Tanking With Decursive

Decursive is a addon that you can download is a Cleansing mod. Its there to help you remove negative effects or debuffs and for a Paladin thats all the same things your Cleanse button can do been Poison, Disease & Magic. For me as a Tank on my hotkey bar with all my other buttons I don’t have a Cleanse button since I use Decursive witch floats just above all my button bar and sits on the screen almost at eye level to see it or instantly read the debuff when it shows up quickly. Often I’m always cleansing myself if I can as the tank, I can’t wait around for the healer to do it so I often do it myself unless they beat me to it… Especially when tanking Heroics you want to remove debuffs on tank Quickly.

When I get hit with a debuff (posion, disease, magic) or something like that I can see it right away or in group party. Other square shows up beyond the one you see in the pic and it shows up Red and lists the group member and name of debuff on player. You can see what the debuff is and just hit quickly to remove it from whoever the party member is with just a click on the red button when it lights up with the name of the person. Pretty easy to use. It does come with options to setup the addon as you need, but i’ve only had to set mine once. But its easy to use. For Tanking its real easy and awesome addon to have (must have for me) and use to remove to cleanse stuff right away. Sometimes i’m so fast on it i’ve removed priests buffs too in my party. Just watch what debuff is and cleanse it as needed. In Heroics it really helps to have it handy especially in Colifang Reservoir Instances where stuff can really stack up quick.

You can find it and download it from Curse or at WowAce.

3 thoughts on “Tanking With Decursive

  1. When healing, I mainly started using GRID with click healing/decursing after multiple raids where I cleansed unstable affliction and kept wiping the raid, in TK. 😦


  2. When I had my paladin and was prot spec I would always find my self cleansing myself, even if others were going to do it. It just became habit. Im sure having this mod would have helped me recognize debuffs quicker. But so long to my paladin, it just wasn’t for me. 🙂


  3. blah all your addons are confusign to me. i just need a guild calandar, a threat meter, and a good tanking UI and nothing else


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