Teircide Speculation Fever… again – BC Edition Cliff Notes

BC Teircide Cliff Notes

Traders and Market players love to be vague about what they are doing and their plans. So do your own reading if you want if your more curious, its pretty short just all 2 short pages of chatter and though here. That’s Mynnna there giving feedback, AKA: Corestwo for those who not Traders, not Power Traders and don’t engage in Trader & Market stuff, or related stuff or don’t hang out in the Traders Lounge. Corestwo might be a Goon and that can irk people, but he usually and quite often have quite good analysis. Though I’m more than sure he does his fair share of Market Manipulation as well. Traders do that kind of stuff with Billions to be made.

BC Teircide Cliff Notes 2

But if you want to make Money on the Patch changes ahead, might be worth your time to read. Jester as well had a good analysis a few post back on his blog about the Battlecruiser changes from his perspective. So all worth reading and considered.

What you decide to do is well your own business… ISK wise!

Change in about 2-3 weeks. Go out and buy some BC’s and buy some more  🙂

Edited: 02/05/2013

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