VALHEIM: Farming Surtling Cores & Coal In The Swamp

Surtling Cores. Farmed from the Swamp.

Surtling Cores are one of the precious items in the game needed for constructing Portals that allow instantaneous travel to any part of the game with a portal at the other end. That can save so much time in VALHEIM traveling to any distant place, traveling to outposts and other bases far away. You can also find Surtling Cores starting the game going into Burial Chambers in the Black Forest. You won’t find them in Sunken Crypts in the Swamp, but you can find them wherever there are Surtling’s spawn points in the swamp.

Surtling farm close by just over there.

And there are certainly many Surtling spawn locations all around the swamp areas especially big swamp areas. You can usually tell wherever you see a shooting jet flame from out of the ground that it is a Surtling spawn point. The flame really lit up the area around it and can be oh so easily spotted in the darkened swamp and at night way in the distance.

It a bit like trying to spot a Sunken Crypt when standing still sneaking around by trying to find a rectangular block in the distance or a glowing green torch. Anyway, one of the things among many that made selecting the Stone Tower I had found and making it a new base for Smelting and Forging Iron Operation was a Surtling spawn point really close to the stone tower. It’s maybe a 10-sec walk from the stone tower gate perimeter. This made obtaining Coal an easy breeze.

Surtling creatures spawn point.

If you ever come across a spawn point for the first time you usually will see some Surtling’s a fire-looking creature at the area location and will fireball attack you. They are easy to kill and being wet from the swamp their attack barely affects you much with their fire attack. It’s easy to clear the location around the flame jet from the ground. However, if the flame jet for the spawn point is on the ground and not in the water you can use your pickaxe and moat the area all around it enough so that when the Surtling creature’s spawn they spawn in water and instantly die leaving behind Surtling Cores and Coal.

Occasionally you also get a Trophy from a higher level Surtling creature spawn. At the spawn point, you can find Surtling Cores as well as Coal which you need for running the Smelter to refine the metal ore. These creatures spawn relatively often around every 1-2 minutes or so and the Cores and Coal count can really add up as you will see all the sparkle in the water where the creatures died and left the Core and Coal behind.

One of the things I noticed operating in the area extensively and going back and forth to the main base via the portal is that there is some game detection mechanic at play. The mechanic at play seems to detect your proximity to things and thus affect their spawn rate or if it even keeps spawning continuously. I took the picture above just quickly logging into the game to travel to the base to snap the photo’s for this post thus traveling to the spawn point to pick up the Cores and Coal there.

What I have noticed is that as long as you in the area close to a Surtling spawn point they will continuously keep spawning ongoing. If you can hear them screeching, your close enough I think. Thus it helped me just being at the base doing Smelting and Forging activities. When you leave the area entirely the game detects and knows and seems to stop the spawning of the Surtling creatures thus the rate of Cores and Coal reduces as a result.

So the rate of accumulation will vary based on your proximity to the spawn area and how long you’re around. It helped that my base is barely a 10-sec walk away from the gate. But just being at the base doing the forging activities is enough to keep a continuous spawn of the Surtling creatures going as I can hear them screeching when they spawn and die in the water from my base at the stone tower close by.

The result is for all the activities involved in refurbishing the tower, smelting, and forging all the iron armor and weapons I’ve now accumulated over 3 complete chests full of Surtling cores. That’s 100 Surtling Cores a chest max storage which is over 300+ Surtling Cores total. So much so I have to make new chests to store them all for future use making portals everywhere. However, it’s a good way to passive farm for Surtling Cores and Coal in the swamp if you have a base there or operating much in the area.

All the Coal I used for operating the Smelter came from the passive farm and have an entire chest full of Coal which is over 500 pieces and that’s a lot. That’s wood I didn’t have to use to make Coal. I can remember just how many trees I had to chop down in the meadows to get enough wood for smelting Bronze and making Coal using the Charcoal Kiln. It’s much faster this way to get lots of Coal in the swamp and a whole lot of Surtling Cores.

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