My first official 100 Million.

Hey it’s not as much as you already got in your bulging Wallet with your Billions already. But its my first ‘official’ Wallet balance over 100 million without having to really spend it on something, a new shiny ship, more trade inventory etc. In the almost 90 days I’ve been playing EVE I’ve made quite a bit of money, several hundred millions actually.

However as fast as I’ve made it I’ve had to spend it on all kind of stuff from  various amount and dozen of Ships, lots of Modules, lots of Skill Books (expensive skill books), Blueprints (Industrial investments), Implants (lots of expensive implants), Trade Selling Inventory and more. And there is all kind of stuff to spend money on in EVE which seems like everything a person needs to buy in some way one way or another. However through all that with all my Market Trade slots completely filled a total of 45 slots, I’ve managed to trade my way mostly and balance my accounting at over 100 million for the first time without having spend it all. Currently have over some 600 million in trade goods sitting on the market as well and slowly getting my money back out of the market. I remember not long ago when I was leveraged as much as about 860 million in goods & investments in my gamble sitting on the market and barely 5 million left in my wallet. If I went broke I would have gone broke in a big way!

I can think of just two Skill Books I need to train on very soon and if I do spend it all that ISK will be gone in a flash. Money (ISK) comes in EVE doing various things and it can be gone just as fast in all kind of ways in a flash of an eye.

I remember the first few days I joined my Corp I went salvaging in a lvl 4 mission one of my corp mate was doing. In a few salvaging missions I had made about 70 million. Less than a day later all that money was gone after I purchased some needed Implants to speed up my training at a cost of about some 50 something million and several millions more to properly fit my salvaging ship for proper salvaging ops. As fast as I had made all that money It was gone a few hours later. Yeah making money in EVE can be like that and gone that fast in needed things. But over time your wallet balance eventually grows.

Yeah I know you can make 100 million or a few hundred killing sleepers, doing your lvl 4 and 5 missions all while being afk in a few hrs and barely skipped a heart beat while doing it all. But I don’t have that kind of luxury as yet.

But it does feel nice even if its gone all tomorrow in some purchase that I did manage to see my Wallet finally hit 100 million. And so far don’t seem like my plan to go broke is working either.

In the case you already have too much ISK in your bulging Wallet and can’t or don’t need it all, I’ll gladly accept all and any donations of a few or several of your millions you don’t need or have any use for. Just send it in game to Ametius. I’m a good investment as well.

5 thoughts on “100M

  1. Ooh, very cool! I never broke more than around 50 mil in my wallet, even though I’d played for a cumulative total of around 120-150 days? It’s because within a few of weeks of joining the game, I joined up with a 0.0 PVP corp and they trained me up from that point and I never really got into mining or agent mission running 😛


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