Corporate Trading & Investing

Word is the suits up in the glass office at  corporate headquarters have somehow taken notice of my activities. I guess I’m probably one of the few rank and file that engage in my usual activities as well. Some weeks ago as well the CEO and I somehow ended up in a friendly chat about possibility of making some money for the corp engaging in my usual activities. I can’t remember how or why the conversation started, but it was a good conversation and was reluctant at best about it all.

From time to time I donate funds to the corp probably allot over and above what I would normally pay in Taxes if I was actively missioning per say. In 2011 I think I probably donated around a Billion ISK to the Corp for whatever the Corp does with the funds. That’s probably allot more than most casual members pay in corp taxes i would guess. So at best I wasn’t really that keen on making money for the Corp specifically. I figure I can manage my funds well enough to make a profit and donate to the Corp at best some extra funds for general use by the Corp. Its much less complicated that way and easier to do.

So again recently in Corp channel communications somehow again the conversation came up I can’t remember how or why but it pertained to making money for the Corp. Maybe using some the Corp funds as well to play with. I was a bit weary to do so and very reluctantly at best. I’m already busy enough managing my little Trade business. But somehow and for some unknown reason I can’t think of why I reluctantly agreed to take up the duty and make some money for the Corp engaging in usual activities. Maybe I see it as a new challenge and something a little different from just increasing personal profits.

And so the CEO offered to make the necessary arrangements I’d need for corporate roles to get things started for me in my new role that I accepted reluctantly. Two new Corporate Wallet Divisions were created for Market and Trade of which I both now manage. I initially asked for no funds be added to any the Wallet Division so I could start things out seeding it with some of my own funds to start things off. However the CEO decided on making the Wallet Division for Trade and added 500 M ISK to the account to use as I see fit for the new venture. So the Corporate Wallet for Trade Div started with 500 M ISK as seed money and Market Div started with 0.0 ISK. I now actively manage both Wallet Div for Market Trade and Investment activities.

So I guess this is now my new Project for Corporate Trade & Investments helping increase corporate profits. It’s been a bit busy since things have gotten started and have quietly settled into my new role. Invested in a few various thing and placed them on the market on behalf of my Corporate Divisions using my own Trade Sell Orders. Some the investments have sold and so far Market Div which started with zero is up 90+ M ISK and mostly use that to sell things on behalf of the Corp. For Trade Division I initially used most the funds to make some purchases and resold some the items on the market. Also added some extra funds from my own for making purchases. That left just around 24 M ISK in the fund to cover Taxes and Fees on making all the market Sell Orders. So far Trade Division has made back its original funding balance of 500 M ISK to almost 590 M ISK. There are still about 20 various active Corporate Sell Orders on the market that should account for some good profits if everything sells.

While going about business as usual in space earlier, saw what looked like a good deal on the market in something I regularly buy and trade. Invested 550 M ISK from Corp Trade Division and bought a good chunk of what seem like a good deal about 5.6 M units. Then spent 1.1 Billion ISK of my own funds buying the rest of what seemed like a good deal to buy at the price it was at about 10 M units. I already knew what it sold for elsewhere on Buy Order for the price spread. If I can resell the purchase at or close to the price I have in mind if the market is good, I figure I can possibly make 90 M ISK increase profit for the Trade Div on the money Invested. For my own personal purchase of the deal if re-sold should maybe net 170 M ISK assuming things workout as planned. It the market goes higher it becomes an even better deal. I’m not desperate to sell if it prices goes south either. But will have to see how things go.

2 thoughts on “Corporate Trading & Investing

  1. Corp contracts are very useful for giving direction to younger players. If you want minerals at a certain place put up corp buy orders and contracts for ore at your manufacturing station and encourage newbies to go off and mine to fill corp contracts.

    Same with missioners, I’d use corp orders to buy their loot then haul to Jita. I think the important thing is not to see it as an extra burden on you but to see it as an opportunity to engage lots of minions.


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