Retribution by the Numbers

It’s been a busy time preparing for the Retribution Patch, but allot busy the game has been post launch with lots of activity doing stuff Industrially and Trade wise. It’s tough to recount how it all went down and what happened and all that because things lots been going non stop with all Manufacturing Slots filled all the time making T2 stuff and new ships that needed to be built and put on the market.

So by the Numbers only including New Destroyer BPO’s/Ships/Drones.

Blueprints Sold

Algos Blueprint: 922.9 M
Profit: 495.9 M

Corax Blueprint: 659.9 M
Profit: 340.2 M

Talwar Blueprint: 905.6 M
Profit: 568.3 M

Dragoon Blueprints: 114.1 M

Profit: 44.8 M

Venture Blueprints: 0.0

Total Ship BPO Sales: 2.6 Billion

Profit: 1.5 B

Sales of Ship Produced:
Venture Ship: 202.7 M
Profit: 190.5 M

Algos Ship: 16 M
Profit: 4.8 M

Corax Ship: 109 M
Profit: 82 M

Dragoon Ship: 116.3 M
Profit: 98.3 M

Talwar Ship: 28 M
Profit: 13 M

Total Ship Sale: 472 M
Total Ship Build Profit: 388.6 M

Salvage Drone

Drone Blueprint Sales: 612.8 M
Total Profit: 144.3 M

Total Sales & Profits
Sales: 3.68 Billion ISK
Profit: 2.03 Billion ISK

Selling the new Blueprints was clearly the winner by far compared to actually manufacturing the new Teir 2 Destroyers and Drones. Acquired new BPO Assets in each of the 4 new Destroyer BPO’s, Mining Frigate and Drone Blueprint. Retribution had an added effect in that I sold more of the stuff i also had on the market that wasn’t quite selling as much previous to the patch which upped profits even more. Also sold allot of T2 stuff that was likely being fitted to the new Destroyers as well. Was allot of activity and I can chalk that up as allot of fun just doing stuff staying busy. I’d say from an Industrial standpoint Retribution was a Success with new and exciting things to build or tinker with and more fun T2 stuff to build to keep capsuleer’s supplied with their fittings.



  • Nice. I just cleared 1B profits from Retribution, which considering the low risk approach I took I was happy with. To think I wouldn’t have had all the busyness and amusement if you hadn’t prompted me to make the effort!

  • I’m sitting on 500M profit with the rest invested in cruisers :/

    • Got a few dozen of those Cruisers on the market too all build pre patch as well 🙂

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