Images from Rifting & Telara

There is some cool things to do in RIFT, but one the coolest things of all is being first to arrive upon a rift Planar Tear and using your Planar Lure ability to rip it open and create some chaos and more for everyone around, close by or zone wide.

Random Guardian invasion at Granite Falls in Stonefield often a hotbed of Guardian invasion activity in trying to assault the town/npc and wardstones there. Always fun to fight them.

Repelling rift invasion forces across the landscape and taking the fight all the way back to the rift itself in a public raid group assault.

When a massive raid gets going these things can get heart pumping exciting and fun like a heart of ants out for the kill even if a invasion boss is in the way. Just jump in and go enjoy the fun.

Sometimes your just there at the the NPC area chilling for a few minutes, vendoring stuff, picking up quests or just to get a break…… so you think! No place is safe in RIFT except maybe going afk half way up a mountain clearly not in direct path of any invasion action. But hanging out at a NPC hub you can sure see allot of Invasion action constantly along with the NPC’s that all fight back with full vengeance protecting their precious Wardstone from Invaders. I would too those things give some nice buffs. For sure the action scene is far from boring!

A full public rift raid on way to meet the final objective of a rift event the rift boss. Which encountered a another Invasion force and the Guardian faction and somehow ended up turning into a full all out assault on the invasion and each other. That caused one hell of a massive pvp chaos that was just to much fun.

The dynamic action of RIFT really puts a whole new spin on the experience one gets from just the PVE world as it is. In that something is happening in that zone all the time or about to happen and you never quite know when it will be about to happen until you feel the earth tremble, shakes or means.

You can believe whatever you want about RIFT, but the damn game is exciting! And probably more fun if your also playing with some good friends as well.

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