What a crazy week it has been

Since the launch of Incursion and the introduction of the new Noctis blueprint. Its been a crazy past week since. As well its been a week like I can’t remember that I’ve loss so much ISK in one week or rather loss that much ISK ever so far.

Acquiring the Noctis BPO as mentioned in last post have made a total of 9 of the new salvage ship. Sold a total of 7 ships in the market at a modest profit however no where close to recouping my Investment cost in the blueprint. Kept one copy of the ship for myself from the last manufacturing run and put the very last ship on the market yet to be sold. Overall its just been a crazy week watching falling prices on the new ship and pain of a time hauling minerals to build new ships.

However the real hidden market to exploit was the newly reawaken Medium Salvage Rig market. On the day the Noctis launched there was barely any Medium Salvage Rigs in my region and the only ones there was the ones there before Incursion and at around 6 million ISK a unit. Several hours after launched I realized prices changed and jumping hitting over 30+ million ISK for a Medium Salvage Rig and was selling based on market info. That presented a glowing opportunity while it was still there.

Didn’t have a lot of Armor Plates on hand but had enough to make just 4. Placed the rigs on the market at 25 million ISK each with only 2 more orders up in the entire region with less than 5 units on each order best I can remember overnight. I had decided to check the Market and Discussion Forum overnight and someone had let the secret out the bag about the new emerging hot Medium Salvage Rig market and now other players were all chiming in.  Overnight sold three before someone else entered the market overnight at some point and shorted the price a bit with cheaper rigs. Two players entered the market and one in a major hub shorted the market with about 8 rigs at 22 million ISK and another person putting up 3 units at 18 million ISK. I decided to buy the all out and relisted them a bit higher to maintain the price and before someone dropped in and dropped the price even lower.

Then proceeded to check on my other regional trades. Well to my surprise immediately after buying out the cheaper Medium Salvage Rigs in a close by market hub someone decided to throw up 20 rigs at 20 million. Now I had a bunch of much higher priced rigs on market at a much higher price. I decided to hold my price vs dropping and undercutting and see how things pan out. Well it wasn’t very long before someone else threw up several rigs and undercut the lowest price. Well you could easily see where this is going fast. As it wasn’t long before more and more capsuleers all started trying to get in on the action and everyone under bidding each other and crashing the prices fast. Reminds me of the Nortis ship prices how fast they fell.

A few hours later someone else dropped 50 rigs on the market and underbid everyone in the regional hub where most people sell. More people kept jumping into the market and them someone else dumped 99 rigs on the market below 12 million. Before the day was out the market was totally swamped with Medium Salvage Rigs all over the market hub system and surrounding systems. And I’m left with almost a dozen high priced rigs on the market and prices crashing in the golden age of Medium Salvage Rigs as fast as it came alive. Prices kept dropping and eventually had to drop prices heavily.

Needless to say I lost a lot of millions in the rigs market all in a few hours. In the hours previous I had bought up over a thousand Armor Plates a bit cheaper in another region at around 320K a unit. That was a few hundred million in cost. Had to run around and collect them all which took some time. Collected them all and got back to my main hanger with the plates and bought up some more of the other rig materials to some the rigs. Had put the materials in the factory to make a dozen Medium Salvage Rigs so could get the rigs out the factory fairly fast. Price was still dropping in my region. So decided to move the newly made rigs to another region where I traded in on my trade route where prices were  still stable and looked good at around 14-15 million.

Placed the rigs on the market in a station where no one else was selling that I also trade in. Well checked back a few hours later someone else had shown up and undercut me in that regional station dropping the prices down to 11 million and other people were reacting and dropping their prices to be the lowest price. Needless to say didn’t sell a lot of rigs and had to absorb tens of million in losses.

Overall it wasn’t all that great a week with the Noctis blueprint even though made some profits on the few ships sold though not enough to recoup investment cost. It sucked badly in the Medium Salvage Rig market getting in fairly early investing hundreds of millions and having to absorb tens if not hundreds of millions of losses due to super fast crashing prices as everyone and they grandmother showed up after. Past week just sucked badly. Amazing their still ISK left in the bank.

Well to finish that starting a new week your Corp/Alliance just got Wardecked.

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