State of Play.

The past week has been a bit slow. RL work consumed quite a bit of that working on my night shift schedule and usually at those times gaming time is quite minimal since playing the sleeping game is much better choice time wise. So though during the week most of my available time in EVE was left to just doing Trading & Planetary Interaction Management as I had time to do so. All else was left to the weekend to do or catch up on other things.

Saturday I had a bit of focus/unfocus time to play being on both end of that spectrum. I ended up spending the day doing a lot of logistics again. That involved moving back a bit of my assets from deep in Caldari space back to Amarr space and back to familiar territory of TMP region.

I just never felt all that comfortable in my new system doing day to day things. Especially been so far away in Caldari space with the corp having relocated office and having to keep going back and forth to Amarr space on so many Stargate jumps daily. Mostly to manage the little trade empire I’m building far which is now spread across three adjoining regions mostly at key trading stations I personally scouted. It’s a great source of fun for me game wise as a trade gamble goes well and a station trading hub works as expected. But it’s not always the case and in those cases you learn things from doing.

The other thing was I was just more familiar with the region and various systems in TMP if even minor familiar than Caldari region space. There was some annoyance at dealing with gate camps down the pipeline to our system, constantly empty scans or low spacial signatures in our system and some others as well as just not feeling at home there for who knows subconsciously why. However the overall feel was that I was too far away from my trading business operations and couldn’t do any the needed couriers I needed to do as easily to keep an eye on my business interests when I feel I needed to. As well, doing missions for a the small high-tech NPC Corp I was and currently working for was a bit of a hassle if I felt like visiting my agent due to distance.

So I relocated all my previously moved assets back to TMP and established a new base of operations in a somewhat low traffic system and station somewhat central to my trading location interests. As well easy access to my Agent Corp for whom I currently have the most standing overall. This time around the move went a lot faster and much smoother and with less trips. One reason was better rigged ship with capacity and also deciding to leave all the planetary resources I had  moved previously and just contract it to my a new alt I had made and have him pickup the contract and sell the stuff. Anyway the move was complete and that killed an entire day in exhaustion.


No recent exploration to speak of really, just haven’t been any time to get any done. All the moving has just been too distracting overall. The most I did was when moving back to new base of operations dropped once for a quick scan out of curiosity for scan return hits. I was looking where I could obtain a Sisters Probe Launcher to improve my scanning ship capability for refitting and couldn’t find it on the market. So was checking contracts and saw those things run around 50 million “each” I just about choked.

But I guess they run that high due to the bonus to scan they give I guess. I got curious to figure out where you got the Sisters Probe launchers. It wasn’t hard to figure out the launchers came from SOE faction (Sisters of EVE). So decided to go check out their loyalty store. Its been a while since been to Annon back at the beginning starting EVE after tutorial missions was the last time I was there in that system. So made the trip there just to look at their store see if they sold the Probe launchers. They did. I found they also sold/exchange the both the Sisters Deepspace/Core Scanning probes and as well.

As do they required some amount of loyalty points to buy. Sad to say, having done close to or around 50 missions for SOE doing the epic arc story missions  I don’t have all that much loyalty points. But I guess it’s better than  no points at all either or SOE standings. May decide to run some missions for them just to get some upgraded deepspace probes and the launchers. As well maybe some standing but will see how that works out if decide to.

Agent Missions

On most days and week I fail a bit in regularly visiting my Agent with any regularity. Life is such that you do whatever you want in EVE on daily basis. But I feel I make fast progress when I do visit and put on a focus mind to get things done. Was only recently I just started doing lvl 3 missions and so far I’ve only done just 1 level three mission as well. That was about a week ago too. After doing lvl 1 and 2 missions all in my Punisher which I really like the ship It didn’t take me many seconds after accepting a lvl 3 combat mission to figure out I needed to upgrade lol. So I kept the mission for days while I pulled out some BPC (Blue Print Copies) of a Harbinger Battlecruiser I had bought some time ago and decided to build me a new ship. I guess I could of easily just bought one. But I do have a certain enjoyment of building something and feeling more value from it but thats just me.

Took a day or two of time mining and built me my new ship and got it fitted which cost me quite many millions of ISK in the fittings. It was that ship I went and finished my lvl 3 mission I had initially accepted and yet to finish. The mission was fun for my first lvl 3 made quite allots of wrecks and since I had my salvage ship close by I salvaged it all as well. However just no reward bonus due to the time it took to complete. But have yet to run any other missions from my production agent. However I do need to try to visit my agent a bit more frequently to make more progress which now seems more fun at least than the previous lvl 1 & 2 missions.

Corporate Life

Things have been really quiet as far as Corporate life goes, too quiet really but not that it bothers me all that much when things are quiet either. Since the Corp reformed after out long string of War decs I have the feeling that it killed a bit of our Corp life. Everyone has just been too distracted it seems with everything since as a result and many the new members we seem to have picked up no longer log on with much regularity. I  can really sense things have changed since it seems these days I happen to be one the most active members of our corp and quite often I’m the only one around. I don’t know what all the reasons are either.

On those days and times I entertain myself with the distraction of doing whatever I normally do while sitting in the help channel watching the humor of the various questions some players ask that just don’t make much sense. Occasionally I help answer a few myself. However hope things do return to some sense of life and growth corp wise as it’s a bit a concern for the future.

Shiny Ships

Other than building my own Harbinger Battlecruiser for doing lvl 3 missions I haven’t really bought anything new as yet. Haven’t really used my Buzzard Covert Ops ship much since I picked it up and dropped it in my hanger due to needing to get some needed training skills for Covert Ops and needing quite a bit of training to properly fit Tech II fittings especially a Covert Ops Cloaking Device. And until I get around to getting that done I’m leaving my new Buzzard in the hanger for the time being. I can use any of my other 2 properly fitted Tech I ships for the moment until then.

Another Account

Decided a few weeks ago to start a second account and initially make a character and start skilling him as full time trader for Market PvP action. Yes playing the market is a form of PvP and one that I enough to some degree. Things started off slow all with his own money making and reinvesting it. But while he trained he was just as busy selling things on the market and hauling freight in his own Industrial haulers across regions as needed.

He’s played in the Jita 1 ISK wars on buy orders, had some fun doing that but got bored doing that. Though have open buy orders in Jita that gets fulfilled on a daily basis slowly. So I’ve had him establish trading routes some new ones and some others not used previously on my main character. He actively runs his trading operations as well as handling some contract operation from my main account. Though he’s made some amount of ISK (money) most of it goes right back into his training needs and so far unbelievably he’s actually now surpassed me in trading ability since he now trade with Wholesale skill trained.

That skill cost him 31 million to just buy the skill book. It’s an investment in his trading ability though it eats into his ISK balance. However with the skill it so far it effectively gives him about 109 trading slots which he got up to a day or so ago. And hard to believe he’s got all those new slots all 109 all filled up. More stuff to sell more potential profit.

Compare that to my 45 slots on my main character account and he’s got me beat in pure trading power. So it wasn’t surprising when on my main account when I just did the move back from Caldari space back to Amarr I decided it was much easier to contract all the PI resource material I didn’t want to move to my alt and have him sell it on the local system market. In a day or so he will have Wholesale IV and pretty soon, with every other trading skill at all 4’s straight down the list to add to effective training. And will be training for Tycoon skill training soon which cost a whopping 80 million or so for the skill book to train, but that’s an investment too. Overall he’s coming along fine with his own trading business.

Skill Training

Currently working on buffing up some of the skills for using my Battlecruiser to make them more effective and to properly fit some Tech II fittings and that’s been consuming some amount of days. So many training skills to train and work on however need to strengthen many my essential core ship skills like Mechanic, Engineering, Ship Hull etc to make them much stronger at core for overall effectiveness which benefits any ship that I can use. learning so many skills and so many other required skills I feel I’m getting a bit diluted in skills without strengthening many my core skills.

Yet due to currently skill need on my Battlecruiser haven’t yet had time to redirect skill time focus to training needs for my Covert Ops Scanning and Probing ship as well as the need to further buff up my Astrometric skills. Trading skills been at a stall and need some work as can’t get beyond my current limit of 45 trading skills more so due to training allocation in other areas of ship and combat skills for the last several weeks.

Storm Planet Pin Design in High Sec.

On another note no time yet to learn any needed Industrial skills for efficiency or processing needs. Need to train Salvaging IV to make the skill much more valuable for chance to salvage since its something I do enjoy as well when doing on a frequent basis. Working with a R&D Agent is something that holds my interest but have yet to devote time to work on those skills to work with a R&D Corp Agent, another skill set that takes time to train.

Need more Planetary Management skill so can effectively have 6 planets under management for resource extraction and production vs currently 4 planets. As well as better planetary scanning skills to more effectively and precisely re-scan planets and re-build my 4 existing planetary colonies eventually with bigger command center modules in more resource concentrated locations for extraction efficiency. For those curious my Storm Planet pin design happen to be my most efficient planetary design as it related to high sec space with less resource concentration vs low/null sec or WH space. However I’ve found yet where that design can be improved through first hand experience. Really one has to say all this takes time to do and train and don’t happen overnight.

Overall its a lot of skill training juggling and management to try to get interest in various things done as well train to various degree of effectiveness. It all takes time to get done so I’m a bit patient about things.

In a way that’s the complete state of things at the moment.

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