Durnholde – Epoch the Hunter, Hunted.

Seems I’m behind with Cavern of Time runs but that’s all fine. An empire dosen’t get built in a day let alone a week. Did Durnholde a few days ago for first time and 3 ties at him in a all melee group of Warrior & Rogues with a Druid as healer and we never got him down, so group called it quits. I never really had aggro and the healer was dying for some reason. Did another PUG group tonight and we had a good run with a Priest as healer. Plan was Priest to dispel Epoch the Hunter aura whenever it was up so he didn’t keep dispelling the casters magic, buffs my holy shield among all things.

First thing was to make sure after the 3 first waves in the moment before boss fight that I had first and firm aggro on Epoch and everyone else DPS him from behind while I tanked him from the front and eventually got knocked back toward the house walls and worked much better than last time. The WoW client kept locking up and generating error reports (Had happened allot since patch) to send to Blizzard, was distracting. However Durnholde is fun and will need to run this place a few more times just for fun and the needed reps. So completed my quests and picked up quest for Black Morass. I guess a good night it was and the KOT Reps helps. Anyway after working all weekend and limited WoW time its Friday for me, it may be Tuesday for you. My UI’s are slowly getting updated so that’s great also. What was noticeable in this run was I was only one with a threat meter running it seems in the group.

2 thoughts on “Durnholde – Epoch the Hunter, Hunted.

  1. Hi, Graveluth. Thanks for the comment. The UI i did myself through various addon’s. Thats still not my clompete UI as some are not currently updated as working as of last patch as yet. Most of my UI’s are and addon’s are all Ace based addons. The core of is Ag_unitframes, Bartender 3, Skinner and various others for what i needed that worked for me. Some of the UI is hidden much untill in combat it shows. Mine is laid out the way it is because i tank and i need things at eye and button level and not cluttered on my screen but organized. Find what you want in a UI and try those out best i can say.


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