Exploration & The Sea

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I decided at first to ignore the call of immediately heading to the Mountain and instead go off script and spent a bit of time exploring at sea. Wanted to explore some uncharted islands along the sea and seeing what’s there. It felt like something interesting to do as well as relaxing. It filled the need to get out and explore. So spent a whole lot of the game sessions I had over the weekend at sea in Valheim.

First, I decided to move much of the Scrap Iron Ore from Outpost-DELTA at the Black Forest next to the Big Swamp on the far North East Island and ship it back to the main base. So finally built the Longship and loaded it up with all the Scrap Iron (13 Full Stacks), some Tin, and some Copper and set sail on the long ocean trip back to the main base. A long trip and one in which I also slay my first Sea Serpent while on the Longship. Jumped overboard to collect the huge hunks of Serpent Meat. Unfortunately not much else was to be had. It was a really long trip, to say the least.

Unloading the ship at the base was no short endeavor going back and forth unloading all the metal ore. I had added a new Smelter so now had two of them running to smelt all the Iron Ore which was surely going to take forever to refine down into Iron Bars.

Exploring The Neighboring Islands

Anyway, I had plans in just wanting to head to sea and explore around some of the adjacent islands and decided to do just that. For this trip, I wasn’t going to take the Longship but instead take the much smaller and easier to handle Karve ship. Gathered the construction material and took the portal back to Outpost-DELTA at the Black Forest on the Big Swamp Island and constructed the Karve. It was a nice clear day and a good day off to journey at sea exploring the unseen islands and anything interesting that what was there to see.

I Think I Found A Private Island Project.

Thus spend several hours charting uncharted adjacent neighboring islands and updating my maps along the way. One of the things I also hoped to find on the exploration journey was interesting places that could possibly make for a future base as well spotting a nice big Mountain to later explore.

Thus my exploration trip at sea in a slideshow. Spotted some Trolls stranded at sea on a tiny island which was funny. Got chased by a Deathsquito on coastal patrol in the Plains on more than one occasion at sea and escaped. It was funny to see the biomes at war at night as they clashed in fights.

Being Chased by Deathsquito at Sea!

The weather at sea was ever-changing thru all its various moods. Spotted what seems to be one of the smallest Meadows ever on the plains and a house right there sandwich between the plains. Found a possibility for a nice private island staring at the Plains and the Black Forest from across the sea. Came back later and dropped a portal there.

Ran Into The “Mistlands” far north.

Encountered the thickest fog ever running into The MISTLANDS. Also ran into the giant  Leviathan creature at sea off the coast in The MISTLANDS, looks more like a giant turtle. Found quite a few interesting locations and from that, I later went back and dropped a total of 7 new portals at various explored locations including one later at a huge mountain location.

Setting up Portal on tiny Meadows sandwich between the Plains.

Spent a lot of time at sea exploring around the islands, setting up portals, and then later heading off to the mountain. For the most part, it was a relaxing time at sea. Enjoyed much the changing color and lighting of the land and sea as the cycle of the day changed into the night and back to daylight. The game does look very pretty in the transition cycle between day and night.

It’s a long way up there!

It was then time to head off to that huge towering mass of a mountain I had found while exploring the seas.

2 thoughts on “Exploration & The Sea

  1. I have run into a couple of locations where a mountain biome seems to end abruptly in a sheer cliff that drops down to sea level. The last one I walked through had a narrow strip of black forest between it and the water. I am not sure if I have enough stamina to run all the way up.


  2. I find the stamina is usually not enough to get up the really steep mountain and the one I had was. Had to food buff and then the Eikthr buff to get to the top or would have to keep stopping on the steep cliff up.

    Surveying the Mountain it did have a steep drop off at one side by the Blackforest and Swamp biome. As well as a thin strip of Plains on two sides separating the Swamp. With Procedural generation, it can be interesting all the various biomes in how they are laid down around other features or biomes.


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