Impact on Retribution Production


CCP in one the latest Dev Blog posted that pretty graph of the amount production that went into making Frigates, Destroyers and Cruisers ahead of the Retribution Patch and the effect on the economy of EVE Online. Probably had some impact in helping drive up the cost of minerals even more especially speculating on Cruisers. I’m sure it had some effect on how hard and competitive it was for me to acquire minerals in my region on local Buy Orders leading up to the Retribution Patch.

How much impact did I personally have on that graph? Not all that much really. About 150 of various types of Amarr Cruiser’s and the Minmatar Logistic Cruiser’s was my total impact. I had that many Cruisers in production ahead of the Retribution Patch. That was as much as I speculated to produce with most been Logistic Cruiser’s. Some 250 new Teir 2 Destroyers and Ventures combined built right after the Patch. I had heard through the discussions in trade chat among traders, market players and speculators that Frigates & Cruisers likely were going up in mineral cost for Retribution so I just did a small part for speculation production.

At the time I had quite a bit of stuff in production for making T2 Modules, including juggling making of T2 Components and lots of Microprocessors. The plan was to make various T2 Weapon Upgrades to supply my local market for all the new Teir 2 Destroyers to be purchased and fitted. Made quite a bit of Light Missile Launcher II’s and Small Focused Pulse laser II’s as well. That kept most of my Manufacturing Slots filled up right up to Retribution. I had limited slots to speculate to make various and huge amount of Cruiser, so only made a small amount. I just stuck to my original plan overall for production.

Quite small was the amount of Cruiser hulls I built compared to some players. A well known market trader and trading guru in that huge alliance in Null Sec we all know had as much as 10K+ in production based on Post Retribution discussion about who built what and how many. That’s enough Cruisers to likely take quite a very a long time to sell off, though quite profitable if they did. Enough Cruisers were likely built to keep the market flooded for years with Cruisers. Selling above Pre Retribution mineral build cost but at or below the Post Retribution mineral build cost to keep everyone else out of the market. I still have quite a few Cruisers I built that have yet to be sold, but I’m not worried as they are slowly selling in my local region. It will likely be quite a long time before the market finally recover on all speculation Frigate’s and Cruiser’s built before Retribution.

In the end I did ok, sticking to my plan for making the T2 stuff I produced ahead of the Retribution Patch.

2 thoughts on “Impact on Retribution Production

  1. I knew allot of Frigates and Cruisers were been built, but until I saw the graph for actual production that blew my mind as to just how many people built. Cruisers were still being build weeks after the patch that went in the factory before Retribution.


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