Finding MODER

The good thing about being in the Mountains exploring, finding Silver, and all the while trying to find Moder’s location is that it’s not the Swamp! While I grew to understand and learned how to operate and not fear the Swamp biome during the day, I don’t miss it one bit and the constant darkness with it. However, it’s a welcome relief just having so much light vs darkness permeate your eyes in the whiteness of the Mountains and all the varying weather conditions. Two very contrasting biomes there! But I’d take being in the Mountains on any day. And so it was continuing to explore the Mountains, trying to find Silver and the next Big Boss “Moder”.

Valheim - Mountains
Fixed up a little cozy cottage for Ops.

Mountain Expedition – Eastern

While I’ve met many of its lesser children the drakes, finding Moder seems so far elusive at best as well hints of its location. This seems like a common whisper I’ve heard from folktales on finding Moder. Still, the search while in the mountains and fending off against the creatures there was also to find Silver as well hoping to find some location for Moder. At some points, I was asking myself what am I looking for again to find the boss? Then Oh yeah, one of those rune tablets. But where?

So it wasn’t until later when I spotted an old cottage which I then later fixed up as a hideaway from the elements of the mountain that I also then stumbled onto a Stone Tower not far away. It was then that my mind stumbled into gear. Oh yeah, there could be a rune stone there for the location of Moder. There sure was a location rune. Noticed after removing the few Draugr’s from the area. It’s also beyond me to understand just what Draugr’s are doing in the frigid cold of the mountains. It would be easy enough if the boss was somewhere close by. Unfortunately not! Moder was to be located as per the rune way to the far North West on some island there. Thus another ocean expedition was to be had.

Valheim - Mountains
Exploring Mountain on Eastern End of Big NE Island.

With Moder so far away, the goal at hand was to continue to mine Silver and upgrade weapons and armor. The first two mountain areas yielded no Silver searching all over, only the items obtained from the mountain creatures. The third mountain and one much steeper bordering both the Swamps, the Black Forest as well encircled by the Plains in between yielded two Silver deposits and much more mountain creatures to be fought. Including Golems as the Trolls of the mountain. It took a while before I figured out how to properly fight the Golems with Shield and Mace but eventually did.

Transport Logistics

While I did establish a portal to the top of the mountain for easy access, getting all the Silver down about 240 pieces took seemingly forever. Eventually, I did it in stages with Frost Resistance potions moving all the Silver Ore halfway down the mountain to a secure spot with a large Copper outcropping out the side of the mountain that was outside the freezing zone. That made for going up and down a steep mountain back and forth over a dozen times and that’s just moving things halfway. It’s all also slower when your playing solo in Valheim.

Then it was doing it all over again down the other half of the mountain to the other secure portal outpost area on the Black Forest island next to the sea. From there I could construct a new Longship to transport the Silver to the main base. There was a Drake Egg too I had found which I left at the portal outpost storage for later on deciding where and if to move it on finding Moder. Regardless it was a very long journey ahead again across the oceans. There is certainly a whole game of performing logistics in Valheim which includes transporting lots of metallic ore across the ocean. As well as being chased by Sea Serpents. So Yeah, had a bit of that on the long voyage too.

Silver Upgrades

Eventually got all the Silver Ore back to the main base and it was time to fire up the Smelters to refine all the ore. Later upgrading all armor to lvl 4 and crafting the Draugr Fang Bow which is just lovely to now have. Smelting back at the main base seems more difficult than when I was in the Swamp. The reason being Coal was far easier to get in the Swamp in constant supply and didn’t have to burn any wood to get the Coal there. Just run out the outpost door and pick up a bunch of Coal from the Furling Spawn point barely 10 seconds away. Back at the main base, burned through an entire trunk supply of wood just for smelting all the Silver Ore along with some Tin which I also picked up for shipment from there in the Black Forest.

Mountain Expedition – Western

After upgrading all the armor and getting the new bow, the current mountain biome didn’t yield much else. It was time to also find yet another snow-capped mountain to explore in search of more Silver and Moder. From the current mountain, I could often spot way in the horizon what seemed another mountain, and given the direction, it coincided to be at the far opposite end of the island on the western side where I had previously marked on my map.

Valheim - Mountains
Outposts and Mountain on the Western End of NE Island.

To get there this meant hoping the portal to Outpost – Foxtrot the currently undeveloped private island in the sea between two different islands. From there it meant constructing a Karve to sail across the short straits to the other side of the island and establishing a new outpost. Conveniently I spotted a really nice fully intact stone tower to make a new outpost close to the base of the mountain Outpost – Kilo. I’m completely using a military naming convention for all my outposts.

Later I found out that the Plains isn’t far away at both eastern and western ends of the base of the new mountain. To which I later had a run-in with two Deathsquito’s that faced my shield and I survived. Thus I stuck to avoid those areas and took a consistent path up the new mountain from the Black Forest end of things.

MODER located all the way to the great North.

With another mountain to explore, I stuck to finding Silver and seeking Moder’s location again. It was here I stumbled across the mountain cottage that I fixed up for another mountain outpost. From here also found Moder’s location at the stone tower close by also.

Valheim - Mountains
Nice place for a Mountain Tower on the Western Mountain of NE Island.

It was an even larger mountain than the one on the northeastern end. Lots of Silver and Obsidian was to be found all over this mountain. And though I wouldn’t need it all yet, I marked all the locations pinged for deposits. With an operating postal outpost secured at the new mountain, below in the Black Fores. With adequate Silver on hand, it was time to take things to the ocean again for a journey across the sea to find a big boss.

Expedition to MODER

VALHEIM - Ocean Exploration
Ocean Expedition to find MODER’s Island

I would like to say the ocean expedition to find Big Boss Moder was not too lengthy, but it was in fact a really long solo ocean expedition. The plan at the start of the expedition was to take enough material to construct two different portals. At this point, I had already constructed two different portals prior already in the game sessions. That meant in the time in between spending time harvesting wood to obtain Fine Wood for constructing the portals. And so it means more time in between again harvesting more wood to construct portals. It seems to be a reoccurring theme.

Mistlands Misadventure

First decided to make a stop at the unfinished Mistland biome Island and construct a portal on the beach for later access. Got there in the middle of the night and I figured a safe spot was to construct a portal on a fairly flat rock in the water off the beach. But then I realized I didn’t have enough wood to construct a workbench. So hopped in the boat and headed to the shore. There is no one here in the Mistlands so safe to chop down a tree for the needed wood. Bad idea!

Unknown to me it was a small Mistland area and the Plains were there on both sides and got overrun by both Grewdwarfs and Goblins from the nearby Plains. Too which had to do a corpse voyage which was an expedition itself constructing another Karve ship to make the journey. Got back to the location, picked up stuff, constructed the portal on the flat rock offshore. Repaired the other Karve and left it at the flat rock portal location. And with that, it was off again to find Moder’s Island to the North West.

Northwest to MODER

The journey to the North West to find Moder was long and constantly passing both Swamps and Plains. Even as I seem to get close to Moder’s map location it was all bordered by an extensive area of Plains. The opportunity popped up to mine several Leviathans as I passed them, three in fact and I completely disregarded it with the priority to find suitable location access to the island.

Heavy fog at sea completely distorted navigation as well as trying to avoid several Plain islands at sea. But northward the ocean expedition continued. Lots of Mistlands were to be spotted along the way, but no favorable biomes to set foot on the island insight. Went around the island at its most northern tip and there I also realized It’s not too far from here to the edge of the world also.

Valheim Ocean Expidition
MODER’s Island

Felt like I was going to have to completely circle the island trying to find a suitable biome to make a ship landing. Eventually, it seemed I entered an island inlet or maybe it was just a small island after all. But it was an inlet that at its end was bordered by the Black Forest. From there Moder’s location didn’t seem that far away. On yet another flat rock close to shore constructed a portal for Outpost – Mike for easy quick return access. It was in the middle of the night.

I decided to continue the ocean expedition to circumnavigate the island and charting the biomes there. As well later charting a different ocean course back to my main base far to the southwest and traveling down a western route that was previously uncharted. With the expedition eventually over some time after I returned to the new portal Outpost – Mike in the Black Forest and try to investigate charting a path finally to Moder. From the base of what is to be the mountain, it seems finally finding Moder was not too far off on the next visit to this island.

While I already have collected at least three eggs already to summon Moder, I am just hoping that I don’t have to transport any of the eggs there. As that would be another set of long ocean trips to just transport the eggs all there.

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