Loose Ends

As time before the expansion looms I’m just taking the time to get things done mostly that I personally like to get done. Not that much really left to do that I feel I need to really get done that I really consider priority for me at this point in game now since I stopped playing Beta some time ago.

Argent Dawn reps grind is done which was a big one and a big reason I quit playing Beta. Started leveling up Mining and already leveled mining up to 375 yesterday so that’s now done as well also. Its now left to level up Herbalism on my Hunter but servers are down for maintenance so no head start on that as yet.

I’ve only done the Scourge Invasion attack event once and the quest for one day which was last day grinding the Argent Dawn reps. In that first and only time I’ve done the Invasion event fighting back the scourge I collected 95 Runes which allowed me to pick up the Argent Dawn Tabard and all the available Trinkets as well and Runes to spare. That was before all the crazy PvP in the area with Alliance and Horde as well trying to tag all the mobs. So haven’t done any more of the invasion since I’ve got everything needed with the Runes. But it would have been nice if Blizzard could have made the Runes turn in for Reps as well for Argent Dawn for those that can use the reps. Do hear if you equip the Argent Dawn commission trinket you can collect scougestones though.

Haven’t gone out my way to do much with any Achievements other than what just happens naturally been busy. Most stuff I can do whenever I feel the need or bored in some way though rare. Other thing for me are just priority to do. I’ve sold off most of my Inventory assets on AH across my 10 personal Guild Banks on my Banker Alts which took quite a bit of time to unload without much loss. But majority of that was sold before I went into Beta as well when prices where much higher on AH Economy. Inventory load is now minimal that its no longer a issue. I had one of our guild Enchanter DE several hundred pieces of geen gear from all my grinds for lots of dust, essence and shards, didn’t care much for the money just the mats.

Some those mats will be valuable to have on hand and use leveling up to 80 in WotLK on gear for enchants all the way to 80 like Arcane Dusts, Large Prismatic Shards, Small Prismatic Shards (few) and Greater Planar Essences. And for DK’s as well when they are leveling if have excess. I’ve kept some Arcane Tomes because you will still need shoulder enchants leveling as only thing better in Beta is from faction grind. Instead of DE or vendoring I’ve kept all lvl 60+ Plate gear and items with str/stam/defense/AP on it because gear like that will go at high price when DK’s are leveling up on AH or if I feel the need to level a DK at some point. So have abit of that kind of gear in inventory that doesn’t bother me to keep and still valuable.

I think after finishing leveling up Herbalism I can consider all my priority goals all done. Achievements I’ll focus on to do whenever I feel like doing them because before Achievements I usually made my own goals and do them as needed and not because Blizzard put them there in Achievements to keep me busy in a time sink of their own. Though they are now their as a achievement guide. But until WotLK come out I’ll probably just do dailies not that I need to either or whatever and just Bank more gold for the Warchest. Having more gold on hand is a good thing in WotLK especially as a Tank. But before I do that probably take down my Mac PC and clean everything off my drive and reload everything else and WoW and redo my UI as well.

At this point I’m just in a preparation mode for the next expansion finishing up loose ends and anything else done is just for fun as time counts down for the next two weeks.

7 thoughts on “Loose Ends

  1. BTW, nice work with Argent Dawn rep you lucky bastid – two days of grinding stratholme and I’m still only 1/4 of the way to exalted… of course I started out honored… but still 😛scourge event is great, but there is SUCH KILLER LAG that I could only bring myself to grind enough runes for the two quests and the tabard.


  2. I started at Neutral with the Argent Dawn. With time being a factor and not wanting to do every Argent Dawn reps. What i did was to do all the Light Hope Chapel quests in EPL “OR” ones that gave lots of reps and only did those specific ones. Usually they were for like 1000, 500, 250 Reps. I did those first and only those.Rest was just running Stratholme and collecting ALL the various Scourgestones for reps and which also really adds up to lots of Valor Tokens among everything else.Yeah got all my Runes for the Scourge Invasion event before all the lag and all gathering around the Necropolis area to get the Runes. Before all the nerfing changes as well gone live too. Good Luck!


  3. How did you get so many Runes. I did the event several times but only came away with 7 because I kept losing the roll.


  4. Well first day did it has few people as the events just started so was easier. But i remember killing the shadow spawn mobs for the quest completion Shadow of Doom or whatever was me and another guildie at the attack areas with the device looking thing and when we killed it we got like 30 runes and 100 reps for the kill. We killed another and on loot noticed we got 30 runes each and 100 reps again with Argent Dawn. Was awesome. That added up, after that each area we went to was increasingly camped and with PvP action all over waiting for the mobs to spawn. Had enough runes to just quit after that.


  5. They also can drop random Epic loot as well as the Abom also. I know two times me and a guildie got A Leather and a Cloth drop from the Shadow of Doom mobs along with all the Runes which is like 30 if you get to kill one.That easily allow you to buy all the Argent Dawn stuff from vendor. Nice!


  6. Dude… 10 private guild banks?.. 4 tabs each, so 40 tabs of guild bank space to clear out?.. did you never sell anything?.. you gotta be over 100k gold just from that…


  7. @Karl. 10 Guild Bank Tabs 🙂 I farmed allot though not recently. Sometime was just too busy to sell stuff as that really takes time.


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