Chasing deals in the slow lane

Its been a busy week with real life stuff and so really didn’t have much time for EVE till the weekend to catch up on things. Ended up spending much of the weekend traveling the space lanes in the slow lane hauling and moving stuff around often for some possible gain in profit. Some days life as a Trader keeping New Eden supplied can be unusual days compared to what most capsuleers are used to.

This week things was changed up a bit from the usual routine. There was no Invention as the labs have sat idle for almost a month now taking a long break from Invention activity due to not much need to do any Invention. There was no manufacturing activity as I just couldn’t be bothered to think about what to make let alone stock up on minerals and supplies and crunch numbers. Needless to say no new T2 was produced either. I have enough on the market already for now. So just spend time on the space lanes.

The Investment from the beginning of the week finally paid off but took a few days to give it some real attention. Had bought up almost 16 M units of Heavy Water in Khanid region while making my rounds checking up on my regional orders. I bought at what I considered a deal in one huge block which made it more enticing to consider. Someone in Agil had put up almost 16 M units of Heavy Water at what I consider a good deal. I guess more like dumped it on the market really as that was a lot of Heavy Water for a slow region that can barely absorb that amount Heavy Water. When I saw it I immediately saw a deal in my mind on something I often buy. I knew what the Buy Order prices were in Jita and figure I could resell it. I could sell it elsewhere besides Jita though it would take time. Re-selling in Jita offered Immediate liquidation at a decent profit.

Then I had to do a quick calculation and figure how much it would cost me to buy it all up. Just over 1.5 Billion ISK to buy it all up. In less than a minute I had bought it all. Had the Corp Trade Div buy up 5 M units and bought the rest of the block with my own funds. Now had to figure out the logistics of getting it all to Jita. Made several Corp contracts to get most of all the stuff to be courier to Jita. Agil was a long way to Jita about 18 jumps and somewhat a remote region Trade hub in Khanid region. First was recovering the Investment of Corp funds Invested. Less of a concern was my own funds invested.

So made several courier contracts to get the Corp investment in Heavy Water buy to Jita from Agil. Made a few contracts to get my load couriered as well to Jita after hauling the first load myself of about 2.2 M units. Re-sold the water in Jita for immediate liquidation at for about 17 points gain so prices was still good. Got the other 2 loads couriered to Jita and resold at around 17 points or something like that. So Corp made around 95 Million on the deal.

Got most of my Heavy Water courier contracted to Jita by the weekend and that was after hauling at least 1 load myself. Buy Orders had risen to 20 points up in Jita as compared to what I had bought the water for days earlier. For selling the entire lot of my share made 220 M profit. However was interesting hauling the last load as was able to sell the last load to Buy Orders as prices of Heavy Water was sinking fast as the difference between Buy Orders and Sell Orders was now less than 1. So sold off my entire lot before the crash set in.

Making the Freighter haul from Agil to Jita was about exactly 1 hr each way and realize just how slow a Freighter really is as well time-consuming to haul stuff. But the slow haul in the Freighter gave me time to scour the various regions looking for a good deal and checking on various things as well update Trade Orders. So was far from boring haul. It just took some time though.

After hauling all the Heavy Water it was time to pickup some my Buy Orders in another region that was sitting in a few stations. Hauled those back to hanger station and placed on market which all sold later in the day for nice profits. On way flying back noticed an entire region I frequently travel was almost out of Liquid Ozone. That gave me a thought that I kept in mind. On way back to local region I saw a huge block of Liquid Ozone all in one place on the market at not so cheap a price. But figured at the price can still make a decent profit. So spent just over 500 M and bought it all up and moved it to the region that was in short supply and resold at higher price. So far sold over half of it and not too worried about selling off the rest. But if all sells will net me about 105 M on that deal.

Hauling consumed much the weekend to say the least. But it allowed me to overlap most my trade region and check, update orders as well as make a mental image map of what was selling where and at what prices. If you sell the same things often its fairly easy to remember prices. Often I can retain that in memory as it’s just day-to-day usual business. Flying back thru Forge region noticed Oxidizing Compound was rocketing to almost 1000 a unit on market run up in prices in Jita. All the Oxidizing Compound as well as some other PI material I had on local market region had sold off some earlier re-checking things. So figuring maybe can make some profits on finding some cheap Oxidizing Compound.

So went searching several regions for some cheap Oxidizing Compound which took some amount of time. Market was bare in every region I checked besides in Amarr market and barely any to be found anywhere in 6 regions. Needless to say didn’t find any Oxidizing Compound to Trade. But word was some market manipulation was at work in Jita affecting other regional supply as well Self Harmonizing Power Core is hot commodity using up lots of Oxidizing Compound.

Flying back thru Domain space checking things a quick random glance at Amarr market realized that Helium Isotope was selling at not too low a price, but a bit lower than in Buy Order price in Jita earlier. Someone had placed about 3.4 M units of Helium Isotope on market  and figured at the price I could make a profit. No profit to be made on Oxidizing Compound but maybe can make some on exploiting Helium Isotope prices. Calculating roughly how much it would take to fill out a Freighter I bought up somewhere around 2.64 Billion ISK worth of Helium Isotope.

Packaged it for safe transport and got it to Jita. Got it there to Jita just in time before the market crashed on weekend sale of Helium as it was indeed crashing when i got there. Market price was now less than what I thought it was and competition was driving the price way down.

But was able to still make 145.6 M on the transaction due to all the units.

Wallet was really up and down buying and selling on the space lanes chasing a good deal. But chasing a good deal can at times be a time-consuming affair even it works out to be a good deal. Sometimes it can often be easier to use contracts, but the market is always in a constant state of flux especially with heavily traded items. Some things just don’t always get things to where you need it in the time you always need it before things change and have to do some of it yourself. Sometime things don’t need to get here all that fast depending on item. You can save a lot of time just having someone else doing the heavy lifting though with courier service to save time. Yet if I never travel would I always be finding the next good deal to keep me busy as well as something else new to find and Trade as a Trader.

3 thoughts on “Chasing deals in the slow lane

  1. Good job and I’m particularly impressed you threw up a few corp contracts to get other people involved.

    One warning – it’s possible sometimes to buy in high sec in Khanid but not have a clear route to Jita.


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