Teircide Speculation Fever… again – BC Edition Cliff Notes

BC Teircide Cliff Notes

Traders and Market players love to be vague about what they are doing and their plans. So do your own reading if you want if your more curious, its pretty short just all 2 short pages of chatter and though here. That’s Mynnna there giving feedback, AKA: Corestwo for those who not Traders, not Power Traders and don’t engage in Trader & Market stuff, or related stuff or don’t hang out in the Traders Lounge. Corestwo might be a Goon and that can irk people, but he usually and quite often have quite good analysis. Though I’m more than sure he does his fair share of Market Manipulation as well. Traders do that kind of stuff with Billions to be made.

BC Teircide Cliff Notes 2

But if you want to make Money on the Patch changes ahead, might be worth your time to read. Jester as well had a good analysis a few post back on his blog about the Battlecruiser changes from his perspective. So all worth reading and considered.

What you decide to do is well your own business… ISK wise!

Change in about 2-3 weeks. Go out and buy some BC’s and buy some more  🙂

Edited: 02/05/2013

There are no Market Bloggers in EVE, so says Jester

Market Snap Shot

In total, I’ve profited from speculating on EVE expansions, just not by very much. I’m an industry guy, not a market guy. To my knowledge, there isn’t a blog out there written by a market guy. Jester/Ripard Teg

That’s an interesting statement above made by non other than EVE Blogosphere most prolific blogger Jester. And to tell you the truth this blog post didn’t even had a title until I roughly finished it as well as I forgot to think of one writing it. So I thought of maybe something sensational like what Rixx Javix would quite often do with some his blog posts serving a purpose. But maybe even you yourself read that and thought a thing about that as well reading Jester’s blog recently in the comment section as he was responding to a reader’s comment. I had a few thoughts as well on that which makes for coming up with a blog post out of the blue today.

To tell you the truth let me phrase it this way. I don’t know of many MMO Bloggers who play EVE and rather EVE Bloggers who are “ACTIVE Blogging” Market Guys/Gals or Market Traders/Industrial Traders who blogs about it. EVE has a heck of a lot of active bloggers. You don’t think so, try counting all them EVE Blogs! There are many active Null Sec/Low Sec/WH Pirates or PVP oriented player blogs of varying shades and that make up the vast bulk of EVE Blogs that cover those areas. Players who choose to write a Trade & Market Blog are damn few if rare.

There are far less blogs that cover Trade and Industry sector side of EVE or even the general PvE side of EVE. And for the EVE Bloggers in the community that somewhat generally blogs about Market & Trade as well Industry which can affect Market and Trade they are even only a relative few of those bloggers that you can name in the known EVE Blogosphere. So naming an “ACTIVE” EVE Blogger that’s a Market Guy there aren’t many.

Market Merchant

My character is a Market Trader/Industrialist but overall I’m a Market Trader. Actually both my characters are Traders by usual login activity mostly. If there are only a few Market Guys/Gals that  also blogs about EVE no one is likely more aware of that than myself since they area so few of us in the EVE Blogosphere.

That was one the reason I think it was sometime last year I wrote a blog piece here on the blog about Why so few Non Pirate, Low/Nullsec and WH EVE Blogs. You know that’s the single most reader commented blog post on the entire blog here as well. I was also only recently reminded of it with a reader commenting on that same blog post a few days ago which shows up in the side bar.

It was my idea some long time ago looking around that in a sea of PvP oriented blogs in the EVE Community, very few blogs are by players that spend full-time doing Industry and there are some very good blogs out there written by Industry players. And even fewer blogs are written by players that spend their full-time doing Market & Trade stuff. EVE has a diverse amount of careers that anyone can engage in. EVE has one the most robust if not best Economic System of any game out there. But few are the blogs written by any real Market Traders in EVE… its rare. You may even wonder why?

My blog, this very blog is not considered by me as a pure “EVE Blog” nor in Title and I’ve said that quite a few times. And the reason for that is this blog was born many years before way back in the golden age of playing WoW when even blogging as a hobby was even a rare thing to do. I used to Tank in WoW thus the blog name and played the Economic game there as well.

I eventually later moved on picked up playing EVE Online blogging about my experience playing or whatever I was focused on doing in EVE. I happen to be parked at the EVE Train Station for the most part as far as MMO’s go. As a EVE player of almost 3 years I spend my time doing Market Trade and Industry in EVE and it’s what I generally write about from my experience point in EVE in how I play EVE. Market & Trade is also not the topic of most blog posts here for various reasons also, nor do I spent my time writing How to posts or Guides.

I am not sure how to put this nicely, but generally a carebear who takes a safe approach to EVE is unlikely to generate as much interesting and blog worthy game content as someone who is in Low or Null Sec. EVE Hermit

There have been many industrial/mining/building/carebear focused blogs that have popped up over that time… but very, very few make it long. They often start strong but eventually they stutter and eventually stop.Rixx Javix

When I started playing EVE I already had a blog and just kept at it. Back in the beginning they were very few Industrial based EVE Blogs I can remember, K162space and Letrange’s EVE Blog to name a few more prominent ones that was already around at the time. There was one actual EVE Trader blog I remember by the name Dense Veldspar, but he removed his blog and has of a few years no longer blogs, though still plays the game. I learned from those blogs and learned the market just reading the EVE Wiki reading everything on just the basics about how the market worked. When I would ask in my first player Corp how to Market Trade no one had any real clue, they were all Missioners and Miners and some High Sec PvP players.

Being a Trader is a very Solo game in EVE for the most part and quite lonely career. I had no one to teach me how to play the markets but from what I read of other Industrialist in their endeavors. Even reading the forums in EVE in Market Discussion sub forums, new players always ask how do I learn to Trade & What should I trade and where to Trade it? And most Traders try to be helpful to answer the OP being somewhat helpful but vague almost always. You think they do that for a reason? Of course they do! Well most do anyway.

While most PVP players like to talk about their kills and brag about what they do most Traders to me fully into what they are Trading don’t care to talk about what they Trade for the most part to anyone. That seem to be the general take from my point of view. And funny enough as a Trader myself, I don’t even like to talk about what I trade either on the markets in EVE. And it’s as perplexing a choice to consider what to write about always engaging in Trading Activities. The less said about it the better it stays for what I do to make a living in EVE. Though to me Traders may talk among themselves I don’t find they just generally talk about Trade or what they Trade to everyone in general unless in a very tight trusted group of friends or collaborators like the Goon Economic Cabal maybe. Let alone spend time writing an EVE Blog about it. Blogging about Trade and Market activities can be tough. But its easier to write a how to guide.

But you hit a point where you are either going to become an information source, a blog how-to guide on the about the topic, or move on to something new or more interesting. Wilhelm Arcturus aka TAGN

When I started making full time in Trade & Market activities and to a lesser degree Manufacturing that supported my Market and Trading I did always find it a bit hard to have the time to blog about it as well write a blog about what I was Trading in any capacity in any region. It’s time consuming. Most of my readers are EVE players they play the very same game I do on the very same server I play on. Anyone that reads my blog has the ability to affect anything I mention I trade wherever I may trade it or in a specific region or system. Why risk putting that kind of information out there. At best I give as much details about it, yet still be somewhat vague to some degree. Not all Traders trade the same thing, some players may operate in niche markets for their own reason for their own profits and don’t want anyone aware of what they trade to protect their profits in the markets.

If it came down to a choice between playing EvE or talking about it, I know which one I’d much rather do. Helena Khan

They are many Market Traders in EVE and big Tycoons way bigger than me and best I can tell, none of them appear to blog about it. The only one I know that write anything in ink in any capacity is Mynnna or better know as Corestwo. A well known Trader and Market player I know somewhat as he is often in the Trade Channel in EVE sometime discussing things. He’s also a Goon and part of the Goons Economic Cabal and writes some posts for the Mittani.com website. You don’t see him writing a personal EVE Blog, I rather think he wont waste the time. Few other Traders don’t seem to want to waste their time writing a blog about anything they do or what they may think usually. And given the option they rather spend the time actually making profits than likely writing a blog about making profits and how you can learn to cut into making part of their profits so they can make less.

Then you have to factor in the mentality that the rest of EVE is out to kill them, so why make it easy on the guys trying to fuck em over by making a lot of information public? Letrange

At the end of it is Business Security. And of all the thoughts I’ve had about why few Industrialist in EVE blogs let alone Market Traders blog can be one of Business Security also. The less you talk about your business, the better it is for you and you keep things below the radar. Someone in EVE is always out to try to get you whether you actually believe it or not. Answering a player question in fairly easy on a given topic though.

The second is that I’ll be passing info to competitors. If, say. I make a billion margin trading Guidance Systems at Jita and blog about it that margin will get closed. Stabs

Not very good writing material and what novelties there maybe I don’t want to talk about as I don’t want the competition to pick up on it… Kaeda Maxwell

The other thing is Market Traders like to protect their Trade Secrets if possible. Trade Secrets are valuable to Traders and high profit Traders. The more vague you are the better in talking about it. The less people actually know about your business the better. The less many actually know how you make profits and your secrets the better. Why tell everyone your secrets to making lots of profits, if you do you will very soon have competition everywhere around and why risk that as well. I don’t usually talk about current business, I often talk about it after its happened so not to potentially affect my business.

There’s also the fact that (in my personal opinion) people who only take safer approaches to gameplay are less likely to feel inclined to blog about their ongoings. Tgl3

Being a Market Trader things can at times seem boring to most other players. Things don’t always happen fast or instant like a PvP fight for feedback. Spending time looking at graphs, playing with spreadsheets, buying materials for a manufacturing project and planning what to do, all considered boring stuff to most blog readers. Unless you like to do fancy graphs and charts and awesome screenshots like Blake over at K162space does in his blog posts, it may not always be interesting talking about Trade or Industry.

Talking about Market and Trade stuff don’t necessarily make great awesome blog posts most the time to most readers unless they clearly into the same thing you are or well written with flashy charts. To most PvP players by far the bulk of EVE Blog Readers it’s generally considered the boring part of EVE and your likely not going to get a large audience following your blog writing about that kind of stuff generally if your just starting out blogging let alone write a Market Blog. I personally don’t care about having a large blog audience, nor do I seek great attention, so I’m not likely to quit over not having it. I’m far beyond that. I choose to write about Trade & Market stuff and whatever else I choose to write about or for fun. How many time you going to want to do a blog posts saying you made X profit or Y or loss A on B trade? It would get boring after a while.

These are my opinions mostly, in the end its some the reasons you see much less EVE Industrialist who blogs and even less full time Market Traders in EVE who care to blog about it as well. Some may choose to start out as Market Trading for the newbie Trader maybe. Lots of new players looking to Trade in EVE.

So when Jester says, To my knowledge, there isn’t a blog out there written by a market guy. I’m not really sure to say there. Bu there are so few of us, it’s barely even noticed in the EVE Blogging Community and that’s quite sad. I can only really blame that on the nature of EVE Online itself.

Player Quotes

*All Player Quotes were taken from a previous blog post here on this blog: Why so few Non Pirate, Low/Nullsec, WH EVE Blogs.

2012 In EVE Online, The Year That Was

2012 in EVE Online will go down as a year in which I didn’t set any goals or had any real goals I was striving for! When the year started I didn’t set any goals. It can be really hard to play EVE Online without goals, without something to aim for, something to chase to measure your progress as life keeps evolving in EVE Online.

I really didn’t know how much I was going to really play EVE in 2012 when the year started. I was preparing for a semester at the university taking a few classes around my normal daily work schedule. I didn’t expect to really have a lot of time to play EVE for the first couple of months of the year. It was also likely that I would have taken a break from the game as well to focus on my classes. I really didn’t know how it would work out either. So already looking ahead, I didn’t set any goals for playing or accomplishing anything in EVE for the year. The first half of the year kinda went a bit slow with reduced EVE playing time overall as a result. Yet in the end it ended up I kept playing EVE Online and throughout the rest of the year, with a bit of break here and there.

The Year that was 2012 in New Eden

New Eden continue’s to be an interesting place and all its happenings and turmoil. Looking back, I can’t really remember all that was really that significant throughout the year. At least without having to re-read my blog. I’m still in the same Player Corp I was in the year before. That has been so now for the last 2 and half years almost and actually enjoy being in my Corp with a good bunch of folks. My trust and responsibilities have somewhat grown in the time being apart of my Corp as well.

Managing Divisional Assets

Earlier in the year my CEO asked if I could help based on my usual activities and gave me a side project to work at whenever I felt like. I took it as a challenge somewhat as well something else to do daily. So as a side responsibility I was in charge of managing and growing any asset that was apart of my newly created Corp Division (Market Trade/R&D) and Wallet Division in the Corp.

Corp Wallet end 2012

Starting with almost nothing, and continuously reinvestment of all that Wallet profits in Market & Trade items slowly growing that Wallet to over 4 Billion ISK. That was utilizing my own Trade Slots thus costing me the opportunity to not use those slots for personal and riskier trades. For a small side project I think that was a success in something to do to help my Corp in some other way. If I hadn’t made that ISK for the Corp that would have added to my own profits for the year.

The Rest of Things

There were no shiny ships bought. But the way it worked I usually build all my own ships to fly or use if I can help it. I’m just really not that into ships like most other players. I’m more into acquiring and growing assets, than more ships in general. My main character Ametius learned to fly a Caldari Freighter this year. That was more for the purpose of logistics if he needed to do so for Regional Trading. He never did acquire a Freighter though. Wasn’t really a need for one. After all his brother Alothos does most the Trading these days and most of the logistics when needed. Ametius did learn to fly some other new ships I’m sure, but they weren’t that important for me to even remember what they were this year. He did train up quite a few skills to lvl 4 for Spaceship Command in the latter part of 2012.

Alothos did learn to fly a Drake Battlecruiser working on R&D Agent Corp Standing in the beginning of the year.That was mostly missioning for the NPC Corp Lai Dai to up some Standing for Datacore Research for Invention. He did learn to fly an Orca, he even bought one which was purely for logistics purposes also. It barely ever get used. But that’s ok, it’s there for when it’s needed. So ships weren’t much of a priority in 2012.

Memorable Moment of the Year

I probably had the biggest Trading losses this year so far, probably the biggest ever. With more money to Invest in stuff, you also have more money to potentially loose as well if things go south. That occurred when high end Minerals and Morphite was way up in the spring of 2012. Jita Burning event occurred at the heights of the high end Minerals Bubble and Speculation. I was trading lots of Megacyte, Zydrine and Morphite at the time and making good profits. I also had the largest amount of Investments in high end Minerals ever to date at that time also. I lost somewhere in the ballpark of 3-5 Billion ISK with the long siege on Jita.

That market ripple ended up crashing the high end Mineral Market and my local regional market which turned out was being mass manipulated into a bubble by major Null Sec Alliances right up to Jita Burning. Those Null Sec Alliances made out big cashing out before the big market crash. And in the process I lost s few Billions of my own ISK and several Hundred Million ISK of Corp Wallet Fund I was managing as a small side project. So spent a few months making up for the losses. That was probably the biggest event of the year, chaotic in the market and was exciting times as well.

Regional Trading

I’m not a Jita Trader or any the other three big Market Hub Trader. The year began doing Regional Trading across 5 major regions of High Sec Space including Domain, Kador, Kor-Azor, Khanid, Tash-Murkon. It ended with Regional Trading across 6 major regions of High Sec Space picking up Trade in The Citadel Region (Caldari Space). And the truth is Regional Trading is a lot of work! Its more work to me than Station Trading where you sit in station all day mostly or login session and just trade like a Day Trader, never leaving the station. Kinda like  some Jita Traders. I just find it more fun to travel around the regions and see whats needed or in short supply wherever and intimately learn some of the trade dynamics and economics of a region.

I’m not fond of being stuck in a station trading. However covering 6 major regions doing Regional Trading you can imagine is a lot of Star Gate jumps involved and allot more jumps if you actually had to visit specific stations in those regions delivering something to that system station. That’s part of the fun for me. But in 2013 it might be good to be able to do less of it as it’s a lot of work and time spent warping all over the place through all those regions.

Skill Training in 2012

Ametius: 46951449 Skill Points.

Alothos: 42061719 Skill Points.

For Ametius the year started still training lots of Advance Science skills pertaining to R&D and Invention skills (T2), and are they a lot of them. Got all those skills to lvl 4 at minimum which allows being able to do Invention & Production across all 4 empire items on everything that can be T2 Invented. That finished up somewhere around spring time 2012. Spent some time training some Capital Construction skills for a while as well. Then for a few months trained even more R&D skills yet again for T3  Reverse Engineering & Production. So at this point can do all Reverse Engineering of Sleeper Technology Artifacts. I think still need some 25 days or so of training for something else before can do the final assembly to build any of the T3 Hulls.

It can be a juggling act with training needed skills! Spent rest of year patching up lots of potholes in various amount of skills that had been neglected for some time in the time it took to train so many Advance Science skills. Patched up lots of training in Gunnery skills to use T2 S/M/L Laser Turrets and T2 Laser Crystals. As well train up Missile Skills to be able to use various T2 Launchers and T2 Missiles. What remained of the rest of year was spent training Spaceship Command skills including Battlecruiser 5 and Destroyer 5 to take advantage of the planned changes by CCP coming soon to those skills. As well some other Spaceship Command skills trained to lvl 4 as well.

Alothos spent the early part of 2012 training and gaining Standing to use NPC R&D Agents for Datacore Research for T2 Invention use. That was way before Faction Warfare changed and had its impact on the Datacore Market in the Summer of 2012. Since then he’s been training up numerous amount of skills for Industry, Manufacturing, R&D and various amount of Spaceship Command skills. And though he now by far makes the majority of all the T2 items he’s not quite as capable of actually Inventing all those same items as his older brother Ametius. Nor can he quite make everything as well either as yet. But I guess the plan eventually is for him to eventually be able to handle all T2 R&D & Invention as the prime T2 producer.

Faction & Empire Standing

Alothos NPC Standing 2012That’s the standing of my Trader Alothos with Empire since his brother Ametius has much higher Standing with Empire and various NPC Corps overall.

Only time Alothos had really done Missions was for raising Standing with NPC Corp Lai Dai to raise Standing to access NPC R&D Agents to lvl 4 to gain access to Datacore Research for use in T2 Invention. And that was more the purpose of it all. And since then haven’t ever done any more NPC Missions to affect Standing with Empire or NPC Corps.

Yet though most players don’t really think about it where NPC Standing again comes into play is with Taxes. Both characters have max skills at lvl 5 for Accounting which affect Sales Tax and Broker Relations which affect market related costs by NPC Broker. Taxes add up! Taxes add up even more when you’re doing hundreds of millions and more in market transactions.

Taxes, who like Taxes...
Taxes, who like Taxes…

And the only way available to pay even lower Broker Taxes is to have reasonable high Standing with Faction/Corp which affect Broker Taxes across the board to all NPC Corps in Empire who’s station you may trade. Or you may have High Standing with more specific NPC Corps who’s standing you affect directly and thus they allow you lower Broker Taxes on Market Transaction Trades at their stations. Not something most players seem to worry about or take note of unless your a Trader. But the bigger and complex your web of Market Trades get, Taxes eat into your Profit Margin big time and it adds up to allot of Taxes paid.

Trade TaxesSo one the things I’d like to do is likely increase standing for Alothos who still pays reasonably high Broker Taxes. Lower those Broker Taxes a bit across the board to below 0.5% at the select NPC Stations most of his Trades occurs. Be great if can get it to 0.4% for Broker Taxes at the station he trades.

Right now at best he’s paying 0.51% Taxes in Broker Taxes and that’s at one of the NPC Station he has the highest Standing. So for 2013 its something to try to work at to lower Broker Relation Taxes.

Assets and ALL That Other Stuff

More Station Hangar Assets accumulated and more ISK was invested in 2012 in other Assets to facilitate Trade and Industrial activities across the board.

Station Hangar Assets 2012

Lots was spent on Blueprints and Blueprint sets of all kinds and all that other stuff in 2012 that helped in some way to help to increase ISK and value of Assets overall. A huge amount of Blueprint (BPO) Research in 2012 resulted in the vast majority of those Blueprints completing ME/PE Research to acceptable levels to increase their production value. Compared to 2011, I’m not exactly sure what exactly I had in Assets but it was allot less than in 2012.

Hangar Blueprint Assets

Many of those Blueprints were bought for the explicit purposes of Copying and making Blueprint Copies for use in Invention and producing T2 modules/ships. In the end most of them all completed ME/PE Research as well.

Hangar T2 BPC Assets

With the amount of R&D and resulting amount of T2 Invention activity that occurred through the year, the amount of  T2 BPC greatly increased. At the end of the year audit that resulted in about 791 T2 BPC’s that have yet to be produced. That represented many thousands of various Datacores that were obtained for both character from R&D Agents. And instead of being sold on the Market for profit, those Datacores were actually used in Invention Research for items intended for later production. Items likely will be produced 2013. But currently they represent locked up ISK value yet to be produced.

Research Agent Datacore Research

Some 190563 RP for Research Agent remains uncollected as of the end of 2012. That’s roughly 3811 Datacore’s. Since changes went into effect for Faction Warfare prior to Summer of 2012 Inferno Patch, no Datacores have been collected for T2 Invention use since. There was no point in doing so since there is currently still enough stock in hangar available to use. Yet there is also no great need for allot more T2 Invention either at this point. There is already more than enough T2 BPC that will need producing than I’m likely to produce. Datacores as well have greatly dropped in value since the Faction Warfare changes.

Overall Personal Assets end of 2012

Based on the Station Hangar price value that shows up when an item is in Hangar, I decided to do a rough Audit. And many and most items will be worth much more than that especially already researched Blueprints.

T1 BPC’s intended for Invention – 7828 Value Unknown

T2 Invented BPC’s – Value Unknown

Station Hangar Assets – About 14.5 Billion ISK

Market Sell Orders: 12 Billion ISK

Market Buy Orders: 0.0 ISK

Cash Asset: 38.7 Billion ISK

Total Assets: 65.2 Billion ISK (Rough Estimated Audit)

Wallet Value end 2012

For now Ametius finishes out the year just trying out and get acquainted to living in WH Space for however long that is to last.

I’m not sure just how things will play out for 2013 in EVE Online, but overall in the big picture of things that’s how it played out in 2012.

Impact on Retribution Production


CCP in one the latest Dev Blog posted that pretty graph of the amount production that went into making Frigates, Destroyers and Cruisers ahead of the Retribution Patch and the effect on the economy of EVE Online. Probably had some impact in helping drive up the cost of minerals even more especially speculating on Cruisers. I’m sure it had some effect on how hard and competitive it was for me to acquire minerals in my region on local Buy Orders leading up to the Retribution Patch.

How much impact did I personally have on that graph? Not all that much really. About 150 of various types of Amarr Cruiser’s and the Minmatar Logistic Cruiser’s was my total impact. I had that many Cruisers in production ahead of the Retribution Patch. That was as much as I speculated to produce with most been Logistic Cruiser’s. Some 250 new Teir 2 Destroyers and Ventures combined built right after the Patch. I had heard through the discussions in trade chat among traders, market players and speculators that Frigates & Cruisers likely were going up in mineral cost for Retribution so I just did a small part for speculation production.

At the time I had quite a bit of stuff in production for making T2 Modules, including juggling making of T2 Components and lots of Microprocessors. The plan was to make various T2 Weapon Upgrades to supply my local market for all the new Teir 2 Destroyers to be purchased and fitted. Made quite a bit of Light Missile Launcher II’s and Small Focused Pulse laser II’s as well. That kept most of my Manufacturing Slots filled up right up to Retribution. I had limited slots to speculate to make various and huge amount of Cruiser, so only made a small amount. I just stuck to my original plan overall for production.

Quite small was the amount of Cruiser hulls I built compared to some players. A well known market trader and trading guru in that huge alliance in Null Sec we all know had as much as 10K+ in production based on Post Retribution discussion about who built what and how many. That’s enough Cruisers to likely take quite a very a long time to sell off, though quite profitable if they did. Enough Cruisers were likely built to keep the market flooded for years with Cruisers. Selling above Pre Retribution mineral build cost but at or below the Post Retribution mineral build cost to keep everyone else out of the market. I still have quite a few Cruisers I built that have yet to be sold, but I’m not worried as they are slowly selling in my local region. It will likely be quite a long time before the market finally recover on all speculation Frigate’s and Cruiser’s built before Retribution.

In the end I did ok, sticking to my plan for making the T2 stuff I produced ahead of the Retribution Patch.

Retribution by the Numbers

It’s been a busy time preparing for the Retribution Patch, but allot busy the game has been post launch with lots of activity doing stuff Industrially and Trade wise. It’s tough to recount how it all went down and what happened and all that because things lots been going non stop with all Manufacturing Slots filled all the time making T2 stuff and new ships that needed to be built and put on the market.

So by the Numbers only including New Destroyer BPO’s/Ships/Drones.

Blueprints Sold

Algos Blueprint: 922.9 M
Profit: 495.9 M

Corax Blueprint: 659.9 M
Profit: 340.2 M

Talwar Blueprint: 905.6 M
Profit: 568.3 M

Dragoon Blueprints: 114.1 M

Profit: 44.8 M

Venture Blueprints: 0.0

Total Ship BPO Sales: 2.6 Billion

Profit: 1.5 B

Sales of Ship Produced:
Venture Ship: 202.7 M
Profit: 190.5 M

Algos Ship: 16 M
Profit: 4.8 M

Corax Ship: 109 M
Profit: 82 M

Dragoon Ship: 116.3 M
Profit: 98.3 M

Talwar Ship: 28 M
Profit: 13 M

Total Ship Sale: 472 M
Total Ship Build Profit: 388.6 M

Salvage Drone

Drone Blueprint Sales: 612.8 M
Total Profit: 144.3 M

Total Sales & Profits
Sales: 3.68 Billion ISK
Profit: 2.03 Billion ISK

Selling the new Blueprints was clearly the winner by far compared to actually manufacturing the new Teir 2 Destroyers and Drones. Acquired new BPO Assets in each of the 4 new Destroyer BPO’s, Mining Frigate and Drone Blueprint. Retribution had an added effect in that I sold more of the stuff i also had on the market that wasn’t quite selling as much previous to the patch which upped profits even more. Also sold allot of T2 stuff that was likely being fitted to the new Destroyers as well. Was allot of activity and I can chalk that up as allot of fun just doing stuff staying busy. I’d say from an Industrial standpoint Retribution was a Success with new and exciting things to build or tinker with and more fun T2 stuff to build to keep capsuleer’s supplied with their fittings.