Divine Sacrifice. How Has It Worked For You?

I may write here but I don’t always have all the answers but sometime it’s just good to ask thy fellow experienced and educated reader and raider a question or two and see what the feedback says.

With our recent new Talents of Divine Sacrifice & Divine Guardian added to the protection tree as talents and interesting talents they are. It’s interesting to hear about your experience in “How” have you used it and “How useful” have you found those talents to be on your raids, Instance or adventerous treck through Ulduar so far.

Ask The Reader: How Useful Has Divine Sacrifice Been To You?

7 thoughts on “Divine Sacrifice. How Has It Worked For You?

  1. Raiding as ret recently due to tank overage. But it has worked well and not so well, i.e. when I pop it during raid AoE damage and forget to tell the healers lol. but it saved us a wipe in ulduar too.


  2. xt-002, first tantrum, I hit DS/DG, second one is for one of the Holy Pallies.

    problem for holy pallies, it is 2 GCD’s


  3. I like the talents, and have them in my Holy build.

    I have, however, died to Sacrifice when I activated it 3 seconds into Divine Shield and thus had a ton of damage hit me right after my Shield goes away (I’m looking at you Hodir).


  4. I use it when my wife (a Hunter) and I duo Heroic MGT for the mount. Vexallus is a straight DPS race ignoring the sparks. So there’s a tonne of damage and some hits her. I DG/DP and then just soak up her damage, then Lay On Hands myself when I’m at a sliver of health left.

    And… Receive bacon.


  5. On xt as previously mentioned I use it but I have to be ready to cancel both it and ds after tantrum done since I am mt. It’s also helpful in combination with ds on council when a rune of death spawns on top of most of the raid. Once I get off my lazy butt and get the posting juices flowing you will be able to read more about it on my blog.


  6. Good to hear people are finding it useful and as well where and when they are using the talent in the new content.


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