VALHEIM: The Time In Between

Valheim Workshop
Organizing and Increasing Inventory In the Workshop.

As of this writing, I haven’t had much time to endure life in purgatory this week in Valheim. Since the defeat of BONEMASS in the Swamp, I kinda decided to chill a bit, relax from life in the darkness of the swamp and enjoy some sunlight. Do some neglected things that are much needed to do and that help improve life in general. But first had to do some writing for a couple of Real Life office reports that were needed. That took away the focus of trying to sneak off and play some Valheim with those reports nagging at you constantly to get done.

So for Valheim & Chill, I really needed to do more organizing and inventory improvement at the Main Base and at the Workshop. Reorganized the storage trunks in the workshop for more efficient placement, space, stacking and just room to store more of the stuff gathered since all the swamp adventuring. More space in the same space to store everything with extra boxes for more stuff to store later. You tend to accumulate more stuff as you adventure to new biomes.

Valheim Crop Farming
Crop harvesting long overdue.

Crops have gone unharvested for quite a while now after seemingly spending like eons in the swamp. At least I get to enjoy the sun, clear weather a bit harvesting the Carrots and Turnips. Turnips to be replanted for the purpose of generating more Turnip seeds to make more Turnips. That’s Valheim for you!

Valheim Crop Farming
A little bit of farming.

Replanted Carrots and Turnips to make it all self-sustaining with an adequate amount of seeds. Excess of the harvest for making delicious stew. I’ve got a box almost full of carrot seeds at this point. Not that much yet for extra Turnip seed supply. A good farmer should always have a good stock of seeds!

Valheim Inventory Management
Reorganizing my Inventory storage needs.

I had storage boxes all around the wall at the main house in a single file which consumed space and wasn’t efficient for storage and utilization of space. So cleaned things up by making new storage trunks close to the door entrance and stacking the boxes up together. Now all the storage boxes are all in one area in the house and I even added a good few more boxes to store more stuff in when needed. With that done added four new Portals to the main house. There are now a total of eleven portals here at the main base to other Outposts and Field Bases.

I wanted to update the fireplace with a newer Hearth fireplace now that I can craft stones. But then I realized after destroying the current one that I needed to make a Stonecutter and to make that I needed Iron. Ahh Damn! There’s no Iron here at the main base, it’s all on that other base island really far away. So had to rebuild back the old fireplace. So an ocean boat trip for bringing home some of all that Iron from across the sea is on the TO DO Calendar.

Some work around the house. More Portals!

In doing some home renovations decided to relocate the bed to the 2nd floor which didn’t exist. I wasn’t inclined at this point to do major renovations to widen the house and make it elaborate to add a huge 2nd floor. So did some woodworking and made the 2nd floor adding some stairs. Moved the bed upstairs. That freed up the 1st floor a bit for extra room.

I think that Troll Trophy looks better outside out front.

I hadn’t really taken much time to ever hang all the trophies I’ve collected instead of having them all stored in boxes aplenty. Did some woodwork and mounted at least one of each trophy I’ve collected across the four walls. Hung some Banners. Added both a new table and chair for extra comfort. I probably need to add yet another of both. However, it all did also increased my Comfort Level buff duration. I’m not quite digging the placement of that Troll trophy. I’ll probably move it outside and mount it above the door on the house.

Few are the moments of real relaxation in Valheim.

Before all the base and home improvements were done, got raided two times first by Skeletons and then not seemingly long after by Trolls. That’s a lot! But delt with both no problem. In the end, just took some time to relax for a bit at the main base. You always seem to be on the go in Valheim to do something, build something or go somewhere. Few are the times you actually sit down and try to get a moment of zen relaxation while in purgatory and contemplating your next move in what to do next.

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