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Going Going Gone

Yesterday afternoon was by far the longest time I’ve spent in-game for quite some time. Its been on my mind now for quite many months as to what to decide to do with the Large Research Tower I used for Blueprint Research. All of my original load of Blueprint Research was completed months ago. But I just kept the tower fully fueled month after month with no research jobs in case I returned and had a new project to make use of it. Yesterday I decided to just go ahead and take it all down regardless of what changes is coming to EVE in next few months.

The plan was to schedule to remove the tower when I had some time off from RL work to do so and yesterday I did. I had only logged in to trim down the tower and remove some the Gun Defenses and maybe remove some unused labs. But in the process of removing a few structures I figured why not go ahead and remove the whole thing while I’m at it to save time.

Took me somewhere between 4-6 hours constantly warping back and forth to and from warp point to all the various structures to slowly offline, unanchor and remove each structure. It’s a pain in the ass to slow boat to every structure around the POS shield to remove them. Would sure have been nice to have something like a remote POS Tractor Beam to pull in all the unanchored structures once offline towards the tower.

But anyway the Large Research POS Tower is now gone from space. Anything that wasn’t a POS Module I put up for sale including all the remaining stock of Fuel Blocks, Charters and Ammo. I’m finally glad that the tower is now gone and that saves from burning fuel as well having to make a batch of Fuel Block monthly.

Currently I’m not really playing any other MMO games, just nothing fancy my gaming style at the moment. But there are some other games later in the year that might fancy my interest. Still unusual not to have something interesting to play. For the most part I’m just enjoying spending more time doing RL stuff for the moment and enjoying the downtime. I’ll be back blogging about something for sure and it may not exactly be EVE Online necessarily. This blog has changed many time over the years to cater to whatever game fancy my interest or focus as my mood changes over time as a MMO gamer. So I’m sure I’ll be back. Both my game subscription (2) officially runs out on May 12th. For now I can slowly exit the universe and fully enjoy my downtime. Don’t expect much from around here.

This makes my 994th Blog Post.

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Why I play DUST514 & How DUST 514 Cost me $700!


I’m an open-minded gamer! I play games to have fun (even if its fewer games), entertain myself in some way and quite possibly find some distraction from the worries of RL. Quite possibly we all do that. I’m also not married to any game, but I’m committed to any game I’ve chosen to invest my time into. In such I call myself a Focus Gamer in what few games I tend to play with just more focus. I had always thought DUST 514 by CCP Games was an interesting concept even though I never really played any modern FPS like all the popular ones today on the market. I never had time to try those other FPS games.

What I’ve always thought about when I went about daily life in EVE and doing all the other things was, gee nice looking planet over there, such a shame no one seems to live there. Another thing is I’ve grown as a customer to like CCP Games even if at time I may have my own gripes in some small way like you may too when things get changed, your favorite thing get nerfed or when you feel you were wronged on your favorite Spaceship. I like CCP Games for what I think is the Renegade that lives within the heart of CCP Games to always dare to do something different than what most other game companies tend to do or follow more of the same old same thing. CCP Games tend to listen to their customers and on feedback and work things out much more than other games to me. And that to me is worth supporting.

When DUST 514 went into Beta Sign Up last year around April 2012 I made a blog post about it DUST Storm Incoming and signed up for Beta. Did so even though I wasn’t much a FPS player. I though interesting concept tying DUST into EVE’s Universe and as a player already in EVE it seemed interesting. In early June of  2012 when DUST 514 went in Closed Beta with Mordu’s Trial I got a few Beta Invites. So I had some reasons now to play the game.

Now the funny thing was after getting the DUST 514 Closed Beta Invites… I only still had a PS2. I also had an XBox. But neither of which I had played in years since playing MMO Games, unless I was watching a DVD, though rarely. The PS2 I had I bought originally at launch to play just one game “Splinter Cell” for the PS2 which I used to like the series, probably the only shooter game I ever played much. But somewhere inside I found such games appealing on some level. And for years I never bought any other game titles. So I never upgraded to a PS3 nor a XBox 360 as I mostly just played MMO Games.

So somehow I got lucky, I got a Closed Beta Invite to play DUST 514 except I had no PS3. My PS2 just had dust on it as I never used it. So I eventually went to Gamestop and traded in my PS2 (not much for it) for a new 320 GB PS3. The new PS3 from Gamestop even came with Call of Duty MW3. That cost me $304.24 as I still got the Box with the receipt in it and Call of Duty still in the same box today in the plastic wrapper having never opened it. Somewhere I thought wait a min I though DUST 514 was going to be FTP, it’s now costed me over $300 bucks! So I got home loaded up the Closed Beta for DUST 514: Mordu’s Trial and tried to play it. I tried playing the game for an hour or so, except I could barely read anything on my TV screen and DUST 514 Beta at the time looked fuzzy on my older TV.

I barely watched TV as I played games on my PC for entertainment. So I never cared to ever upgrade my TV to some LCD LED, HDTV, Plasma or whatever the new thing was. My old TV was Just Fine! Plus I barely watched it. Except it wasn’t fine trying to play DUST 514 Beta on it. So… I went out to Best Buy and went TV Shopping not that I really cared to go TV Shopping. I eventually got a 32″ LED Insignia TV. I think it costed me at the time about $300-350 ballpark as I can’t remember exactly or find the receipt. But I was now in the hole at least $600-650 bucks for trying to play Closed Beta DUST 514: Mordu’s Trial. Hey DUST 514 Free to Play Game I thought, uhh no dude this thing costing me $650 bucks at least so far that aren’t FREE!

So plugged in the new TV and hey I can see properly on my TV now a bit better but still small fonts to read stuff, graphics looked better and not so fuzzy. And so I played DUST 514 Mordu’s Trial for about another 2 hours max. I died and I died and I died over and over and over using the PS3 controller. Wow this game is brutal!!! I turned off the PS3, DUST 514 Mordu’s Trial in June and never played it again for the entire rest of year 2012. I couldn’t really decide If DUST 514 Beta sucked, whether I totally sucked at it (Most Likely), I didn’t have enough skill or twitchy enough or what. Maybe It wasn’t my kind of game. I didn’t delete my DUST 514 Beta character though, not that I ever logged back in to even be able to do so.

But what I could have done and didn’t do was… I never wrote a blog post about it. Well I was under NDA I guess also. But even when NDA was lifted in January 2013 I believe, I still never wrote a blog post about it. I don’t exactly choose to write blog post to neither pump up my Blog Page Views or to create Drama which create Blog Page Views. But it always bothered me If DUST 514 Beta was really that bad from my first experience and could I ever become better at it.

In January 2013 when the DUST 514 Beta went into Open Beta I decided I’ll revisit this nemesis and try to give some amount of effort trying to play it. I logged in to DUST 514 Beta, my character was still there after the whole server wipe of Skill Points and he was slowly accumulating passive skill points whether logged in or not. Cool! So slowly I played here and there for a few hrs just slowly learning the game. It helped much I was already an EVE player so understanding the Skills System, Fitting and ways of New Eden was easy. I just sucked at twitchy boots on the ground based play, running and gunning and all that. Took getting used to. I accepted it as a challenge to just learn and work at getting better at that which I wasn’t used to before. And even though I played slowly a few hours here and there I still didn’t play all that much. But I never blog posted about DUST 514 Beta, I still felt I had yet to give the game a real shot in attempt.

It wasn’t until some point in late March 2013 that I again decided… you know I really need to put in some time and really give the game a good shot with my character and figure things out and just play to improve and make progress at getting better at it. And so I just played EVE Online less as I was kinda bored doing some things, so it made for a good excuse to play DUST 514 more. The great thing is… I was still in New Eden!

I’ve gotten much better at understanding playing DUST 514 which took some effort as it was brutal learning process when I really started learning things. Using the PS3 controller never worked for me, it just sucks trying to play DUST 514 for me using it. So I yet again when out and got a new Keyboard and Mouse to play DUST 514, think another $50. By that time as well players in Beta already had far better gear and tripled my character in Skill Points earned from using Active & Passive Boosters and Active Skill Points from lots of matches played. Some players just had awesome skills also. That all add up to facing menacing players in all matches. It took me over 56 deaths before I got my first Kill. It was gratifying to shoot that one first merc in the back at almost point blanc range on first kill. And as much as I wanted to just give up and quit playing DUST though, I had a fighting spirit not to quit because it wasn’t exactly easy.

It was my desire to get better at playing the game that beat out any desire internally to quit in disgust, because it wasn’t easy or with performance facing much better skilled players. I simple made a commitment to just get better at playing the game whether I died lots or not. Plus I had money already invested in playing DUST 514 as well.

I don’t know everything or claim I even know all that I should about being a FPS player or with DUST. But I do invest quite a bit of time learning and reading all that I can in DUST and tactics, just like in playing EVE Online. I can only get better which is simply the goal. I’m not likely to be ever great to be a DUST Scout or Front Assault Player, I’m not that twitchy on the fingers. I do find it a bit more fun for me in Logistic Support role backing up my squad and in Aniti-Vehicle Demolition trying to take out AV’s, LAV’s HAV’s with explosive weapons. FUN! I guess you just got to find what role your good at. It’s all a learning process just like the first time I picked up playing EVE Online, against everyone that told me EVE Online sucked and don’t play it. Obviously I never listened, but choose to research and play the game. Its how I got here as a player. I never listed to that kind of advice, often choosing to play any game myself and find out if I really liked it or not. If even to find something to like about the game.

So why exactly I play DUST 514? It’s no one reason. I’m also not as Pessimistic and overly Negative person to be willing to call any game Trash just because. But it’s partly because I also like CCP Games as a company, them willing and daring to do something different in their games. DUST 514 shows promise of what it can really be given time even if it’s not as yet, I rather start that journey now. Even EVE after 10 years still has promise of what it truly can be and still not there yet in my own opinion. DUST has depth and given time it will get much more depth as CCP improves the game.

I guess anyone that played EVE Online in the early years would likely never envisioned the game as it is today, such is my view of DUST 514 in the long view. I guess I also play DUST 514 because I invested the $$$ in getting a PS3 and a new TV last year, that made me committed in some way to not just dismiss the game. Plus another $50 bucks on the Keyboard and Mouse so in all about $700 bucks all in the name of playing DUST 514. Yeah every shot in DUST 514 is a money shot for me on payback! I play probably because I never had time to get spoiled playing those other FPS games like CoD, BF and Halo so many other players play and gotten somewhat spoiled on. But I’m not going to call those games crap just because I personally don’t play them. I just never did!

So accepting playing DUST 514 was easy as I’m still in New Eden even if it’s not up in Space in a Spaceship. I guess I play DUST 514 also because I have a desire to improve my play. It’s hard to do when you’re not exactly playing the game and I’m also just not the quitting type of player even if I fail in trying. But overall I do find DUST 514 fun to play as well.  

New Eden Planetary Conquest on Day 1

So among all the things that happened in DUST on Launch Day and official launch of Planetary Conquest my DUST Corp: The Unholy Legion Darkstar (TUL) laid claim to 4 Planetary Districts. From what I heard all Planetary Districts up for claiming were gone within 5 mins of DUST Server start on Launch Day.

Our DUST Corp is also the executor of our growing Alliance: Darkstar Army.

As well on Day 1 our Corp have 2 Planetary Districts under imminent attacked as well. I guess all the fun and craziness that will become of DUST has officially begun. So in reference I also find this chart post over at Serpentine Logic interesting as well giving a chart view of DUST Planetary Conquest District Control at the moment.

Huge vast sums of ISK was spent by many DUST Corps/Alliances to lay immediate claim to many Planetary Districts. I see this in how it all plays out to be as well become very serious business as it relates to Districts Battles.

Many new players to DUST (Newberry) will maybe marvel at Planetary Conquest mechanic in New Eden. But I can’t help but think fewer players will likely end up participating initially as most corps are likely going to want their best committed players for their squad roster when attacking and defending their Districts with huge sums of ISK invested and on the line. And somewhere along the line I can only imagine the drama this will cause with lots of ISK and territory on the line either way you may look at it. But I guess we will see how this all plays out with great interest.

A Few thoughts on DUST 514 Launch, New Players and Planetary Conquest

So it’s certainly exciting times in New Eden with the official launch of DUST 514 today. No matter how you may feel about DUST 514 its part of EVE Universe and it just means more stuff is happening all across New Eden as a result. Lots of newer players are trying out the game for the first time and some are deciding to try it out for the 2nd time now that they know the Beta is over.

I’ve certainly had my share of hours playing DUST today and though it was exciting to play the game on launch day it was more so just to see the new things in the Patch. Really, it wasn’t all that much different a play session than most days or night’s playing DUST. Well except to noticing some newer players playing for the first time and just hearing Voice Comms kinda interrupted with some the questions newer players were trying to ask while waiting for some matches to start. I couldn’t help think they got a lot of catching up to do.

Can’t help but think a lot of new players are expecting DUST to be some kind of casual game you can just easily jump into and get going. Instant Battle’s maybe. DUST has a steep learning curve though no where as steep as in EVE Online. There aren’t any videos to tell them how to do this or that or what this or that mean unless your watching a player made video on YouTube. Even when you give some player instruction they don’t even read or look at it, maybe barely. Lots of players that don’t follow Dev Blogs and all that stuff, have no idea of how DUST 514 works let alone the more complicated feature of Planetary Conquest. As well they have no idea of how even EVE Online works behind DUST 514. Some players also seem to have just started playing to get in on Planetary Conquest feature, which thinking about it I find it interesting as well.

Planetary Conquest will not be a cheap undertaking when it comes to DUST and finances as it relates to DUST Corps. It’s not also something you can just throw a lot of ships at and hope to win by overwhelming numbers. DUST Corps don’t really have a great source of revenue as compared to EVE as yet. I would guess vast majority of DUST Corps either have no taxes or very minimal but even at that there isn’t much to Tax from Merc activities. Many such Corps rely on member donations to get Clone Packs for Planetary Conquest at somewhere around 80 Million ISK a pack of 150 Clones to Initiate a Planetary Conquest Battle as well for the initial planting of Clone Packs as flags on Planetary Districts. Players who have more ISK accumulated probably donate more to the cause I would guess.

But currently it’s a huge Investment for DUST Corps and Planetary Conquest, though it may be peanuts in EVE Online. District Battles whether to attack or defend a Planetary District will be of some limited size in numbers of players. And I can’t help but think most or vast majority of DUST Corp’s will try to have their act together and their best players if possible attacking a District owned by other Corps as well their best players if possible Defending their own districts as well. There is real ISK on the line and a sizable amount put down for Planetary Conquest of Districts. And I guess when your fighting that kind of battle I can’t help maybe think some vast majority of Corps are going to want their best players as well members that have contributed to the cause. Unless you’re a really small DUST Corp and don’t have enough players to field a full team in which case you need everyone to help if you’re attempting Planetary Conquest.

Maybe I’m just wrong or will be, however I can’t but help feel that many new players to DUST 514 that are starting today with a casual mindset will feel left out somewhat on that feature. Many new players will likely be expecting to just jump right in and expect to do Planetary Conquest will feel left out somehow. They may realize that they just don’t sign up to a new shiny FTP game, download DUST 514, log in and expect to immediately soon after jump into a Planetary Conquest battle to fight over planets. They probably heard Planets and Districts will be up for grabs with no idea how it all works. Much like I listened to today from some new players anxious to take part in Planetary Conquest. I don’t understand all of it myself though I know more than enough just from my sheer of reading.

I heard that conversation a few times today, some new players just started DUST 514 and anxious to start Planetary Conquest with not the slightest idea how it all works. One player had the idea to fire off an email to the CEO demanding info on when or how they will get to take part in Planetary Conquest barely a day in DUST. Also not realizing that DUST Corp/Alliance Directors and CEO will be running the show. And they will very much be running the show with who gets invited to Planetary Conquest District battles with ISK on the line for each battle. You got a limited amount of players who can be involved at any one time and chances are most DUST Corps will try to put their best foot forward after they have committed Tens of Millions of ISK and Clone Packs to a Battle.

Interesting times ahead in DUST 514 with Planetary Conquest as well newbie players just jumping into the deep of things, trying to comprehend their new Universe in DUST 514.

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