A Month In New Eden

Its been a little bit over a month since started playing EVE Online and making a life deep space in New Eden. So far I’m enjoying my young rookie career as a capasuleer.

EVE is a very complex game and quite the learning curve for most new players. Its meeting my expectations as an engaging and challenging game with many layers of depth in the universe of New Eden. Though pretty much a rookie and still mainly learning many basic skills progress has been rather smooth and moving along nicely with about 2 million skill points. I’ve also yet to meet death in the cold depths of space.

Much due to the fact that I tend to pick things up and learn things rather fast as well as pay attention learning things in-game. But most of that credit I would say is more so due to the fact that I actually spend time reading and researching EVE blogs and reading Wiki’s to expand my knowledge and to find answers to how things work whenever I can. Sometimes its easy to ask a question in Corp and get a quick answer, but for the most part I tend to later go look things up in a EVE Wiki for in-depth understanding which has very good info and serves me well.

Its been a little while since graduating from university after all those studies as a new rookie capsuleer and finding a home in a good helpful Corporation. On most days you make your own goals to do whatever you choose to do on those days as you choose. But for the most part been running low-level missions working for a fairly good quality Agent to raise my standings with a Hi Tech NPC Corp so can get access to better quality Agents to work for and raise my Corp standing. So far that’s going well flying back and forth among star systems doing missions, doing courier delivers, production, shooting pirates and more.

Plasma PlanetOn other days its just deciding to go exploring dead space which I find quite interesting and enjoyable to fly out into a star system and drop several deep space probes and go hunting for everything from Wormholes, Pirate Hideouts, Complexes, Anomalys and various kinds of Cosmic Signature sights that’s valuable to explore. So far I’ve gotten quite good at Scanning and Probing and finding hidden spacial signatures which isn’t quite that easy to do. But its fun.

Other days it’s piloting my new Retriever mining barge if I feel like doing a bit of mining to make a bit of ISK. Just a bit of variety in deciding what to do everyday waking up under the stars in New Eden. For the most part life is fairly peaceful living in high sec space or empire space other than when hunting pirates or missioning. It’s a long way from the more dangerous regions of unknown wormhole regions, null sec space or 0.0 space.

The road ahead is quite long and often dangerous as a rookie capsuleer in New Eden but for this rookie it looks quite promising ahead.

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