Its Tough Being as Popular as Tobold

Tobold had decided to take a step back and blog allot less often on his very popular MMO blog. Have been reading Tobold’s blog almost daily or just about close to it for years since I first started blogging way back in my WoW days. I like the intelligent and well written discussion about MMO games, gaming, community and what can make better MMO and games in general. It helps to broaden one horizon of gaming even if you don’t have much of one. His blog is probably the first blog I wake up and check daily to get an idea of whats going on in gaming or around the blogosphere.

Though being an avid reader of Tobold’s very popular MMO blog I’ve never been a very frequent commenter. I just like to take in and absorb the discussion of the various points of view. Sometimes and mostly I usually agree, others I’m just neutral with no real point of view at all. Yet there are the few times I may disagree with a point of view, but I can still enjoy a blog post even if I may disagree as it does stimulate thoughts and discussions. Occasionally I may drop by and make a comment.

But when you blog for fun and because you like talking about MMO’s and gaming and making better games and discussing your thoughts with others it does consume a lot of time but you enjoy it because it remain a fun hobby. The not so fun part comes when some others make a point to troll and sometime put a negative spin on whatever you say. And when you’ve done that for years that can affect you allot. It’s always said it takes a tough skin to be a blogger and be one for a long time or even a good one. I think it takes a tougher skin to be a very popular blogger in the gaming community whose blog thousands of people read daily with a variety of opinions. And then there are some who like to make a habit of trolling a popular blog for their own fun as well.

It’s tough being as popularly read as Tobold’s blog whether you usually agree or disagree with his points of view. Points of view I can like both. I can attribute the fact that I play EVE because though I was inspired by his trying out the game and commenting on it I didn’t quite agree with his short experience and assessment of the game even though I hadn’t tried it myself. I figure I go try it myself being inspired even though I disagreed.

But I guess I’m gonna miss the daily blog posts from Tobold’s blog while he take a step back and maybe blog less frequently to keep the trolls at bay or find more interesting things to write about. I guess if you’re a blogger who blogs often in the MMO community and been around any length of time it hard not to be affected in someway when a daily consistent voice is gone. Readers too as well. But hey bloggers read other blogs and more popular blogs too just like other readers.


  • Popularity is a double-edged sword, considering all the trolls to be dealt with, and after a while the negativity can start to chip away at any fun activity. How unfortunate…I think that can weigh on a person when you blog almost daily over an extended period of time.

  • Tobold has taken breaks before for very similar reasons. I’m sure he’ll be back regularly when Cataclysm comes out.

    It’s a shame how much people troll him. I’ve had some wonderful discussions there but sometimes people just post rubbish.

    I suspect he might be better off getting his own domain and IP banning some of the ruder people.

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