Screenshot – Northrend

Map of Northrend and its zones and various access points in zones.

This is the Flight Master map of almost all unlocked Flight Paths in Northrend with most of the Flight Paths to various zones all over Northrend. Thing to note is some Flight Paths are not unlocked in later zones until you do some area level specific quests to unlock a Flight Master or convert the zone to specific faction control.

I took this map screenshot on my Hunter since its missing all the other Flight Paths like the one above. However this is how much excessive Air Travel via Flight Paths can cost you in Northrend if you like to excessive Air Travel via Flight Paths before lvl 77. So heads up.

However their is a tip in this last map. The Flight Paths is from one starter zone to the next on both side of the continent. My Hunter is lvl 70 for all these specific Flight Paths across the bottom of the continent in the last map above. I specifically took this screenshot for a reason. So you can easily figure out what the tip is.

One thought on “Screenshot – Northrend

  1. I’m assuming the tip is to fly to the bottom center flight point (that is being bypassed for some reason) and then continue on the the final stop?


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