Officially Moved Blog to WordPress: Ardent Defender

Been a bit busy and preoccupied, some in though as well and thus haven’t had much time to work on the blog mostly because been really flip-flopping back and forth in my mind just what to do with the thought of consolidating and moving the blog.

Mainly in course of action with the blog in mostly one in consolidating my blogs and to move to just being a general MMO blog since I play other game besides WoW which I played before mostly but these days I play other things to expand my gaming choice. The other being having done that whether to stay on Blogger platform which I have been with Ardent Defender most of my blogging career. Or move to WordPress where I have been experimenting with the other blog when I was playing STO.

The other thing was getting a proper url name with WordPress if I did make the move. Someone else already have the name Ardent Defender as a never used and abandoned blog on WordPress so couldn’t quite get that name. The funny thing I think is it just might be me registering the url a few years ago to try out WordPress and for the hell of things can’t remember what username and password I did it with. Anyway it won’t matter since I blog under the name as is but registered a few url with WordPress and will stick with Ardent Defense in the url its close enough but the blog title is as always.

Anyway been busy importing the entire content from Ardent Defender over on Blogger over to this new WordPress blog in order to retain all my original content and blog history. So bear with me as I’m actively working on updating links and all that stuff. It’s also a big pain to go back and re-tag all some 678 posts over the life of the blog entirely. But will just re-tag all the World of Warcraft posts since its most of it into just a general tag for all of those to save some time. Otherwise it too much time to do so on old posts.

Also been busy playing EVE Online so have a few things to update with playing on the other PC. A bit slow but will post when I can. Much easier now that I made a decision to consolidate blogs and move to another platform with WordPress. I like the look and feel of WordPress and will be more workable doing things down the line.

If you had me linked before to Ardent Defender on blogger please update your url link to this one here on WordPress. It’s the new permanent home of the blog for the time being. If your already here reading then its quite easy to update the blog link from here.

Thanks for dropping by while I work to update things and eventually post something new.

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  • Good luck in WordPress little paladin.
    I see you in Cataclysm? Perhaps… ;). I will be still reading you. Just in case.

    Keep your shield up and have fun.

  • I think consolidating was a great idea. I’ve also updated your link on my blogroll!

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