WotLK Beta: Shield Spec & Tanking Gear Re-Itemization.

Have tried to constantly long on since the new Beta Patch and have barely being able to stay logged on longer but a min or so before it crashed. Three mins if I’m that lucky to see changes among other things. I gave up after trying for quite a while. Good thing I’m working today anyway. But several changes are now live, some are quite big.

For Paladins, Hammer of Wrath is now a instant cast spell. Great news there.

Shield Specialization now DOES increase BV gained from increasing Strength stat (2 Strength = 1BV). So it’s now useful again to increase BV from gear stat especially for WotLK.

Judgements are again currently bugged in Beta. Will have to wait another week for a fix I imagine as before.

Tanking Gear Re-Itemized:
All Epic tBC Tanking gear which includes T4 – T6, Vendor Badge Gear has been re-itemized. Items changed to either add Strength as a Tanking stat which affects Tanks and Tankadins gear. I’m unsure if the change also affects Heroic gear as well, but I can only assume it probably did as well if needed.

Spell Power & Intellect has been removed and some stats adjusted and Strength added as new stat. Spell Hits as well has been removed also given changes for WotLK. This change affects All tBC “Tanking Gear”. Some crafted BS Epic gear with Intellect has remained unaffected for example “Belt of the Guardian”. Items such as Trinkets, Rings, Neckpieces, Cloaks seem to remain unaffected by the itemization change. These changes DOES NOT affect Holy Paladin gear in tBC. I’m sure these changes will probably go live in Patch 3.0 as well.

Will try to screenshot some the gear changed tomorrow since currently not at home or on a PC.

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