Advancing Research efforts

To advance you must train and be constantly skill educated. To afford that education, that will cost you lots of ISK’s.

In the mix of zoom zooming all across the galaxy to complete asset collection I was able to kick back on my long warp journey’s while podded connected to my ship and finally complete the training effort to learn Laboratory Operations 5. As a result can install one more BPO in a station research installation slot. However completing Laboratory Operation 5 now allowed further advance training into Advance Laboratory Operation to try to gain more access to research installation use. So spend 20 million ISK picking up the training skill book.

Though working to get towards training efforts for Research Project Management, I’ve decided to take a planned short minor detour to at least train to Advance laboratory Operation 3 initially which should allow access to three more station research installation slots. Due to the length of time to train to Advance Laboratory Operations further at several days, it was more effective time wise to then shift focus back to completing some much shorter time training skills in Research to make advancement towards training efforts for Research Project Management. At that point with some select training in specific science skills should be able to soon gain access to having a few more Research Agents working for me.

6 installation slots in use. I know exactly which one they are.

Some time ago was able to find a station installation that would work somewhat to my aid my BPO research efforts. Not exactly the best with freely open slots, but then I haven’t found that to exist anywhere in over eight regions I’ve searched through for places to do Material Research. But a station I found some 12 stargate jumps away will work from which I had devised a mental plan of sorts thus my recent efforts to gain access to research slots.

Through the process of learning up to Laboratory Operation 5 I was able to install a few select BPO’s mostly a few select ship and a module BPO’s that I have in my inventory of assets. None of the Material Research Installation slots were open so identified a few that had a 2 week window of availability. Not sure how well my plan will work but devised a rough plan entirely to somewhat be able to keep use of a at least 2-3 of the installation slots on an ongoing basis based on how long it would take to get some material level research done on the BPO’s installed.

With the just about lack of open availability of Material Research Installation slots almost anywhere a concern of mine was the amount of time a BPO was tied up in research time efforts to find an ideal material level and the ability to get as many of my current BPO’s through some amount of material level research. So before had done a little bit of reading on the EVE S&I forums and came across an old locked thread. Was interesting to read about ME and PE research calculations in the process as well as efficiency calculations. I bookmarked it for my own reference and re-reading. So given my earlier concerns of amount of time of BPO tied up in research and ability to cycle BPO’s through time wise if possible, I settled based on what I had read on just getting BPO’s to at least ML 10 in the installation slot for research. I don’t need to chase exact ML perfection at the expense of time to get other research done on other waiting BPO’s.

Well I set the ships BPO’s to ML 10 which average roughly based on the time to complete somewhere about 2 weeks to 3 weeks depending on the ships BPO’s I had. And the much smaller modules BPO’s though I could go with ML 10 and be fine I decided to play around a bit with how long it took on installation. The few modules BPO’s I have took about half a day time, was quite surprising at the turn around time vs weeks at say maybe getting a ML of 200 maybe like I’ve seen on some BPC’s before. Played around a bit more with the time on the specific module research and decided on ML 20 which took just a day or few hrs over. I can be fine with that initially so far.

After completing training for Advance Laboratory Operation 3, I installed a few more BPO’s for material research for a total of 9 BPO’s now in research for material level work. That covers 6 different Installation slots. For my plan I decided to recorded which slot had which BPO’s so can figure out where to queue up another BPO if needed. So goes current efforts researching BPO’s.

Soon to work on some invention efforts as well. Buy hey, everything takes time to get to.

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