So I got one…..

While I was just hanging around in Jita checking prices if you could have got into Jita that is,  Incursion day evening. Was watching the prices swing like a monkey in the jungle. Then someone all of a sudden shorted the price on the new Noctis blueprint and below what I had already set in mind previously that if I ever bought one what I was probably willing to pay. Previous number I had in mind was I maybe bite if price dropped below 450 million ISK.

And it seem some seller dropped into the Jita market and shorted the price dropping several blueprints in a stack way down below 600 million to the price above. I thought long for a min do I buy or do I not. Agonizing thought it was, especially since not quite so easy to get the blueprint from the Outer Ring region as well. So I considered the price and well…. yeah I probably could pay a 40 million ISK premium for who ever made the trip to get the new blueprint and for the convenience which seemed somewhat reasonable to me. I figure a fairly good deal before they are all gone as was only 2 blueprints left at that price. Had to make a decision fast as I had some place else to get to prepare to get to fast in real life much more important.

So I bit, bought the new Noctis ship blueprint at the above pic price in Jita and then logged off as had to prepare fast to get to a real life job interview about an hours drive away in afternoon traffic. Time was already short to get there, wouldn’t be good to be late at all either.

Got back home several hours later after making a few stops home. Now had to get my blueprint out of the hell hole of heavily camped Jita station and a full system. Initial logging into Jita was nuts!! Couldn’t even get to log into Jita 4-4 station let alone the system. The damn system was packed!! About 15 mins or so later after fighting the black logging screen of death which seem to be in suspended animation forever finally logged me into Jita 4-4 station. Courier seal wrapped the blueprint to my other self and then made over a dozen jumps to get it back to my hanger in my Buzzard all the while checking regional prices on the new ships. Stargate jumping from The Forge, Caldari, Doman, Kador, Tash-Murkon region, prices were around 150-200 million for the new ships as other capsuleers rushed the new ships to market and over 600 million plus for the new blueprints.

After getting the new blueprint back to Tash-Murkon region again looked at the blueprint price at main trade station hub was only 2 Noctis blueprint up both over 850 million to a billion for the entire region. Hmm! I immediately had the though I should flip the new blueprint for higher and possible moderate profits. Probably a bit below the 2 listed prices for reasonable profits and a fast sell to recoup my investment cost of the new blueprint. Yeah I should do that. And if need or really want to buy the blueprint back cheaper in the future. Then I looked at the actual ship prices in my region and studied them for a few minutes as well, about close to a dozen listed prices all above 150 million. If i could build ships fast enough maybe I could recoup my investment their too. Decisions!

There was an active discussion in corps chat about the new salvage ship. I chimed in saying I had recently just picked up a blueprint myself. Someone asked how much I could/would sell them one for and that prices seemed quite high? Thought for a while. Well, it would be making one of the new ship for a corpmate. So I could be somewhat reasonable considering the cost had to invest in just picking up the blueprint and trying to recoup investment cost vs as well considering the cost of getting rid of the blueprint for a bit higher profits which was resonable as well. Plus I barely had any minerals on hand and considering how much minerals it took to just make 1 of the new Noctis ship I didn’t have much on hand.

So I said back to one my corpmate considering prices as I knew how they were and from all the other regions, I said I could make and sell you one for 95 million which is much much lower than current regional price and all the other regional prices I had seen including Amarr close by. Another Corpmate said thats high. I said considering what the going rate is across several regions i’m making the new ship for him at a deal as well I have millions of trading funds tied up in the new blueprint and I would like to get some fraction of my money back at least from the investment. Corpmate said sounds good.

Barely any minerals in hanger so pulled up the market to buy up minerals. As a bit of a trader buying from active sell orders is not my usual style especially when buying in huge bulk. Usually prefer putting up my own buy orders at an asking price. However a brand new ship needed to be build and fast if possible considering volatile prices as well.

I barely had enough minerals on hand, so I probably need enough mineral to not only make just one ship for corpmate customer order but probably a few orders as well. Need to try to recoup some the investment cost of having bought the expensive blueprint which can only be used for manufacturing ships and nothing more invention wise as in T2 like some other blueprints.

Checking regional prices I needed a lot of minerals. Problem also was I could buy cheaper minerals at various stations, but not in the quantity I needed and would have to buy various amounts at various stations which can add up to a lot of stations around the region. That would turn into a lot of trips to collect all that minerals in just my Industrial Bestower and spending allot of time to do so. So I decided to buy all my minerals from just one station a main trading hub which had huge stocks of minerals though not always the exact cheapest a few points higher on price. Click, click, click I watched my wallet drop drop drop after spending several hundred million ISK on just minerals alone. To say the least besides buying the actual Noctis blueprint that’s the second thing ever that have spent that much ISK on in that amount and that fast by a factor of over three.

Having spend several hundred million ISK on minerals now I had another task and problem. I had to now go pick up all that mineral from a few stations and haul it all back to hanger. Needless to say that in itself took several hours hauling millions and millions of minerals in a fully rigged out cargo expanded Bestower. It actually felt like a job hauling that much minerals just zipping back and forth even for a few short stargate jumps. I thought to my self a ship might cost X minerals but the time it takes to gather minerals and a persons time in doing some work to collect and haul barely seem to e factored into price in the grand scheme of things. Time does cost ISK in a way.

Since the corpmate was eager to get his new Noctis ship and after had hauled what seem initially enough minerals to build the new ship, I stuck the blueprint and the minerals in the factory oven to just build the first initial ship so the corpmate can soon get his order quickly. Time to manufacturer about 2:45 – 3 hours. And for the rest of the entire 3 hours I spend hauling minerals back and forth from several stations to hanger. I think in all this time I had even forgotten to reset my PI planets as well. How much could you have earned running missions for over 3 hours? Don’t my time cost some amount of money for the work?

By time I was done hauling minerals, the very first Noctis ship I had set to manufacture maybe had finished 10-15 minutes earlier. So promptly got the new ship out the factory and contracted it to the corpmate that ordered it for 95 million ISK. First ship sold! Wasn’t even mine either. Current regional price on Noctis ship was now around 128 million ISK at the lowest price and about 20 sell orders up some with multiple stacks up to 5 ships on sell order maybe. Immediately turned around and stuck the Noctis blueprint right back into the factory oven.

I had bought and hauled enough minerals to make 8 ships in total. Considering the time it took, a few hours more to make 7 moreof the new ship. I reset the factory to just make 5 instead to get them to market quicker vs been stuck in the factory making all 7 for several hours more. All was good, checked regional prices for the ship around now around 125 million ISK.

All seem good, logged off and when to bed.

New day, servers back up a hour ago check regional price of new Noctis ship. Prices sinking like a heavy ships anchor which lowest price already at 60 million ISK and a page full of sell orders. Thats down by half of what the prices were just several hours ago. Buy order price highest at 50 million ISK. And I check my manufacturing slot and still 4 hours to go before get new batch of ships out the factory oven and prices are dropping like dead weight watching possible profit margin opportunity evaporates due to fierce market selling pvp of others trying to sell their ship orders.

And so I consider to myself in several thoughts a bit buyers remorse in having spent almost half a billion ISK to buy the damn blueprint with evaporating chance of getting some decent form of ISK payback. A bit lost in my thoughts thinking, I probably should have went ahead and resold the blueprint for a little bit higher profit and gotten rid of it while I had the chance. Everyone and their capsuleer’s grandmother now have the blueprints and will be totally flooding the market with an over supply of the new ships and killing the price margin just to sell. And then I thought again lost in my mind if only the corpmate didn’t ask me to make him one of the new ship I would have already gone ahead and resold the blueprint back on the market.

So lost in my thoughts of things a bit still waiting for 5 ships to come out the factory slot and waiting to sell them with only enough minerals left to make 2 more of the new ships. I’m still wondering lost in my thoughts if I made the right choice while watching the price of the new Noctis ship sink like a rock to slim profitability.

Of course you can order one from me Ametius and will be quite happy to sell you one or more for 95 million ISK on personal contract. At least before have to eventually pack and lock the blueprint away for a few weeks to get material research work done on it, as well as everyone else mostly eventually as well.



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  • Good luck with the sales and isk-making activity. I had a different viewpoint of the new blueprint entirely; my alliance put a lot of effort into making sure the blueprints were a little more scarce and that some of them fell into our hands as they made their way back to empire. It’s entirely possible that you purchased one of our “reclaimed” blueprints as they were likely priced for quick sale.

    • Thanks for the written view point Parity and on the alliance end, have to hop over to the blog and check it out.

  • I jumped in on this too and like you it didn’t turn out quite the Get Rich Quick scheme I had hoped.

    I bought my BPO for about 600m and churned out my ships one at a time. I’ve sold out as fast as I listed them but I took too long buying and hauling minerals yesterday to get a fast start.

    If I had had enough minerals for a dozen ready to roll I could have made half a billion yesterday, as it is I won’t even make the difference between BPO price from ORE and the premium price I paid yesterday.

    It was fun though and a nice change from grinding level 4s. Plus for the first time I’ll get to fly a ship I made myself.

    • Yeah Stabs out situations were similar. I didn’t quite hope to get rich lol.

      What i had hoped was the possibility to make back enough to pay for the “investment” cost having spend the ISK to purchase the blueprint. However probably half of EVE seemed to have had the same thought somewhat.

      Having bought the blueprint at a lower cost made it seem not so bad lol. Got 5 out the factory oven and sold 1 to a friend at small profit at 50M. Then placed the other 4 on the market at 70M. 3 sold in the first hour after being up so one left to sell. Had put the blueprint back in the factory slot to make the remaining 2 more i had minerals for. Will probably sell one and keep the last one.

      Yeah i do agree it was a bit of fun the process from the daily day to day stuff in game. And yeah hauling minerals take a mighty long time.

      However if you get this tip here is something i have now noticed if you can take advantage of this: The Price of Medium Salvage Tackles have shot up pretty high. As high as 3 times normal and in my region there is barely one on the market. In Amarr prices have over doubled.

      So guess what got half a batch of Medium Salvage Tackle rigs in the factory oven.

      Hope you can capitalize on that 🙂

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