On Blog Stats

One of the thing mentioned around the community was the impact of EVE Bloggers website listing on EVE Bloggers and EVE Blog Pack member sites. I never really look at blog stats, really barely ever. I don’t run a popularity contest blog to really care to look at my Stats that often, but reading Jester’s blog earlier today and out of pure curiosity I decided to click that link in the dashboard and see exactly where some of my stats come from on this blog other than direct links here.

Last 90 Days:

Blog 90 Day Stats

Last Year:

Blog 365 Day Stats

Seems EVE Bloggers does have and impact here as well.

2 thoughts on “On Blog Stats

  1. I’m glad that I am able to send some traffic your way as well. 🙂

    Eve Bloggers is indeed important and I continue to believe a “repository” site is good for the community. As that, Eve Bloggers works fine.

    The issue started as the possibility that Eve Bloggers and the EBP might not be moving forward, and then expanded into other areas. One of which, based on community feedback, was wether or not “one” person should be judge and jury on selecting blogs to be on a list.

    Eventually it seems everyone generally agreed that wasn’t good for the community. At least I think thats what we agreed on, who really knows.


  2. I still like the idea of a more or less centralized depository of EVE-related blogs. I am a little hesitant about the blog pack. While the blog posts by en large there are quite good, the selection of blog sites appears a bit arbitrary. I always wondered if the two sites (EVE Bloggers and the Blog Pack) could be merged in some way. Let the community vote for their top 10 blogs of the month. While I am pretty sure that the top 5 won’t change much over time, the second round of 5 should see quite some turnover and stimulate reading and discussion.


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