90 Days of EVE Online

Started playing eve on o4/23/10 inspired by Tobold’s on his blog attempt to try out EVE Online which I have mentioned about previously. He didn’t keep playing, but I did and have found a place in the universe of EVE Online and made it my own. I’ve just surpassed my 90 days of living in New Eden and playing everyday just about.

In 90 days I’m only at 4.1 million skill points. Most EVE Online player/ bloggers that I’m aware of are all pretty much veteran EVE Online players and have much more skill points than that. And most I’m sure are upwards of 20+ million skill points with years playing experience. Compared to my other EVE Online blogging peers I’m a newbie in skill points and experience in the universe of EVE.

As well I haven’t found a reason to quit because the game was to hardcore or rage quite because there is so much to learn and skill at and overcome that it can seem insurmountable to get ahead like allot of new players seem to do. I’ve found ways to succeed in EVE living in high security empire space despite so much to learn and overcome making a life in empire space. Other adventures await me ahead and to other areas of unknown space in EVE.

EVE Online is not your typical laid back MMORPG. But so far despite EVE Online having a reputation of being a hardcore space game I’ve survived past my 90 days and still enjoy playing. If I can survive for 90 days, you can too. As well you can at least try and give a proper try on trial at least trying out the game.

It’s a “MYTH” that EVE is really that hard to learn to play. EVE is a fun game, it’s just more fun when you have a backing of a good “active” corp as well as things you can set a goal and pursue all on your own. There are many faces of EVE and so far most i’ve experienced is living life in high security space. There is still low sec, null sec and wormhole space which are all different worlds living life in EVE.

The life you decide to live in EVE is all of your own choice and choosing and no one else but your own.


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