VALHEIM: Searching for the real SWAMP!

Valheim Swamp
The Southern Swamp

Previously I had pined on my map what had seemed like a large swamp area while boating at the time and marked it for future exploration. On heading to the swamp, it was the swamp alright. Just not a big swamp area with Crypts to find and mine iron ore. I did find a Burial Chamber but not the Crypt’s I was looking for. The Swamp regardless is a deadly place! I’m really not fond of hanging out solo in the swamps at night! It’s just too spooky and deadly enough there.

Far Eastern Swamp

I might have to try and explore the area in the far Northeast for more swamp areas which I know is there. I had previously explored up to that point on the eastern island and established an outpost house I found and fixed upright on the edge of the swamp in a small meadow area. I may have to set up a portal in that area as well for quick easy coming and going back to the main base. That will require some travel time to that outpost destination to set up a portal of convenience. I don’t yet know just how much swamp area is there or if any easily found crypts.

The Great Northwest Swamp

Now I know for sure that there is a great big swamp area to the far Northwest when I charted it while exploring on the boat. Swamp on the northern island and lots of swamp across the sea on what seems to be another island. I have yet no outpost set up in that region to operate from and again may require a bit of exploration to find a meadow area, an old tower, or even an old village to safely operate from. Traveling there will also take some time via boat. Playing solo, it takes a bit of time to find and explore things, figure out an operational plan, as well staying alive in Valheim.

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