2012 In EVE Online, The Year That Was

2012 in EVE Online will go down as a year in which I didn’t set any goals or had any real goals I was striving for! When the year started I didn’t set any goals. It can be really hard to play EVE Online without goals, without something to aim for, something to chase to measure your progress as life keeps evolving in EVE Online.

I really didn’t know how much I was going to really play EVE in 2012 when the year started. I was preparing for a semester at the university taking a few classes around my normal daily work schedule. I didn’t expect to really have a lot of time to play EVE for the first couple of months of the year. It was also likely that I would have taken a break from the game as well to focus on my classes. I really didn’t know how it would work out either. So already looking ahead, I didn’t set any goals for playing or accomplishing anything in EVE for the year. The first half of the year kinda went a bit slow with reduced EVE playing time overall as a result. Yet in the end it ended up I kept playing EVE Online and throughout the rest of the year, with a bit of break here and there.

The Year that was 2012 in New Eden

New Eden continue’s to be an interesting place and all its happenings and turmoil. Looking back, I can’t really remember all that was really that significant throughout the year. At least without having to re-read my blog. I’m still in the same Player Corp I was in the year before. That has been so now for the last 2 and half years almost and actually enjoy being in my Corp with a good bunch of folks. My trust and responsibilities have somewhat grown in the time being apart of my Corp as well.

Managing Divisional Assets

Earlier in the year my CEO asked if I could help based on my usual activities and gave me a side project to work at whenever I felt like. I took it as a challenge somewhat as well something else to do daily. So as a side responsibility I was in charge of managing and growing any asset that was apart of my newly created Corp Division (Market Trade/R&D) and Wallet Division in the Corp.

Corp Wallet end 2012

Starting with almost nothing, and continuously reinvestment of all that Wallet profits in Market & Trade items slowly growing that Wallet to over 4 Billion ISK. That was utilizing my own Trade Slots thus costing me the opportunity to not use those slots for personal and riskier trades. For a small side project I think that was a success in something to do to help my Corp in some other way. If I hadn’t made that ISK for the Corp that would have added to my own profits for the year.

The Rest of Things

There were no shiny ships bought. But the way it worked I usually build all my own ships to fly or use if I can help it. I’m just really not that into ships like most other players. I’m more into acquiring and growing assets, than more ships in general. My main character Ametius learned to fly a Caldari Freighter this year. That was more for the purpose of logistics if he needed to do so for Regional Trading. He never did acquire a Freighter though. Wasn’t really a need for one. After all his brother Alothos does most the Trading these days and most of the logistics when needed. Ametius did learn to fly some other new ships I’m sure, but they weren’t that important for me to even remember what they were this year. He did train up quite a few skills to lvl 4 for Spaceship Command in the latter part of 2012.

Alothos did learn to fly a Drake Battlecruiser working on R&D Agent Corp Standing in the beginning of the year.That was mostly missioning for the NPC Corp Lai Dai to up some Standing for Datacore Research for Invention. He did learn to fly an Orca, he even bought one which was purely for logistics purposes also. It barely ever get used. But that’s ok, it’s there for when it’s needed. So ships weren’t much of a priority in 2012.

Memorable Moment of the Year

I probably had the biggest Trading losses this year so far, probably the biggest ever. With more money to Invest in stuff, you also have more money to potentially loose as well if things go south. That occurred when high end Minerals and Morphite was way up in the spring of 2012. Jita Burning event occurred at the heights of the high end Minerals Bubble and Speculation. I was trading lots of Megacyte, Zydrine and Morphite at the time and making good profits. I also had the largest amount of Investments in high end Minerals ever to date at that time also. I lost somewhere in the ballpark of 3-5 Billion ISK with the long siege on Jita.

That market ripple ended up crashing the high end Mineral Market and my local regional market which turned out was being mass manipulated into a bubble by major Null Sec Alliances right up to Jita Burning. Those Null Sec Alliances made out big cashing out before the big market crash. And in the process I lost s few Billions of my own ISK and several Hundred Million ISK of Corp Wallet Fund I was managing as a small side project. So spent a few months making up for the losses. That was probably the biggest event of the year, chaotic in the market and was exciting times as well.

Regional Trading

I’m not a Jita Trader or any the other three big Market Hub Trader. The year began doing Regional Trading across 5 major regions of High Sec Space including Domain, Kador, Kor-Azor, Khanid, Tash-Murkon. It ended with Regional Trading across 6 major regions of High Sec Space picking up Trade in The Citadel Region (Caldari Space). And the truth is Regional Trading is a lot of work! Its more work to me than Station Trading where you sit in station all day mostly or login session and just trade like a Day Trader, never leaving the station. Kinda like  some Jita Traders. I just find it more fun to travel around the regions and see whats needed or in short supply wherever and intimately learn some of the trade dynamics and economics of a region.

I’m not fond of being stuck in a station trading. However covering 6 major regions doing Regional Trading you can imagine is a lot of Star Gate jumps involved and allot more jumps if you actually had to visit specific stations in those regions delivering something to that system station. That’s part of the fun for me. But in 2013 it might be good to be able to do less of it as it’s a lot of work and time spent warping all over the place through all those regions.

Skill Training in 2012

Ametius: 46951449 Skill Points.

Alothos: 42061719 Skill Points.

For Ametius the year started still training lots of Advance Science skills pertaining to R&D and Invention skills (T2), and are they a lot of them. Got all those skills to lvl 4 at minimum which allows being able to do Invention & Production across all 4 empire items on everything that can be T2 Invented. That finished up somewhere around spring time 2012. Spent some time training some Capital Construction skills for a while as well. Then for a few months trained even more R&D skills yet again for T3  Reverse Engineering & Production. So at this point can do all Reverse Engineering of Sleeper Technology Artifacts. I think still need some 25 days or so of training for something else before can do the final assembly to build any of the T3 Hulls.

It can be a juggling act with training needed skills! Spent rest of year patching up lots of potholes in various amount of skills that had been neglected for some time in the time it took to train so many Advance Science skills. Patched up lots of training in Gunnery skills to use T2 S/M/L Laser Turrets and T2 Laser Crystals. As well train up Missile Skills to be able to use various T2 Launchers and T2 Missiles. What remained of the rest of year was spent training Spaceship Command skills including Battlecruiser 5 and Destroyer 5 to take advantage of the planned changes by CCP coming soon to those skills. As well some other Spaceship Command skills trained to lvl 4 as well.

Alothos spent the early part of 2012 training and gaining Standing to use NPC R&D Agents for Datacore Research for T2 Invention use. That was way before Faction Warfare changed and had its impact on the Datacore Market in the Summer of 2012. Since then he’s been training up numerous amount of skills for Industry, Manufacturing, R&D and various amount of Spaceship Command skills. And though he now by far makes the majority of all the T2 items he’s not quite as capable of actually Inventing all those same items as his older brother Ametius. Nor can he quite make everything as well either as yet. But I guess the plan eventually is for him to eventually be able to handle all T2 R&D & Invention as the prime T2 producer.

Faction & Empire Standing

Alothos NPC Standing 2012That’s the standing of my Trader Alothos with Empire since his brother Ametius has much higher Standing with Empire and various NPC Corps overall.

Only time Alothos had really done Missions was for raising Standing with NPC Corp Lai Dai to raise Standing to access NPC R&D Agents to lvl 4 to gain access to Datacore Research for use in T2 Invention. And that was more the purpose of it all. And since then haven’t ever done any more NPC Missions to affect Standing with Empire or NPC Corps.

Yet though most players don’t really think about it where NPC Standing again comes into play is with Taxes. Both characters have max skills at lvl 5 for Accounting which affect Sales Tax and Broker Relations which affect market related costs by NPC Broker. Taxes add up! Taxes add up even more when you’re doing hundreds of millions and more in market transactions.

Taxes, who like Taxes...

Taxes, who like Taxes…

And the only way available to pay even lower Broker Taxes is to have reasonable high Standing with Faction/Corp which affect Broker Taxes across the board to all NPC Corps in Empire who’s station you may trade. Or you may have High Standing with more specific NPC Corps who’s standing you affect directly and thus they allow you lower Broker Taxes on Market Transaction Trades at their stations. Not something most players seem to worry about or take note of unless your a Trader. But the bigger and complex your web of Market Trades get, Taxes eat into your Profit Margin big time and it adds up to allot of Taxes paid.

Trade TaxesSo one the things I’d like to do is likely increase standing for Alothos who still pays reasonably high Broker Taxes. Lower those Broker Taxes a bit across the board to below 0.5% at the select NPC Stations most of his Trades occurs. Be great if can get it to 0.4% for Broker Taxes at the station he trades.

Right now at best he’s paying 0.51% Taxes in Broker Taxes and that’s at one of the NPC Station he has the highest Standing. So for 2013 its something to try to work at to lower Broker Relation Taxes.

Assets and ALL That Other Stuff

More Station Hangar Assets accumulated and more ISK was invested in 2012 in other Assets to facilitate Trade and Industrial activities across the board.

Station Hangar Assets 2012

Lots was spent on Blueprints and Blueprint sets of all kinds and all that other stuff in 2012 that helped in some way to help to increase ISK and value of Assets overall. A huge amount of Blueprint (BPO) Research in 2012 resulted in the vast majority of those Blueprints completing ME/PE Research to acceptable levels to increase their production value. Compared to 2011, I’m not exactly sure what exactly I had in Assets but it was allot less than in 2012.

Hangar Blueprint Assets

Many of those Blueprints were bought for the explicit purposes of Copying and making Blueprint Copies for use in Invention and producing T2 modules/ships. In the end most of them all completed ME/PE Research as well.

Hangar T2 BPC Assets

With the amount of R&D and resulting amount of T2 Invention activity that occurred through the year, the amount of  T2 BPC greatly increased. At the end of the year audit that resulted in about 791 T2 BPC’s that have yet to be produced. That represented many thousands of various Datacores that were obtained for both character from R&D Agents. And instead of being sold on the Market for profit, those Datacores were actually used in Invention Research for items intended for later production. Items likely will be produced 2013. But currently they represent locked up ISK value yet to be produced.

Research Agent Datacore Research

Some 190563 RP for Research Agent remains uncollected as of the end of 2012. That’s roughly 3811 Datacore’s. Since changes went into effect for Faction Warfare prior to Summer of 2012 Inferno Patch, no Datacores have been collected for T2 Invention use since. There was no point in doing so since there is currently still enough stock in hangar available to use. Yet there is also no great need for allot more T2 Invention either at this point. There is already more than enough T2 BPC that will need producing than I’m likely to produce. Datacores as well have greatly dropped in value since the Faction Warfare changes.

Overall Personal Assets end of 2012

Based on the Station Hangar price value that shows up when an item is in Hangar, I decided to do a rough Audit. And many and most items will be worth much more than that especially already researched Blueprints.

T1 BPC’s intended for Invention – 7828 Value Unknown

T2 Invented BPC’s – Value Unknown

Station Hangar Assets – About 14.5 Billion ISK

Market Sell Orders: 12 Billion ISK

Market Buy Orders: 0.0 ISK

Cash Asset: 38.7 Billion ISK

Total Assets: 65.2 Billion ISK (Rough Estimated Audit)

Wallet Value end 2012

For now Ametius finishes out the year just trying out and get acquainted to living in WH Space for however long that is to last.

I’m not sure just how things will play out for 2013 in EVE Online, but overall in the big picture of things that’s how it played out in 2012.



  • Always interesting to see what others have been up to. I’ve always had more appreciation too for Regional Traders over Station Traders.

  • Looks good! I am following your blog for a while now and it’s interesting to compare myself. My main is currently at 50m SP, even though started later than you, and networth of ~80bil from mainly producing T2 hulls.

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