Misaligning Transit

Payup Now!! Empire Stargate Transit Access Maintenance & Calibration Fee's.

Wasn’t what I intended to write about but a bit of musing….

In EVE you sure do a lot of traveling back and forth all over through perfectly and precisely calibrated Stargates that seems to be highly maintained for accuracy of transit whether in high/low sec empire space or null sec. Traveling at warp speed and gate jumping is just something you do allot in EVE burning up the space lanes for so many reasons through all corners of the EVE Universe. And I’ve been doing my share of that as well. So I was musing a bit recently in my Corp after doing a bit of Stargate jumps myself of how properly and highly maintained for a mechanical construct all these thousands of Stargates seem to be. And how funny and evil it would be if the major empires was bold enough to impose a minor fee for transversing through their Stargates. Plus it could be a source of revenue, but that’s another story.

Imposing something to the order spin’d as a Stargate Transit Access Maintenance & Calibration fee. For upkeep and regular maintenance & precise system trajectory calibration of all these thousands of Stargates in their empire region. It would be funny if all of a sudden you found on transit that instead of appearing in your relatively thought to be safe high sec system instead you ended up somewhere else in EVE. Now to me that would be funny, but I imagine you wouldn’t think its funny if you happen to end up say in null sec or some low sec region vs your intended destination because the empires been slacking on Stargate maintenance.

Imagine how funny and chaotic it would be or could be if Stargate maintenance and destination was not guaranteed? Or plagued with malfunctions and you could not get to your intended destinations or in as few jumps as you would like with periodic and random malfunctioning Stargates. That could get to be very interesting in EVE if it ever did. It could be pretty funny. As well not so funny as well.

For a mechanical construct Stargates seem to allow you to reach your destination quite easily every single time without fail across vast regional distances of space. That’s some very precise spacial and astrometric calibration on all those Stargates which gets you to your destination without fail every time. Funny though I’ve never seen anyone working to maintain those huge structures sitting in space or agents sending you on mission of some sort with repair materials needed for timely Stargate maintenance.

Mechanical constructs do need maintenance and fail from time to time eventually randomly. I happen to in RL work in engineering and know just how much normally working piece of mechanical equipment can fail, stop working due to lack of maintenance or go off calibration at random intervals. Usually it happens at the worst time. A calibrated device such as a Stargate would need to be adjusted from time to time to maintain precise working order so its accurate and not misaligned in where it sends you. So you don’t happen to end up somewhere else on a misaligned Stargate transversing systems or regions.

However maybe it was just an oversight at the empire offices of interstellar transit that they could add to the empire coffers as well with a minor fee to they traveling citizens. As well Stargate maintenance must cost quite a bit to be maintained so well in perfect order at no cost to anyone. How nice it is to travel in empire space and know you pay no upkeep for your Stargate maintenance for your navigational needs and stroll across the space lanes.

How funny it is though if suddenly and randomly you ended up somewhere else when jumping through some random Stargate in EVE like deep in null sec. Or maybe because you didn’t pay your empire Stargate fee after such an act was imposed and by not paying your destination was now not 100% guaranteed. Of course if you control null sec and its your territory the existing Stargate maintenance and any profitability is now yours as well or to set rates. Maybe the empire maintenance man that showed up in low sec to repair the various Stargates a few keep getting shot due to low security of low sec and Stargate maintenance repair lapses which result in Stargate malfunctions. That could all be interesting and add quite a bit of chaos to EVE. A few corp mates that was logged on though that would be really interesting and funny if it ever happened, just not so funny. It don’t have to work that way precisely, but at least its a seed of an idea. Anyway Just Musing!

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