

Valheim Mega Pyramid
With all the foundation support all the way up, the very apex of the pyramid seems stable.

One of the things I had noticed was that weather does not affect the angular 26 Deg and 45 Deg Wooden Beams, but it does affect all other wooden pieces for weathering. It does not affect anything specially made from Fine Wood. Fortunately, most of the wooden pieces in the build are all wooden beams for the entire structure’s support and not affected by the weather. However, the outer flooring on each floor is most affected by the weather as with the open-air design that part of the floor gets rained on. Some other floor tiles as well. Converting all those floors to stone will solve that problem and make it far less an issue.

Valheim Mega Pyramid
Testing a patch of roof covering.

So I tried a bit going into debug mode to fly up to test adding some roof shading to see how that would look on one side of the top of the structure. Trying to reach that high up on the outside of the pyramid structure OSHA would consider a safety hazard for falling from extremely very high. Already had two recordable site accident to speak of from falling. So was easier to do it in debug mode and to get the pieces to snap closely in place. I have to say after testing covering a patch of the roof, I really don’t like the look of it as compared to all the other angular beams. So will have to remove it.

As I put the finishing touches on the build, I’m realizing I’m needing a lot of certain things. The initial project build took a massive amount of both Wood and Stone. That resulted in chopping down lots of forest and mining rocks at the same time. Now I’m needing a lot of Fine Wood for all the decorative effects. Needing lots of Copper to add all the lamp lighting between the floors. I have a massive amount of Resin on hand for lighting so that’s no issue as always happily killing the Greydwarfs when out and about.

Valheim Mega Pyramid
Things are slowly coming to life. Looks more Viking-like.

But Iron seems right now the thing I will need quite a lot of to help convert all the other floors to stone with stability support. Just when you thought all those dark days in the Swamp was over. I do things legit, so that means actually hunting for Crypts and mining for Scrap Iron will be in the immediate future…. again. Adventuring in Valheim is fun, yet the fact that you can also build things in the game adds a whole different kind of content to just enjoy being creative with.

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