Filling a Supply Order

A customer bought out all my missiles at one of the stations I had placed missiles in for sale a day earlier. Good for steady growth of wallet in ISK’s. However powering up my pod getting ready for day’s agenda I got a communication for conference with a customer. It was the customer who bought out all my missiles. Cool. What can I do for you?

“Hey bought all your Scourge missiles. Do you make the missiles and can you make me some more and sell them to me here at this station?”. “Will pay whatever price.” “Can you get me 200k more Scourge missiles?”

Hmm, but you can buy missiles everywhere in the region if you need to.

“Well I don’t have a way to get them here and do lots of missions at this location”.

Well ok! I can get you more missiles and will see what I can do.

Hmm an unusual order considering it was the first such order ever like that from any customer in New Eden. I could look at it as a mission of sorts as well in a way. But a paying customer bought some my goods and best I can do is help fulfill his request for more of what he bought. All in good business relations. The funny thing was my Scourge missile BPO is at a far away location in queue to get Material Research work done to increase its material level. So can’t exactly manufacture any for a while.

But no sweat I’m a Trader I don’t have to even make them either. Need 200k missiles fast! And barely have an open trade slots to even make a bid buy order that can take who knows when to fill.

Pulled up the market and checked prices across the entire region. A bit of fluctuation in prices with missiles everywhere, but was looking for the cheapest I can find and even better if at a good pickup location. A main market hub had a huge amount of Scourge missiles at discount at about six and a half points to some the other listed prices and fairly close location to travel to, pickup and deliver. Placed a buy for all the discounted Scourge missiles buying all 500k missiles listed buying out the seller’s listing. Not the ideal order, but having done the calculations I can make a good fairly good profit still.

Loaded up all the missiles in my Industrial Bestower and hauled them 4 jumps to the station of customer. Made a contract to customer for 200k missiles as ordered at the previous market buy order price he bought the missiles for and placed the other 300k missiles on the market for sale. I got more missiles listed back on the market at that location for sale for now and the customer got his order of missiles requested complete. Made a minor profit of about 1.7 million for my troubles.


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