25 Million Skill Points and the last quarter

Last 60+ days of T2 Inventions.

Its been unusually quiet here around the blog for a while, yeah I’ve noticed that too. However in other news I’ve recently just passed the 25 Million Skill Points mark in my EVE career and a year and a half of playing EVE Online. Apparently passed the mark completing training for Cruiser Construction V which was one of the longer skills I’ve had to train for. However completing the skill training now allows construction production of any and all T2 Cruiser and Battlecruisers.

With that an end as well to T2 science skill training of which I’m heavily invested and a temporary halt to industrial construction skills training related to Invention production. Currently training for Caldari Industrial V so can fly Transport ships or should say Cloaky Transport ship. I’d like to eventually skill for T3 Invention but nows just not the time as T2 science skills have consumed much the last year and rather spend some time patching up other pilot skills in other area that’s been on the back burner for a while.

Time seem to have flown by just in the time playing EVE. Hard to believe a year and half have gone by and still playing EVE. I  haven’t been playing long enough yet to be considered a EVE Vet yet way pass being new at EVE as well. At this point in my career I can say I get EVE and am fine with my role even though a small part in the grand scheme of the universe in New Eden. EVE to me is a journey and it progresses and continues with changing moods.

The Last 60+ Days

Since my break from EVE in the summer and returning to work in real life after being unemployed for much the year its been somewhat hard getting my mind back to where it used to be playing EVE. Taking a break from any game can change one perspective in various ways. Right now playing EVE but at a much reduced pace compared to earlier in the year in New Eden.

For much the last 60 days I just haven’t had much ambition besides daily invention runs at the Invention lab with varying success and sometimes invention frustrations. That remain the majority of my space activities. Trade activities remained at a minimum other than regularly updating current market sell orders in a few regions but no new market orders has been added in any region. Profit growth is at a much slower pace but I’m ok and neither bothered by it either. The goal somewhat is just to sell off and reduce current market sell orders. Trading used to be a lot of work for me across 6 region. It’s just good to step back and take a break somewhat.

Manufacturing facility slots have sat idle for the last 60 days as well. In that time I’ve only manufactured just 1 item a Mobile Lab for the market from some the P4 items in my hanger. And though my hanger is full of T1 BPO’s, T2 BPC’s of all sort of things I can make and available minerals, I’m just not that inclined to put any thought into really building anything. Though I can, it just don’t bother me much that 10 facility manufacturing slots sits completely idle.

I guess along with daily Invention, PI facility reset, launch and pickup remain the other constant activity between log on and log off. It took some time before getting back to making P4 items with my growing stockpile of PI products and that’s only been in last 2 weeks. For a while I just wasn’t much inclined to change over planet factory facility to change to making other P2-P4 items. Slow progress.

So for much the last few weeks its just been log in do Invention, some PI, update regional trade orders and log off. I’m not sure exactly what phase I’m going through at the moment in space or just MMO’s, but at the moment I’m just not that ambitions or inclined to do much of anything I usually do. At times more often than usual I find myself reading the EVE Forums allot more than usual and at times it can seem more fun to read the forums than actually login to really do anything in EVE.

Thus I just haven’t had much interest to blog about anything much either for the last few weeks. So things are just quiet around the blog as well. It’s just a reflection of my mood playing the game. Certainly there are a lot of exciting things in the last few weeks for EVE in the winter expansion and it certainly seems exciting. For me nothing exciting, but the journey continues.

3 thoughts on “25 Million Skill Points and the last quarter

  1. I just started an industry alt. Her skills won’t be good enough for profitable invention for a while, but maybe I can pick up some of your T2 BPCs to build if you’re not interested in the hassle of manufacturing them?


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