The Eastern Island Swamp

Journeyed to the Eastern Swamp and went rogue in search of Crypts with green torches. Found an old broken platform of a house and decided to take some time to fix it up and make it a portal outpost back to my main base for quick access back and forth. Took a little time to fix up the new outpost and was off sneaking around fighting the enemy from the shadows, from atop downed tree trunks, and behind trees. From a stone tower, I eradicated it of Draugr’s then made a little base with fire as a lookout tower in the swamp. I had come upon an enemy camp and got my ass kicked trying to intrude upon an Elite Draugr Spawn.

Returned to the tower and chilled out for the night for the most part. Not being too far from the enemy camp I decided in the night to snipe the camp with my bow from afar with flaming arrows. I have to say that was some roguish fun and completely cleared it. Picked up all the treasure that was stashed there in a chest. I also found taking a Hoe with me was a good choice for raising the land a bit so as not to get as wet walking thru the water there.


It didn’t take too long before I found my first Crypt. Snuck in with the key, made a campfire inside, and went to work mining and eradicating the enemy within.

Eradicated all the enemies within the Crypt and completely mined out the place of Scrap Iron… all 30 pieces of it. I need more Scrap Iron!
From within the Crypt, I found the location of the swamp boss Bonemass. He seems to be way across the ocean from here. That’s going to be a very long boat trip.VALHEIM

Searched around the swamp area while fighting off the enemy all along the shore, trekking thru the swamp, and just couldn’t find any more Crypts around here. Found a meadow area and an abandoned house. Repaired the house and made it another outpost setting up another portal within the house. Searching around the swamp I found the Plains and avoided the wrath of the “Deathsquito” whom I could clearly see buzzing around at a distance by going stealth. I just avoided the Plains area for the most part.

However, searching all around the swamp area I just couldn’t find any more Crypts. Just the one Crypt I had found a bit earlier was it. That means no more Scarp Iron can be had here. Seems I’m going to have to travel to yet another swamp area in search of Crypts for mining Scrap Iron. Maybe I just have to travel to the boss island swamp to find more Crypts as I can’t seem to find any more here.

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