PI & New Player Custom Office Speculation

I’ve always enjoyed PI since it very implementation. The new and latest EVE dev blog on PI is interesting. The resulting fast growing 37 current thread page of comments on the PI dev blog is just as interesting with various dev comments from CCP Omen. After reading 26 pages I figured I read enough. Many combat pilot seem to be liking more ways to grief capsuleers and shoot their new Player Owned Custom Offices (POCO) and causing pvp skirmishes as a result. Some Industrial capsuleers are quite upset of loosing their ninja PI farms in low/null sec as well as ninja PI farms in WH space. Double taxation for PI in high sec. Everyone affected in some way. A change like this is huge in ripple effect across New Eden and in the economic market place.

So I’m just thinking the price of PI commodity material is finally going to start going up like many been wondering when that was ever going to happen or why. Running your POS is probably gonna get a bit expensive for fuel and cost as well affecting POS owners everywhere. Price of T2 increase as PI product prices goes up. Price of PI products also increase as lots of POCO’s get constantly blown up all over New Eden and result in PI material shortages on the market. Traders speculating on PI and material shortages will jack up the price of PI materials to make their profit.

Personally I’m sitting on several months of PI material stock from all my planets that i usually use to make P4 at my factory planet. Haven’t made much for P4 for a while and thus accumulating quite a bit of material stock. And i’m thinking my sitting stock of PI material is going to be worth more as time goes on as new POCO’s arrive and create some chaos across New Eden and PI material prices goes up. It probably could be a good idea and a good time to start stocking up on cheap PI material you need to run your POS network or stock up on PI materials and sit on it for a while and watch the market run up in prices like Oxygen Isotopes and profit when prices goes up. Finding some way to easily profit from all the resulting chaos can be a good thing.

I have a bit of thoughts but seems like it will be a bit more exciting times soon in New Eden everywhere. At least more exciting than its been for a while.

3 thoughts on “PI & New Player Custom Office Speculation

  1. I love the idea of this – but I was thrown by the initally suggested effort and cost to create them. Basically anyone can do PI solo now – even relatively new and low SP toons. There are a lot of people who start in empire – but then go setup chains in low sec. It seemed like one of the first real reasons for industralists to regularly visit low sec. These changes now suddenly mean proper 0.0 PI setups just become the domain of Alliances only. I’d much prefer these things cost as little as 20-30 mil, but also have a fraction of the HP of a Small POS – so they are easily taken down by small gangs, but also easily replaced. That would encourage people to plant their own. (Ignoring they have to be anchored for your corp…)


    1. Setting up the new Customs Office can only be done by “Corporations” or single man corp for a capsuleer if someone want to do that. CCP Omen has said that initial deployment of the PCO will not come with any form of defense. Their seem to be some hint that in the future their may be some form of upgrade maybe but thats a long way off. From what i understand it will not be all that hard to place one of these new PCO’s into reinforcement. And yes major Alliance will now have more way to reach into your pocket with these PCO’s in their sov space.

      From what CCP Omen has said in the thread is that in High sec currently the current in game tax paid in high sec is indeed 5% and that will be doubled so 10% when this goes live.


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