WoW Update 05/12/09

Maintenance day on Tuesday on my day off is always a good day to update my blog, after all you can’t log in anyway since WoW is down. However the past weekend was really uneventful for the most part, almost boring really.

Lets see. No guild Naxx 25 man run occured. So Think that’s 2 weeks in a row for that. No real scheduled guild raids took place best I can remember. So most the weekend since I played a bit during the day I just logged off in the evening early and went and did other things of interest and catch up on movies or whatever else. For the weekend it was pretty much like that as well. A bit or general boredom for the most part from nothing real interesting to do.
So for the weekend with things as they were I played the Argent Tournament daily and completing all the quests in quick fashion. Obtained the Champion of Orgrimmar Achievement and now working on the one for Undercity. So I’m eventually looking forward to eventually soon completing the Exalted Argent Champion of the Horde Achievement and thus obtaining the Title Reward: Crusader at the end of what can sometime seem boring after a while. But the amount of gold you make adds up nicely and the reward of the Title is cool in itself. So just a matter of time Crusader Galoheart. A Title fitting for a Paladin and kinda like that as well. 
There wasn’t too much else to do all weekend so just ran some Heroics for badges to work on improving my Ret gear set for dual spec since very little chance of improving it when raiding usually since I’m usually there as a Tank mostly and rolling on Tank gear for upgrades usually. So on some Heroics I just rolled as DPS and was kinda fun to have no worries carrying a group. Just getting used to dpsing at times usually 1st or 2nd on the dps meter for someone that’s not a real dpser. But it was fun and increased my badge count for all the runs. 
So picked up quite a bit of Emblems of Heroism and sitting on 90 badges and haven’t bought anything as yet though will probably pick up the Ret Chest piece maybe and get the 2 piece bonus. For the most part Heroics for the weekend was just a grind. Only fun part was dpsing maybe. But picked up Hemorrhaging Circle ring for my Ret dps set Tanking Gundrak and thank goodness in a all cloth group made it all mine so that was good for minor Ret gear improvement.
Frustration of Making Random Darkmoon Cards
I got my play around DK Alithas leveled up to lvl 65 mainly so I could learn the new lvl of Inscription training and start working to make some Darkmoon Card. Darkmoon Card: Greatness in particular to try and see if can make the cards. It didn’t take long before the Frustration and randomness of making Darkmoon Card from the Nobles deck started to sink in. 
I gave up Herbalism on Galo a long while back at start of WotLK so not exactly a Herbalist anymore but my lvl 70 Hunter is. Not exactly at the point of farming Northrend dry of Herbs either at his lvl so he can roll in the dough. So I had my alt banker sitting in Silvermoon break out the wallet and buy up quite a bit of Northrend herbs on AH and lots of Icethorn and Adder Tongue. Dam Expensive!!  Makes me wish I was still a Herbalist to rolling in the money with Herbalism and Northrend Herbs. But anyway I know I spend quite a bit on herbs!! 
So I milled up lots of “Ink of the Sea” for making lots of useful Glyphs. All cool. Got quite a bit of pigments proc from milling to make the Snowfall Ink which is used to make Darkmoon Cards. I tried quite a bit to make numerous cards and ended up with just 3 Darkmoon Cards from the Nobles Deck. It was getting slowly frustrating with the amount of non Nobles Deck I was making with expensive herbs and milling just for pigment procs for inks to make the needed inks to make the cards. Also ended up with what seem like a entire set of Chaos Deck Cards and almost a set Prism Deck Cards. 
It didn’t take long but I got to the point where it seem to be futility to try and make a entire set of Nobles Deck card for the Greatness Set and you can go really broke doing it in a big way. I was wasting too much money. So I decided before I quit making cards to go the extra mile and try to make maybe three more cards. I hate to quit!! So i did and they all turned out to be Chaos and Prism Deck card that on AH can barely net you 40g for the money, effort all the frustration of making the cards. At that point I Quit!! 
I rather take the herbs and do Northrend Research and make new Glyph and sell for profit. Aren’t wasting any more money trying to make Darkmoon Nobles Deck card. And I don’t care how epic the damn Trinket is to Craft. If have enough I probably buy it in the future…cheap. Its a exercise in Random luck & Frustration to try to craft. I rather not loose money and make more money! That randomness of cards is as bad as Blizzard RNG for Instance loot roll and already know how bad that can be. I rather not waste any more effort.
On the bright side. I’ve been looking at things. Making the right minor glyphs can be a little profitable.

2 thoughts on “WoW Update 05/12/09

  1. Just for reference, on average each card can be made from 4 stacks of herbs(*) (and 3 Eternal Lifes and parchment). I dunno the exact odds, but expect to make well over 30 cards to get a single Nobles deck.

    IMO, the best way to get a deck together is to shop for each card for a few weeks. You might pay more than if you made them yourself, but you won’t face the RNG, and you won’t have to sell all the unwanted cards.

    Plus milling 100’s of stacks is very boring.

    (*) herbs = Adder’s, Icethorn, and Lichbloom


  2. Yeah even it averages close to having to make 30 or so cards just to get a deck thats a whole lot of mats and money in that process just to make a deck. So yeah i rather save up a bit of money and just buy the Nobles Deck if possible cheaper from someone else willing to sell it at a ideal price.

    The RNG making the cards is just too random and making too many unwanted cards and thats too frustrating. So saving up by just doing my Argent Tournament dailies and few AH stuff.


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