Buzz Away!

Buzzard Tech II - Covert Ops Ship

Finally finished knocking my brains studying away for a little over 2 weeks learning Caldari Frigate V as a pre-requisite to piloting a covert ops ship. I had purchased the Tech II Buzzard Covert Ops (My First Tech II) ship some weeks ago but did not have all the required training to pilot it so its been sitting in a hangar in Agil system since then.

So had a little bit of time and made 18 stargate jumps in my fast shuttle Ardent Inc to go pick it up over in Agil system in the Khanid region. She is a most pretty looking rarely seen covert ops ship, which will be my newest exploration scanning & scouting ship.

It will still be a while before can fully use it to full capability and with proper module fittings. I still need a bit of Tech II training for various proper ship fittings, most especially of which is covert ops cloaking which require Covert Ops IV and only have Covert Ops II training at the moment. However it’s finally nice to pick up my new ship and add it to my small growing fleet. It’s nice to have new ship toys to play with. I have no idea as yet what to name her at this point, but have time to think about it.

While at it doing the station pickup, since I had just one empty market trade slot placed a buy order for a new Manticore stealth bomber. I can’t exactly use it exactly as yet but thinking ahead I can still place the order and since not in any hurry to take delivery of it will save me a few million ISK on an active buy order if I can get a good deal. If my buy order goes through the ship can just sit in the station hangar till its picked up.


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