Retribution Post launch

Busy with a lot of stuff to do since Retribution patch and a lot of stuff still to do. Not a lot of time to sit down and really write a blog post that may take a few hrs  as the Gold Rush is still on post patch. But Gold Rush is just about over in my book. So time spent inking post is time not spent in-game in the post Patch Gold Rush era before it’s Over. And it seems to be over quite fast. New Teir 2 Destroyer prices are sinking like the Titanic!

Overal it went well… so far! Will get to a proper blog post later. How did it go for you?



  • I’m one of those who buys things like, oh I don’t know, new mining frigates for 122% above regional average. I wonder why I struggle to afford a PLEX every month. So I’m here to report on behalf of whoever I bought that Venture from; I’m sure he’s doing well. Thanks for asking.

  • I’ve looked less at the ISK I’ve earnt, and more at the hours of distraction and fun I’ve had preparing and then exploiting the release. I think it is the most effort I’ve made for a release, and I will probably have to do it again. An industrialists end game almost.

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